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"Oh my god, are you guys alright?" Abby said from her position at Ziva's desk.

They had not mentioned the accident to anybody, so they were bot surprised at the many shocked looks directed toward them as they walked through the building. All Tony and Ziva's co-workers knew was that they had gone away for a high school reunion and returned with their injuries. You can only imagine the scenario's flying through their minds.

"Just a little accident," Tony said, overly cheery.

"Nothing to worry about," Ziva added in the same tone.

The elevator dinged and whistling was heard. It grew slightly louder in volume until it was directly behind them, then abruptly stopped.

"What happened!?"

They turned around just in time to see McGee's jaw clamp shut, but as soon as he saw their faces it went slack again.

"Apparently they had a 'little accident'," Abby piped up. They could tell - she was Abby - she had used little finger quotations.

Ziva whipped around and glared at her. "Are you suggesting we lied to you?"

Abby jumped up out of the chair. She held her hands up in surrender. Slowly backing away, "N-no Ziva. Scary Ziva." She whispered the last part.

"If you guys are finished...," Gibbs said, appearing from nowhere. He pretended not to notice Tony's and Ziva's injuries as he headed to his desk.

"I'll be in my lab." Abby's heels clunked against the floor as she ran to the elevator.

Ziva put back on her smile as she sunk into her chair. She caught McGee eyeing her suspiciously and her hand twitched towards the knife strapped to her leg. His eyes flicked to her hand. He knew what was there and did not want it to be used on him. His eyes immediately focused on his computer. He breathed a sigh of relief when he heard her keyboard, noticeably relaxing.


Tony and Ziva were alone in the bullpen. The others had gone off to get an update on the case they had started when the two were away.

"Maybe we should tell them, Tony," Ziva suggested.

"I don't know. I value our lives."

"I think Gibbs would be more likely to kill us if we did not tell him and he managed to find out"

"Okay, fine. Whatever you want. We'll tell them."

"Tell them what?" Gibbs said, mysteriously appearing.

"Umm- uh-" Tony started.

"We are- uhh- kinda- y'know-" Ziva continued.

"We're dating," Tony managed to finished.

"C'mere." Gibbs motioned toward himself. When the two looked at him warily, he said. "C'mon. Now!"

They jumped up out of their chairs and went to stand next to him. He slapped both if them on the heads.

"Took you long enough." He started to walk away from the utterly shocked co-workers. "Just keep it out of the office."

The End?