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"I've got my own room," Reno whispered into the blonde's ear, intentionally brushing up against his back. Cloud simply ignored him and continued to watch Genesis and Sephiroth spar. Zack was away on another mission, it seemed that Lazard was liking his progress since he had begun his informal tutelage under Cloud.

Reno had begun his advances around a month after Cloud's arrival, and didn't let up on them; even when threatened with dismemberment. They seemed to be in good nature, and with a hint of playfulness; but obnoxious and overbearing, and had a way of getting the blonde hot under the collar with just by hearing Reno's voice… it caused no end of annoyance. Cloud didn't remember Reno's voice having such an effect on him in his life before the trip back, sure Reno was a good looking guy and he supposed that the man's lazy drawl had its own appeal…

Sephiroth's bright green eyes regarded the creeping redhead half heartedly, momentarily distracting him from his fight and leaving an opening for Genesis. The Crimson General, however, did not move fast enough and was instead forced back by a powerful backslash. The silver haired man seemed to be channeling his annoyance into energy, something that Cloud envied.

"Come on, blondie. You know you're curious about if this pretty red mane of mine is all natural…" Reno coaxed softly. He was being particularly persistent…

"Are you in heat or something? Go find another leg to hump," Cloud growled at the man that had been looming over him for the past half hour. Genesis and Sephiroth brought their session to an end and regarded the pair curiously. Since arriving Cloud had given no indication to what his orientation was, and would get annoyed when the subject was brought up. It seemed to bother Genesis the most… his curiosity was left unsatisfied, and it bothered him to no end.

"You wound me, yo," Reno pouted, placing a hand over his heart, "I just wanna have some fun while I have some time off. Won't you come and play with me." The redhead was half a head taller than Cloud, making it easier for him to whisper dirty things into the blonde's ears.

"If you want something to do, I can find you something to do," Genesis said in annoyance. He was beginning to accept the blonde as a friend, and it vexed him to see the man being dogged upon.

"Oh, I know what I wanna do," the fiery haired man purred, a sly look on his face; his blue-green eyes are casting a sidelong glance at Cloud, "Can't really get close to blondie when Zack is around, the kid requires constant attention, and otherwise I don't really see him much. If I gotta get all my flirting in right now then you're just gonna have to deal with it, yo… Sir…" his voice grew steadily quieter as he spoke, and the 'Sir.' was spoken with uncertainty.

"SOLDIER Second Class Reno… unless you wish to be assigned a shorter vacation and a trip to Wutia, then I suggest that you find an activity that does not involve propositioning another Shin-Ra employee for your… leisurely actitivies." Sephiroth said, looking every bit as disinterested as he sounded. His annoyance was masked well however, the spark of sadistic pleasure that flashed in his eyes when Reno cringed away from the blonde was something that could not be missed.

"Yeah, alright… I get it…" Reno mutter as he slid his hands into his pockets and kicked up some of the implanted grass. "Will you at least come get something to eat with me?" he asked softly, oddly downcast. He had to know that the others could hear; but he did not let it deter him. Cloud hummed his response, thinking it over, and looked over at Angeal; who was ignoring the whole situation, going over messages in his phone, or at least pretending too.

It was just lunch, but he would have to deal with the fiery haired man's talking; though Reno seemed subdued for the moment. He really wouldn't be so bad if he'd just stop hounding Cloud. After weighing out the pros and cons, Cloud made a decision against his better judgment, "Food sounds good."

Sephiroth made a face that Cloud couldn't quite identify. He didn't have to wait long to find out what it meant though.

"You are not planning on going to the Army's cafeteria, are you?" His voice was laced with something akin to annoyance. He had to keep Cloud close because of the blonde's probation, if he decided to wander into the regular army's mess hall, then he would have to follow… and be gawked at the entire time.

