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Chapter 35

Jasper's Point Of View

In all of my decades, I had never felt such heartache and pain; my Alice was utterly broken, by Bella's swift and sudden departure. Esme and Carlisle were not only heart broken, but felt as though, they had failed Bella and Edward as parents; both Carlisle and Esme, found it hard to keep there emotions hidden from me, when I was around. Emmett looked as if someone had killed his puppy; not to mention felt as someone had killed his puppy. Rosalie had a hard time comforting him; Bella was his favourite little sister. Rosalie put up a good front, on her emotions and most likely her thoughts as well; she was always the hardest to read.

Then there was Edward.

To say that he went crazy, twelve hours after Bella had left the house, was an understatement. His emotions were so chaotic, that I had a hard time being within a hundred mile radius of him. I never blamed him; then again, I never blamed Bella either.

Waves of crippling despair, rolled off of him so strongly, it took Emmett and Rosalie, to drag me out of the house; it was paralyzing sometimes and other times, I felt nothing from him—nothing but numbness—it was a little disorienting sometimes. I tried to be as discreet as possible when Edward felt numb, but I managed to get as close as I dared, without angering him; using the numb feeling to drown out all of the other strong and crippling emotions around the house. A few times, I could spread around the house, to the others and let the numbness, drown out all our pain.

If we were feeling like this, I could only imagine what Bella felt like right now, and of course a low growl from Edward, warned me to change my topic of choice.

It had been almost three months, since any of us had heard from Bella. Alice tried her hardest to block out her visions of Bella; not that Alice had a lot of visions these days—most of us did nothing these two months—but when she did have the odd one, a cry of pain escaped her lips, and I rushed to comfort her.

I never asked for any information on Alice's visions of Bella; and Alice, never offered any.

"Do you think she will ever come back Jazzy?" Alice whispered to me one night, while Emmett and Carlisle practically dragged Edward of the house to hunt. "Do you think she will ever contact us?"

The hope, my wife felt in that moment, was not only uplifting to the onslaught of negative emotions that loomed in the air these past few weeks; but also deeply welcome. I did my best to radiate it around the house; Esme and Rosalie sighing in unison—in relief—I only wished that Edward, Carlisle and Emmett could have been here to experience it as well.

"I don't know, darling," I whispered back to her. "Knowing Bella, she is doing what she thinks is right to fix what ever she thinks is necessary."

"You're right."

"Personally, I think...that Bella, has been through a lot in her life, and she finally just boiled over. She doesn't relate to humans very well, and the only other people in her life are us and the wolves." I mused, trying to get all of these thoughts out of my mind, before Edward and the other guys got back. "As much as she tried to play 'the peacekeeping' role; the wolves try to poison her against us and try and sway her into giving up our secrets to them. We are no better—well Edward really—telling her that they are dangerous, when they have done nothing but keep her safe, while we were absent, all those months."

'Again, you're right," Alice smirked at me, snuggling into my side on the bed.

"It's not about being right Ali." I said to her; I could feel her nod, while keeping my gaze fixed on the ceiling. "With everything that has happened to her...I honestly think she just needed a serious break, to clear her head; I know better than most, how much Bella, loves Edward—quite frankly, it was ridiculous, on our part too think Bella could only feel as much as a human was allowed—Bella breaks more human barriers, than most of our kind."

That particular conversation felt a hundred years ago now.

Bella has been back for months now, and I have never seen or rather felt, Edward and Bella so happy before; the family was just as jovial to have Bella back and our family whole once again.

It was hard to stand in one spot for any length of time; I felt as though I was being tugged in a hundred million directions at one time—thankfully it was not an uncomfortable feeling—Bella said she knew exactly how I felt. When I asked her to elaborate on that, she said that was what it was like to have hormones and to be human; to feel a mix of emotions all at the same time, and trying to sort through them all was mentally and emotionally exhausting.

"Thankfully, I don't feel the actual tug and pull of my battling of my emotions...but I do know it happens, and on a microsecond timer too." She said as I could do nothing but laugh; Edward was standing behind us, beaming with so much happiness, I thought I would burst from it all.

The emotional and mental scars, in our family would eventually feel.

Father/ daughter relationships would recover nicely, and best friends would soon, once again become sisters. Feuding siblings would soon become friends, and slowly progress into sisterhood. Mother and daughter would soon reconcile and bloom, from where they had been frozen. Far parted siblings would soon test the waters, into becoming very good friends, and then onto brother and sister. Brother and sister, would eventually find there happy balance once again and it would be as if nothing had parted them to begin with.

There was but one more pairing left.

The lover's

The vampire and human

The man and woman

The beauty and the beast

Edward and Bella

The two most unlikely pair of people to meet and fall in love, had become the broken hearted and nearly defeated people in the world; but with some deep soul searching, they had become, far more than I or any of us had ever imagined.

Bella and Edward could and would survive anything and everything life through at the.

And as a family, as an indivisible unit...we would fight for them and with them.

Battles of emotions were fought everyday—no one knows that better than I do—but a fight that we came out on top of each and everyday.

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