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Chapter 36

Edward's Point Of View

It took me less time to register what was on the ground in front of me than Bella's still retreating figure, into the forest. Deeper and deeper she went, meant the farther away from me she was; Bella's top was laying crumpled in a pile on the forest floor with a trail of all of her other items of clothing strewn along in a line.

Half of my mind registered the pleasure of knowing that Bella was some place in the forest nearly half naked, while the other half of my mind was acting on my vampuric instinct to protect what was mine—a half naked human woman, with an all to tempting scent and magnificent body, would call to many man; human and supernatural alike.

Standing completely still, and cutting the oxygen off from my lungs, I concentrated on listening for any other persons in the surrounding area; it took less than half of my attention to keep an ear open for Bella—with all of the noise she was making, even I were blind I would have no trouble seeking her out—an extremely open target.

Gently plucking her shirt of the ground, I lifted it to my face, inhaling her scent; with a new breath of oxygen. I could see the trail Bella had left for me; it was all to tempting to just ignore the trail of bread crumbs, abandon the trail and hop into the trees. But I couldn't, Bella would be upset if I didn't play her way.

"You would think that someone, who had so much more ability than other's, would have found me by now." Bella teased; her care-free giggle was just as easy to detect as her racing heart or the sound her feet made when she came in contact with the ground.

Losing the trail of imaginary bread crumbs behind, with a gentle leap off the ground and into the trees, I tracked my love, so much easier; nearly two miles ahead of me. Glancing over her shoulder every thirty seconds; I stalked her from up above, landing half a foot behind her.

"Hello, my love; are you missing something?" I asked her in a gentle teasing tone.

Whirling around in surprise, Bella nearly toppled, ass-over-tea-kettle, when she tried to step back; she didn't get far, before my excellent reflexes had caught and straightened her out.

"What am I going to do with you Bella?" I chuckled, ignoring the slight pout on her lips.

"I could tell you...but I may have to kill you." Bella sniffed, a wicked glint flashed in her eyes, and I felt a jolt of pleasure flash through my body. "Easier said than done...but I'm pretty sure, I have you wrapped around my finger enough to keep you alive."

I could do nothing but gawk at her; her skin was covered in a light sheen of sweat, her hair slightly tangled from the light breeze, her eyes, dancing with joy and amusement. The rise and fall of her chest, as she drank in the fresh, clean, crisp air of the forest; and the only way to describe the sight in front of me was perfection.

"So much for a thirty second head start," Bella laughed. "You were rather easy to out run; maybe the next time..."

That snapped me back to reality; there would be no next time, how could she think there would be a next time. "Next time!" I snapped, tossing her clothes in her face. "There won't be a next time Bella; wandering around half naked. What if someone saw you? What if you had run into something...like...gee...I don't know a bear?"

A flash of hurt swept over her eyes; almost too fast for me to see it happen, and, a furious, crimson blush filler her cheeks, traveling to the edge of her hair line. I wanted nothing more than to take back the words that had left my mouth not, only too harshly, but too quickly as well.

Reaching for her, trying to find a way to make it better, Bella pulled away, shaking her head, and her arms trying to cover what ever she had exposed.

I felt awful inside; Bella had only tried to entice me. I was playing her game—I had metaphorically blown the whistle to her game, and shut it down, without even giving her a chance to make a full play.

"Bella," I said, trying to get her to talk to me.

"I don't know what's worse." Bella sighed angrily. "The fact that you are so overprotective of me to enjoy the simplest amount of pleasure; or the fact you just flat out don't want anything to do anything remotely pleasurable with me. I thought we were past this Edward."

I mentally kicked myself for overreacting...again. How did I explain this without being an ass?

"I'm an ass."

Bella burst out laughing, letting her arms fall to her sides; her glorious chest on display for me once again. To say I was pleased to see her laughing at me would be an understatement; her care free laugh, coupled with her beautiful and perfect mounds of flesh rising and falling with her deep breaths of air.

"I'm sorry," She apologized trying to gain her composure. "It's just that, I wasn't expecting that and you rarely ever curse in front of me." She said still trying to gain her composure. "It was quite refreshing actually; kinda sexy."