"Well, he can't go up to the SOLDIER mess. 'n I was actually thinkin' of ordering something from a pizza joint," Reno had to point out the obvious, thinking that his commanding officers were a tad too self-absorbed to remember such things. He was planning on eating in his apartment, which was in the SOLDIER housing section.

"And where would we be eating?" Cloud asked with a raised eyebrow. Reno couldn't keep his face neutral, a lazy smile played across his lips. It was enough to answer Cloud's question. The blonde almost smiled at the fiery redheaded man, the corners of his mouth twitched before he lowered his head.

"I have paperwork to complete, this sparring session was only a break; or did you forget, Cloud?" Sephiroth asked the blonde who was hiding his small smile. There was a tugging in the silver haired man's chest. Making his instincts roar at him, telling him not to leave Cloud and Reno together alone.

"As long as a SOLDIER is with him, I think it would be alright. Reno is a SOLDIER…" Angeal spoke for the first time since the group had walked outside. Genesis looked like he wanted to say something, but was holding his tongue. "Besides, he could probably use a break from us breathing down his neck all the time…" the black haired man reasoned.

Sephiroth felt torn… if he gave Cloud the freedom to spread his wings, even just a little, then he would only yearn for more. The blonde seemed rather reclusive when he wasn't being dragged around by Angeal, Genesis, or himself. If he gained enough freedom then he might not want to associate with them at all… He felt ridiculous thinking about it, though; Cloud was his friend, they were more alike than anyone else that Sephiroth had ever met.

"I do not… see why he could not. Return to my office when you are done with your meal," as he spoke his green eyes scanned over Cloud's relaxed form. Even with the monstrous sword on his back, he still seemed at ease around them; and that said something about his trust in them. Maybe he wouldn't fly away…


Reno grinned and stretched out across his couch. He was having a good time, and he didn't even have to take his pants off. Cloud was easy enough to talk to, you could talk about almost anything with the man and he'd add his two gil; and then some.

"Sephiroth seems a little… overprotective, yah?" Reno asked from his relaxed position on the couch. He twisted a bit to look at the blonde sitting in the armchair near his head. Cloud was staring at the empty pizza box, with a glassy look; no, staring into space, the pizza box just so happened to be in his line of sight. Before Reno could open his mouth to ask if he was okay Cloud blinked and looked right into his eyes.

"Sephiroth just takes his job seriously, you should know that," his lips quirked at the corner as he spoke to the redhead. Sephiroth really did seem like a father trying to protect his virgin daughter… or a jealous, and possessive lover. One of the images made him smile slightly, and the other send a chill down his spine. He knew that the general thought about him in strange ways, he could feel the beckoning; but Sephiroth was probably like that with all of his friends. Guarding them from others, like a child might do to their toys.

"Yeah, I guess… So, blondie… you sure you don't wanna fool around? Now would be a great time if you felt like it; no Zack, no Sephiroth, just you and me." he said as a grin crept onto his face. Cloud actually considered it. The last time he had done anything of a sexual nature had been before he contracted Geostigma. That had been over a year ago… or something to that effect.

"I dunno, Reno. We barely know each other," he tried to make an excuse to escape, but his body was already picking up the signs of sexual tension between the two of them.

"And? I can tell you're a good guy, Cloud. You ain't the backstabbing type, or the kind to run off when people need ya." Reno said as he sat up, his wild red hair flattened in some spots from his rolling on the couch.

"Yeah, but I don't really know you…" Cloud reestablished.

"I don't sleep around, there's only one other guy that I mess with and it's not serious… dude's too young for it to be anything more than fooling around. And I haven't seen any women around here other than the Turk chicks… and I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole, they always come with strings attached, yo." Reno informed with a slight pout.

Cloud couldn't help the quiet smile that made its way across his lips. Reno really was different in this new life, or maybe it's that he never actually got to know the redhead in his past life…

"It's not like you're a virgin, right?" said redhead asked curiously. He had his body twisted in such a way that he could watch Cloud closely. Paying close attention to his body language and movements.

