Bella's POV

Chapter 1

It was a very lonely Friday afternoon; Edward and Alice were hunting, along with my other favorite vampire sibling, Emmett. I tried to be patient and wait for Edward and to return to me, but it was getting harder and harder as the time drone on, and the seconds ticked by like days and the minutes went by like years. I kept glancing at the clock on the stove and then the microwave and then my cell-every clock read the same-it was only eight in the evening; and Edward was going to be out until ten or later.

So I was surprised to hear a knock on the door; I was instantly excited and hurried to get the door, but Charlie got to it before me. He knew it was not Edward-it was the only way he would answer the door.

"Oh, Dr. Cullen please come in." Charlie offered.

"Thank you Chief Swan. I am very sorry to just show up but I..."

"Carlisle?" I asked coming into the front room. I was anxious as to why Carlisle would be here at a moments notice.

"Good evening Bella." Carlisle said polite as always. His eyes were sad and pleading for understanding-and not mine but Charlies.

"Hi...is everything all right?" I asked anxiously. "Is Edward all right?" I cried out as tears sprang into my eyes at the thought of him being hurt. I was slightly shocked by the fury and rage that consumed me; if someone had hurt him...I would go insane with worry, knowing I would not be able to do anything about it.

"Bella, Edward...slipped." Carlisle told me. I could see the hurt and pain in his eyes for his first created son; I could see the ancient sorrow as his eyes closed for a moment. When Carlisle opened his eyes again they were pleading for Charlies understanding.

"Oh my god! Is he all right! Take me to him Carlisle please!" I pleaded with him.

"Wait, what do you mean Edward slipped?" Charlie asked frustrated for being out of the loop. Charlie knew there was another meaning behind Carlisle's words, but quickly dismissed it.

I internally sighed with relief and I was sure Carlisle was doing the same.

"Edward was some place he was not supposed to be; like in a tree and slipped. He's been crying out for Bella for an hour now. He won't stop screaming for you. I am sorry for just showing up Charlie but would it be possible to take Bella away to me house...maybe even for the night?" Carlisle asked desperately for his son.

"Yes, of course; I hope he will be all right. Bella you can stay as long as you need to." Thank god I had all ready graduated; or it would made things a lot more complicated.

"I know what it is like to see you child in agonizing pain-even though Edward was the one to cause my child that pain-I would not wish it on another parent's child." I heard my dad say as I ran up the stairs to grab my over night bag and toiletries; I grabbed a handful of thongs, some socks, jeans and my favorite hoodie and some tops. I managed to grab two pairs of ballerina flats as I ran back towards the front door.

Carlisle was all ready waiting in the car for me, so I made my goodbye to Charlie a quick one. Charlie was watching some sort of sports show-nothing new there-I quickly hugged him and kissed his cheek.

"Thank you dad, you do not know how much this means to me." I told him and he looked shocked by my words. "I love you dad and thanks again, I will call soon." I promised him as I ran out the front door and slammed it shut behind me. Carlisle had the passenger door ready and open for me; all I had to do was shut it behind me.

"What happened? How did this happen Carlisle. He is always so careful of where he hunts." I asked desperately. I knew for a fact that this slip was going to-metaphorically-kill Edward, and drowned him in guilt. It made my heart ache out for him. I felt my heart twist and stutter in my chest; Carlisle looked at me with wide anxious eyes.

"There was an injured hiker alone...when he was hunting he was in that state of mind, he was over come instantly." Carlisle explained when my heart beat at a healthier rhythm. "Not even I could have stopped Bella. He is so upset with himself right now; hes self loathing himself in his room right now. He won't talk to anyone or come out of his room. I thought that maybe you would be able to talk him out of his room or his mood at the least. Please do not feel obligated to do so Bella, this is highly dangerous...you are his singer and he could loose control at any moment and attack you."

I scoffed. "Please...I have faced death more than a few times Carlisle and made it though alive. I am not afraid of Edward. I do understand that he will be a little different...his...eye color and his mood." I knew with every fiber of my being that Edward did not have it in him to hurt me. Crimson eyes or gold; Edward was Edward to me and his eye color or mood did not change anything.

"His mood? You mean you understand that..."

"Its the blood talking...yes." I interrupted him quickly. "I will do what I can, but I know Edward loves me and I know he doesn't have it in him to hurt me, no matter what. I will bring him through this Carlisle, no matter what it takes." I promised him squeezing his arm for reassurance.

One of his hands left the steering wheel to take my hand; Carlisle squeezed it gently and thanked me.

"You do not need to thank me Carlisle...I love him and he needs me." I told him.

Alice was waiting out on the porch with Esme and Jasper. Alice looked angry, Jasper looked like he was struggling thought the emotions as he hugged Alice close to his body, to try and calm her. And Esme looked as if she were crying; it broke my heart, to see her in pain.

"What are you doing!" Alice hissed quietly when we finally made it to the front porch. "Edward is going to be furious with you for this Carlisle!"

Carlisle was about to say something but I snapped at Alice before he could get a word out.

"I do not care Alice, I may not have been around the past century, but I am here now. I love him and his pain is my pain...please Alice...understand.' I begged her. "You know he doesn't have it in him to hurt me Alice; I know that you know that you do not need a vision to see or know that.' I said. "I am going to wait as long as it takes!" I snapped.

"You know Bella's right Alice." Esme whispered hugging me. "If it were the other way around, Edward would do the same thing for her."

"I know your right...mom." Alice sighed, giving up; she must have seen something in her vision to change her mind or she just knew I was stubborn and would do it no matter what anyone else said.

I quickly hugged Alice and smiled weakly at Jasper-sending him some reassuring calm. Jasper smiled back. I waved to Rosalie and Emmett on my way up the stairs.

When I reached his door it was totally silent-he was holding his breath so he didn't hurt me. I knocked one then let myself in.


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