I Do Not Own Anything Twilight

Chapter 34

Edward's Point Of View

I had made my choice. I was not going to be side tracked no matter what Alice saw; I needed to know—we all needed to know—why the vision of Bella slitting her wrists in the meadow that day never happened.

I tried to prepare myself, for any possible answer; she was going to throw at me. I had thought of every possible answer of why Bella had made the choice, before abandoning it all together. It didn't make any sense to me; Bella was always one to stick to her choices like glue. Making the initial choice to acknowledge the options was Bella's only true time consuming choice; Bella was the master of procrastinating any and all choices until she no longer had a choice to look at both sides of the coin.

Keeping a respective distance from mine and Bella's room; Alice hovered down stairs, pacing the piano room, anxiously awaiting Bella's answer. Bella would be upset, but not overly; ten in the morning would be the mark of time that Bella would tell me. But what she would tell me was something Alice could not see; Bella had to be fully conscious to make a choice to answer or not.

Letting Bella get dressed in our room; I quickly darted down the stairs to the piano room to confer with Alice. "Anything yet, Alice?" I asked her anxiously; trying to desperately ignore the sounds of Bella's clothing slipping from her body and hitting the floor.

"No, sorry; I do see Bella and me going on a shoe hunt in three states." Alice said clapping her hands in happiness. "I also see us coming home empty handed, Bella extremely frustrated, and then overjoyed when her boyfriend happens to negotiate her favourite pair of ballerina flats. Fifty boxes Edward, Bella will be peppering your face in kisses and love for hours; along with a private dinner at a Greek restaurant."

"I wish I had known that yesterday!" I sighed angrily. "I will call every place in the world if I have too, and book the restaurant for dinner tomorrow night."

Alice snorted eyeing me up as if I insulted her. "Like you need to hunt down these shoes...you don't even know what they look like." Alice scoffed rolling her eyes at me, trying to hide her little pixy smile. "So I took the free time I had last night, and had a rush order made, tomorrow while Bella and I are shopping the shoes will arrive, and your sweet Bella's world will be put right again."

"Oh...you're good." I teased her rolling my eyes.

"I know!" Alice smiled brightly, "Now sit your ass down and play, Bella is coming down the stairs in exactly thirty seconds, give her an extra twenty seconds to actually reach the bottom of the stairs."

Taking off like a rocket, towards her and Jasper's bedroom; throwing her tiny body in his open arms, kissing him with a heated passion. Our family patently waiting to hear Bella's answers—good or bad—no matter what the answer was...we would still love her.

"The best possible way to be welcomed in the morning...well at least one of them." Bella's sweet voice traveled down the staircase towards me.

"My compositions pale in comparison to you my love; nothing in this world, is more beautiful than you." I said, my voice laced with nothing but the truth; Bella's warm body pressing against mine, as my hands danced effortlessly on the black and ivory keys. "How did you sleep darling?" I asked as she kissed my cheek, taking the open spot, I had left for her.

"I slept like a baby." Bella said chuckling "I can't remember a time when I was so exhausted. I had forgotten what Alice and eight or more hours can do to you in a shopping mall one day and a therapy session the next." The tone of regret coloured Bella's voice, her hands lay limp in her lap and her head now resting on my shoulder; I placed a lingering kiss on the crown of Bella's head. "Now everything is perfect."

"Perfect?" I challenged smirking. "A day of shopping in three states, coming home empty handed, because no one will have the shoe you are searching for my Bella. I hardly see anything 'perfect' in that darling. "I teased her nudging her lightly with my elbow.

"Okay...not perfect yet." Bella pouted. "But it will be once you take me for dinner to a Greek restaurant I have been dying to go to; apparently they have the best Souvlaki in all of Seattle." Bella informed me, the tiny pout gone from her lips. "What is on our agenda for the day, today?" She asked in a light airy voice.

Bella was in a good mood today—I was about to ruin it.

"Before we get on with today's agenda, love, I have something rather..." I wasn't sure what word to use; Bella waited patiently and totally unaware of what I was about to ask. "Unsettling to ask you; I think that is the word I want to use."

"Unsettling?" Bella echoed confused. "Well...what is it?" Bella pressed. A look of concern flashed across my love's flawless features.

My stomach clenched at the sight of anything but happiness and joy on her beautiful face."Well, it's a rather sensitive..."

"For crying out loud Edward, just spit it out!" Bella sighed frustrated. "I'm not going to leave again...ever." She promised me, cupping my cheek with her warm hand.