Cloud didn't see a reason to lie, "No, I'm not, but what makes you think I go for fiery haired imps like yourself?" At that Reno grinned.

The redhead sat up properly and flicked a few strands of hair from his face, his smile quieted down somewhat, "So, how'd you lose the big V, blondie?"

Cloud, again didn't see any reason in lying, told him the truth, "I lost it to a lab tech." He didn't go into detail about how his innocence had been stolen from him, forcibly taken without his consent… no, no one needed to know that…

Reno seemed to get the gist of what was being implied and became somewhat sad looking, "Sorry for bringin' it up, yo." Cloud shrugged it off. He had gotten past that part in his life, leaving the memory buried in the back of his mind. It still hurt when it was brought up, but he could push the pain back; it wasn't as if Reno knew and was bringing it up to hurt him. No, the redhead was just a curious pervert.

Deciding that it didn't much matter who knew now that his past partners couldn't be threatened, Cloud spoke up, "I've had other partners, a few older than I am, and one about half a decade younger than me. They didn't seem to mind each other, that is, they were civil toward each other…"

Reno gaped, "So, like, you're one of those open relationship kinda guys?" he asked cautiously.

Cloud pondered the question for a moment before nodding, "Yeah, I guess you could say that." When Reno continued to look at him with curiosity he chuckled, "A black… gang leader, a flower girl, a… marksman, and a ninja wanna-be." Reno seemed to ponder on this, probably because Cloud had only given him one gender; so again, without really knowing what was making him so talkative, the blonde took mercy on him, "Two men and two women."

Reno's face lit up, "So you do swing both ways. I had a feeling, but I wasn't sure. I've had partners from both sides too, none as interesting sounding as yours though… except the gang leader one. I've had one of those, too." Reno rose from the couch as he spoke and made his way toward his kitchen. "Beer?" he asked from around the corner.

Cloud considered it, but shook his head instead, "Water." He could hear some clattering and then the tap of the sink running. While the redhead was busy, Cloud had time to think about his proposal. Fooling around with Reno wouldn't be the first stupid thing that he had done… and the redhead did have a great deal of sex appeal… but he couldn't help feeling that he would be taking advantage of Sephiroth's trust. They were friends now, as strange as it seemed. Seeing the general laugh and talk about things casually had made him so much more human in Cloud's mind… and he could feel the possessiveness radiating off of the Silver General. He knew it was the mixture of J-Cells and S-Cells in his body that were making him feel like he could only have the silver haired man as a partner now, that and Sephiroth's influence…

"…-oud… Yo. Here's your water," Reno said from his spot in front of the lost looking blonde. Cloud had looked so lost in thought when he came back that he hadn't wanted to disturb him, but after a few minutes of the man not noticing he was there he began to get irritated. Bright, ocean blue eyes regarded him after a moment, and though the blonde did not say anything, he did take the glass being offered to him.

As Reno sat back down with his beer, Cloud spoke, "So, you and Zack…" The redhead choked on his first swig, but Cloud waited patiently before continuing. Once Reno had calmed down and was looking at him cautiously, he continued, "You and Zack are really close, huh?"

Cloud could hear the redhead heave a sigh of relief, "Yeah, I got brought in on charges. They told me I could join SOLDIER and turn my life around, or I could rot in a cell. I chose SOLDIER, and there Zack was… still trying to get in. We were put in the same squad because they couldn't put me directly into the program without knowing what I was capable of, so me and him were squad mates for a while. I passed before he did, but promised to keep an eye on him; by the time he got in I was being promoted to a Second. Now he's about to be a Second, and it's all thanks to you… so, from the bottom of my heart, than you, man. You helped out my best friend, without taking him away." Reno sounded shockingly sincere, and spoke so fondly of Zack… Cloud already knew what was going on, but didn't want to jump to conclusions.

"He's got the talent, he just needs to be shown how to use it properly. He's gonna go far Reno, First Class in no time," Cloud informed his redheaded companion, "Zack's a hero whether he knows it or not…"

Reno nodded understandingly, "He is something, huh?"

