Santana stood by her locker resting her head against it. She was looking distantly through the halls for a face that wasn't there. It had been like this the last couple of months. How it all could end like this, Santana thought.

Hey. Her thoughts were broken off, and she returned to the real world. The kind face of Quinn Fabray smiled at her. She answered with a smile that could only barely be seen, even by Quinn.

How are you doing today? Quinn looked genuinely concerned for her.

Oh, you know. Life goes on, right? She faked a smile. It was hard, but if a reassuring smile was what it took to get people of her back, that's exactly what she would give them. The memories cut like knives through her mind, and she was slowly but surely, falling apart, but she wouldn't let them know that.

In Glee club it was unusually silent, not that that was a weird thing. Something was missing. Someone was missing.

The bell rung.

Everyone rushed out to get on with their day. Everyone except Santana. She stayed behind to take in the silence. A silence that was consuming her. But suddenly, in the second chair from the left in the back, she saw the girl sitting. A beautiful, tall, blond, girl, and her very best friend. And not to forget, her lover.

Hi, sweetie, the girl said.

Santana started crying.

What are you doing here? You're not supposed to be here. She was in shock

Honey.. the girl stood up, and walked towards Santana. What are you talking about?

You.. left. And you only left me a message, and then I got the call.

Santana, don't cry. I'm right here. I didn't leave you. I would never leave you. I love you. The girl smiled reassuringly at the other one.

The tears were flowing down Santana's cheeks. I love you too, B. I though.. I mean, I just..

Santana? Who are you talking to?

Santana turned and saw the face of Will Schuester standing in the doorway.

Oh, I was just talking to.. Santana turned towards the chairs, only to find the girl gone.

She instantly fell to her knees, and started sobbing like a child.

Will hurried over to Santana, sat down beside her, and held her in his arms.

I know San, I miss her too. But she's gone, Santana, Brittany is gone.