"I want to know, why Alice's vision of you, slitting your wrist in our meadow, didn't come to fruition." I blurted out in a rush of words; unable to be sure is she caught them all. Had I spoken too fast?

To my absolute amazement, Bella let out a small little giggle, shaking her head in disbelief. "I'm shocked and disappointed." Bella replied in a serious tone, than her unnecessary giggle of shock. "You of all people should know that answer; it should have made sense to you the moment Alice saw it."

In a rush of anger, I shoved the piano bench away from me, and paced the room; trying to think of what Bella was trying to tell me that day. I heard mashing of the piano keys, as Bella caught herself from falling off the piano bench, as I wretched myself away.

Had I missed the hidden message? Was she telling me this to ease my fears for the future? Was Alice's vision totally and completely wrong? Why would she have made the choice to slit her wrist and not go through with it at the last second?

Bella had turned her body to face mine, keeping a calm look on her face—Bella was waiting for me to figure it out for myself; her silent mind was a like the most impossible math equation and rubrics cube melded into one giant puzzle piece.

Never to be solved.

After five minutes of pacing, Bella got up and walked away, darting to her side; I grabbed her wrist, tugging her to a gentle stop. "Where are you going?" I demanded angrily. The look of shock on Bella's face was too much for me—the memory of me shoving her out the door of our room, slamming the door in her face—I quickly dropped her wrist.

"It is breakfast time, for some of us." Bella smirked; offering her hand to me as she walked towards the kitchen. I felt like an overprotective fool. Mentally I chided myself for placing my hands on her without her permission. "Would you care to join me, while you try and figure out the conundrum I have puzzled your mind with my love." Bella teased, grabbing a box of cereal from the pantry; while I grabbed Bella's bowl, spoon and the carton of milk.

"You are going to make me figure it out on my own, aren't you?" I grumbled.

Bella's coy smile, mixed with the twinkle in her eyes was a deadly combination; Bella was silently boasting. "What good is going to come of me telling you when you can figure it out on your own?" Bella asked darkly, "What's the matter my darling...can't you read my mind?" She taunted, backing away from the counter; towards the back door. "Are you not enjoying the little riddle, I have given you? Maybe the other's hiding out in their rooms will figure it out before you."

"You know, you will never make it half a step before I catch you Bella." I chuckled shaking my head.

"Thirty second head start?"

"You're still not going to make it very far, love; you will be lucky to make it to the trees, before I catch you."

"How, very true," Bella said, agreeing with me. "But no matter how far I go; at any given speed...you will always find me."

"Of course, I would?" My reply came out as more a question than an answer.

"You don't sound very confident about that." Bella retorted; I hissed at the insult.

"I would go to the ends of the earth to look for you!" I snapped angrily. "I would kill every single person that stood between you and me." I vowed to her. "I would tear the whole world apart, until you were safe in my arms again! I would die for you; I would do anything you asked of me to please you. I am yours for all eternity." I vowed to her. Not noticing her subtly retreating figure; Bella took in the situation around her. I was confused.

"I knew that already," Bella grinned, taking a few steps backwards; her words had distracted me enough, to pay no mind her to still retreating figure. Bella was very nearly off the porch by this time; one step to go, until she hit the ground. "But the point I am trying to make is what would happen if, I were suddenly to disappear...forever?"

"I couldn't live without you Bella," I whispered to her.

"Edward; remember...I am a hundred times easier to kill than you."

Like a bolt of lightning it hit me. How stupid could I have been all of these months? Of course Bella would want to rid herself of the world, if I had died; just as I would do the same, if it were her that was to vanish from the world of the living.

"And you couldn't live without me." I answered simply; feeling like a complete idiot.

"Bingo!" Bella said.

By now Bella was more than half way across the yard, and into the trees. "Now do us both a favour and claim what has always rightfully been yours, Edward. Since the day I was born." Bella purred, slipping behind a tree; leaving me with my mouth hanging wide open in utter disbelief. "Every inch of my skin, every beat of my heart, every breath that I take...has always and will always be yours, for the taking."

"Mine!"I suddenly hissed; it was like my body was running on auto pilot; the thought of Bella's body and soul belonging to only me, stirred something possessive in me. Almost as if it were a warning for other men to stay away from my mate, I felt a very strong urge to claim what was mine; to claim Bella. "You are mine."

"Always and forever, my love," Bella whispered from some place deep inside the forest.

I took off into the forest at my best speed, to claim what was mine—my Bella—what I found waiting for me, nearly drove me to the brink of my insanity...

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