They sat in silence for a while, Reno emptying his bottle and Cloud thinking.

Reno broke the silence, "So, you get either of the chicks pregnant? 'cause you seem like you're good with kids, I mean, you handle Zack really well."

Cloud hummed at the thought of Aerith or Yuffie having one of his children. It would have been nice… "No, I can't have children…" the blonde said reluctantly… hating to hear it. Hojo had done so much to his body that he had made him sterile, taken away any hope that he had of procreating.

"One of them didn't really love me for me at first, she only loved me because I reminded her of someone that she had lost; and the other was too young anyway," Cloud volunteered as he thought back on the two women that he had loved.

Reno looked on thoughtfully, respecting the blonde enough to give him a moment; then opened his mouth again, "And with the guys? You a pitcher or a catcher?" A perverted half smile came to his face as he interrogated the blonde.

Cloud glanced over at Reno from the corner of his eye. A small smile of his own fixed on his face, "I've told you enough, I need to get back before Sephiroth thinks I've become a terrorist and am planning on trying to take down old man Shinra. Can't have my babysitter worrying over me."

"Hey, you never answered my question straight…" Reno said, somewhat disappointed.

"Maybe some other time Reno, when we know each other better…" the blonde told him as he got up and headed for the door.

"You mean it, Blondie?" Reno asked from his spot, clearly not moving to show the blonde out.

"Yeah, maybe when we know a little more about each other…" Cloud said toward the redhead, surprising himself by how honest he sounded. He was really thinking about it, but not now, especially with the wave of feelings he had been getting off of Sephiroth lately. It would just be like asking for something to happen to Reno… and Cloud had begun to grow fond of the exuberant redhead.


Sephiroth sat in his office, staring down at his unfinished reports, with a feeling of dread growing in his gut. Reno was a smooth talking city boy, and Cloud had admitted to them that he was a country boy… Genesis had told him that it would make for interesting chemistry between the two, but he didn't want that. If it was up to Sephiroth, he would have clipped the blonde's wings shortly after his arrival, further limiting what little freedom that the blonde had. But that wouldn't be fair…

It wasn't fair that Sephiroth had this feeling blossoming in his chest; this light, airy feeling of contentment when he was around Cloud. When they would talk, eat together, or spar. It wasn't fair that he felt a burning rage when he saw that Second Class imp brush up against, or put his hands on the blonde. Sephiroth felt confused, and angry at these new feelings growing inside him… maybe something was wrong… maybe the mako was confusing his hormones and making him temperamental and territorial… because it wasn't just Reno that made him feel inadequate. When it came to Cloud he felt inadequate to everyone the blonde had contact with… Genesis, Angeal, Zack, Reno, and a few of the other lower ranking SOLDIER.

Something dark was growing inside of him, he could feel it… it was rooting itself deep inside, whispering nonsense to him. His eye glanced toward the clock quickly, before returning to his report. Cloud was taking his sweet time getting back… it was just lunch, right?

A flash of Cloud bent over that obnoxious redhead's couch came to his mind, causing him to tighten his grip on the pen in his hand. Reno's hands all over Cloud's body, and the blonde moaning for him…

Before he could think too far into it, his office door was opened and the object of his obsession slid into the room. Green eyes scanned over the man, checking to make sure everything was as it should have been. Everything seemed to be in place, and he didn't smell of bodily fluids… but that didn't mean that he hadn't done anything. That thought alone was enough to drive Sephiroth to stand and stride over to the smaller man.

Cloud seemed a bit put off by the action, but didn't shy away when Sephiroth came to stand before him. They were friends now, he had nothing to fear…

"Is there something wrong?" Cloud asked casually, letting his bright eyes meet Sephiroth's. The man seemed confused, and angry, but not violent.