"Well...if we are being...honest..."I stuttered like an imbecile, desperately trying not to stare at her chest and into her eyes. "You certainly did catch me off guard...and if I may say, it is a wonderfully delicious sight to behold."

The next words out of her mouth made my jaw drop and my cock twitch in my pants.

"Touch me Edward." She whispered closing the gap between us. "I only ever want your touch; no one else's." The emotion in her voice was begging me to touch her; while her eyes reflected trust and love and lust.

The warmth of her body heat swirled around me, warming me from the inside out; I knew that if I was stupid enough to reject her simple request now, I would hurt her so deeply and loose so much with her. Though she would forgive me—eventually—she would always carry the hurt and rejection with her.

"I'm scared." I admitted in a low voice. "I don't want to hurt you; I don't trust myself enough to not hurt you, Bella."

"You won't hurt me Edward; I know you, and you could never hurt me." She said with an encouraging smile on her lips. "Do you trust me?" She asked suddenly, taking me off guard for the third time today.

"Of course, I do Bella."

Without words, Bella turned away from me, her back moulding to my chest. Taking both of my hard, cold hands in her little warm ones—the blood rushing and flowing under her paper thin skin, was a distraction on it's own—wrapping our arms over her waist; I let Bella guide my hands to where she wanted them to go.

I could feel goose bumps rise on her skin as she placed our hands on flat of her naked stomach, my middle fingers were able to feel the outline of her bellybutton; she shivered lightly in my arms, a low moan of pleasure left both our lips. Giving us a moment to enjoy this simple pleasure; Bella started to life our arms, my finger tips able to feel each of her individual rib as she lifted our hands higher and higher.

Without warning, Bella took both of my hands off her stomach, and placed them on her breasts; I stopped breathing. My first instinct was to move my hands all over her chest; cup her beautiful breasts in my hands, pinch and tease her hardened nipples between my fingers. To blow my cool breath on her skin and watch how it would pebble and tighten at the new sensation, to take each breast in my mouth and devour them with my lips, tongue and hands, to place gentle kisses on every inch of her skin.

With each fantasy that passed through my mind at the speed of light, my now throbbing erection was painfully hard and begging for Bella's soft and warm touch. I was nearly lost in my own euphoria when Bella would move her body against mine, brushing against my aching member.

A low moan of pleasure snapped me out my silent stupor; I was a fool to think that I could pull away now and have Bella be happy or myself me happy for that matter.

I still hadn't taken a breath; I was far too frightened to breathe yet.

Keeping her hands on mine still, Bella moved our hands together, in a small circular motion, her supple skin moving underneath my highly sensitive hands; it was my turn to moan in pleasure, using some of my stored up oxygen.

Slowly Bella released my hands from hers, to wrap her arms around my neck, and twine her fingers in my hair; she was giving me a choice in this moment, to stop touching her or to keep going on my own and do as I please.

I was so torn.

Did I show her that I wasn't afraid of hurting her and continue this single most simply amazing and pleasurable act or pull away and hoped she was satisfied with had already occurred.

Taking a deep cleansing breath was all the decision I needed. Bella's scent mixed with her arousal, hit me like a swift and hard punch to the stomach; I was so caught up in my internal dilemma that I hadn't noticed Bella's soft moans and breathless pants in my ear. I scolded myself for being so caught up in my own internal struggles that I had totally missed what was going on in front of me.

Taking the chance to look down at what I was doing; my hands were already doing all the work for me. Lightly pinching Bella's nipples in between my thumbs and pointer fingers was one of my daily fantasies.

"I'm not hurting you." I whispered to myself, to low for Bella to hear; I was jovial inside, I thought I would burst from the intense satisfaction and pleasure of it all. "I can touch you and hurt you!"

As if she heard me speaking to myself, Bella let out a cry of pleasure. "So good!" Bella panted out. "Oh, god Edward, don't stop...so good...sweetest torture."

"I have no intentions of stopping my love," I rasped. "But I would rather take a small break to get you behind closed doors and away from prying eyes." I murmured gently kissing her temple.

I handed her bra and shirt back to her; once she was covered up we walked back to the house with our hands linked together. I tried as best I could to block out all of the inane chatter in my head from our family's thoughts and lead Bella to our room.

I locked the door behind me with a tiny flick of my wrist, locking everyone out and encasing us in.

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