"So, I heard the news about you and Priestly," Tish said the next day putting her apron on.

Bethany stiffened a little not sure what to expect. "I still don't even know how it's possible when I was told I would never be able to have any children."

"It's a miracle," Tish said smiling. "That's how it's possible. You are going to be a wonderful mother."

Bethany tossed a sandwich wrapper in the trash that she had messed up. "Thanks."

"I just wish I could have been there when you told Priestly he was going to be a father," Tish said chuckling making Bethany smile.

"He took it rather well."

"Better than I would have expected," Trucker said walking in. "Have you thought of any baby names yet?"

"N-no," Bethany stammered. Was she already supposed to think about baby names?

"Trucker, she just found out she's pregnant. It's too soon to be thinking of baby names," Tish told him.

Bethany suddenly felt like she was going to be sick. This was all too much for her to deal with.

Trucker must have noticed because he looked at her concerned. "You okay, Angel?"

"Um, actually would it be okay if I took the rest of the day off? I haven't been feeling that great."

"Go ahead. It's been a slow day," Trucker assured her.

She gave him a crooked smile as she took her apron off. She desperately needed air.

"I'll see you guys tomorrow," Bethany said grabbing her purse, quickly making a dash for the door when she heard Tish say, "You scared her off, Trucker!"

Bethany took a deep breath and exhaled once outside. She would never admit it but she was scared out of her mind at becoming a mother. She wondered if Priestly was just as scared at becoming a father. No he wasn't. He was thrilled when she had told him. What was wrong with her?


Priestly was packing up Bethany's belongings in her apartment while she was at work. Bethany had been staying at his place since the incident with James. She had couldn't go into her apartment by herself anymore after what James had done.

Priestly wished she still wouldn't let that jerk win but he wasn't going to push her. He knew she'd come around when she was ready.

Now her place was such a mess. It looked like a tornado had hit it.

A goofy grin appeared on his face when he found a thong.

"That's awesome," he chuckled to himself.

He couldn't help but grin every time he thought about becoming a father. He swore that he was going to be a better father than his ever was AND that he wasn't going to give his child a weird name like his father had done to him. Priestly refused to let his child be tortured and picked on just because of a name.

"Priestly, are you still here?" Bethany shouted from downstairs.

Priestly followed the sound of her voice and met her at the bottom of the stairs.

"Did Trucker let you get off early?" He asked giving her a kiss.

"I wasn't feeling so great so Trucker let me go since it was dead at the shop," she explained. "How's the packing coming along?" She asked looking around at the chaos.

"It's coming along even though it doesn't look like it," he replied with a wiry smile. "I talked to Jen and she said she'd help you pack during my shift."

What Priestly didn't realize was that he was still holding her thong making her smile.

"You know if you want me to wear those all you got to do is ask," she said pointing at his hand.

Priestly looked down at his hand and tossed the thong aside on the couch looking like a little kid caught getting a cookie out of the cookie jar.

"I just found them before you got here," he explained real fast.

"Priestly, I'm just kidding," Bethany said wrapping her arms around his waist. "I could put them on but we all know what happened the last time I wore those."

"I could go for a second kid," he said smirking down at her.

"Not while I'm still pregnant with this one, buddy. There is one thing I have to ask you."

Priestly didn't like the way this was going. "No, I haven't told my parents that they are going to be grandparents."

Bethany sighed dropping her arms. "Priestly, are you ever going to tell them?"

"Why are you getting on my case? You still haven't told yours, so there!"

Bethany ran a frustrated hand through her hair practically ready to pull her hair out.

"I'm not the one that has parent issues." She said wagging a finger at him.

"But you still haven't told yours so, ha!"

"How are we going to be parents when we can't even tell ours that they are going to be grandparents?" she asked defeated.

"They don't really have to know," he said making her laugh for how serious he sounded.

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