Instead of answering Sephiroth leaned down and mashed his mouth against the blonde's. In his confusion, Cloud floundered for what to do or say to the man. The kiss was all teeth and tongue, but did not get drive the blonde to do anything in return. The lack of response did nothing to deter the silver haired man. He pressed forward, nipping at the blonde's bottom lip before pushing his tongue Cloud's slack mouth.

Leather clad hands began to wander, began to unzip the blonde's vest. The force in which his hand was seized was enough to make him cringe, and draw away from the man before him. Cloud looked distant for a moment before looking him in the eyes, "Leave the vest alone…"

Sephiroth nodded and pressed back against the man, driving his tongue back into the blonde's mouth; exploring every corner he could as his hands slid down to mercenary's cargo pants. If Cloud was going to protest he didn't do it fast enough, Sephiroth grabbed his ass and spread the blonde's legs a bit wider; pressing one of his own between them. He could feel the blonde getting hard against his thigh. The stress seemed mutual and they continued to lock lips as Sephiroth locked his office door and guided the smaller man over to his desk.

They separated long enough for the general to take the stack of reports off of his desk and place them down beside his office chair. Cloud was pressed against the edge of the large wooden desk. He wasn't putting up a fight, but Sephirtoh asked anyway, "Is this acceptable?"

"The desk, or the fact that we're about to have sex?" the blonde asked without batting an eye. He seemed calm and collected, albeit a little breathless.

"The intercourse…" Sephiroth answered as he closed in and pressed his lower body to Cloud's. The silver haired man was already beginning to harden, and could feel the blonde's body responding readily.

There was a long pause before Cloud spoke, as if he was thinking extremely hard on the situation. "I never could tell you no… do as you wish." he whispered, barely loud enough for Sephiroth to hear. It confused the general, but he didn't let it stop him from taking the invitation.

The Silver General worked at the sword harness first, getting it out of the way so that Cloud could relax back; into the desk. His mouth attached itself to the exposed skin of the blonde's neck, where it nipped and kissed down to his exposed chest. Since the blonde wouldn't let him pull the zipper the rest of the way down, he nipped rather harshly at the exposed chest muscles; making Cloud jolt. He knew that no marks would stay for long on a body as augmented as the blonde's. Cloud's body was probably much like his own, and a hickey or bruise wouldn't last more than a few hours.

Leather clad hands moved down the blonde's sides to his back, traveling down to squeeze, and knead his firm bottom through his cargo pants; roughly rubbing the back of the mercenary's thighs, and pulling him closer. The silver haired man smiled against the blonde's neck when he felt the telltale tenting against his own body. He had been feeling so tense, wanting; feeling like the blonde was teasing him by just existing. The thought of Cloud was enough to set his blood aflame, and the fact that the blonde slept just across the hallway from him was enough to drive him mad. He slept near, ate breakfast with, and spent nearly everyday with the man; he had never felt anything so strongly for a person. Cloud talked to him like a person, related to his problems, and understood when to give him space.

The blonde gripped the edge of the desk as Sephiroth pushed him up onto it. Deep blue eyes slid closed as the general licked along his jaw line, all the way up to his ear; which he latched onto and tugged. He could feel Cloud's sleeved arm reach up and tangle its fingers into his hair. A small noise escaped the blonde as he turned his head enough to dislodge the general's mouth from his earlobe, then he mashed their mouths back together; giving the Silver General all of his frustration in a kiss that involved teeth, tongue, and lips. Sephiroth growled softly and pulled Cloud's legs around his waist, forcing their hips as close together as he possibly could. The silver haired man growled in frustration as the fabric separating them became more than annoying. He pulled away from the blonde as much as Cloud would allow and fumbled with the fly of the man's cargo pants.

"How long has it been?" he asked vaugly, meaning how long had it been since the blonde had last engaged in a sexual act; the question came across clearly to the blonde, however.

"A while, over half a year," his soft voice informed the general. Sephiroth was left wondering who else had had their way with the beautiful blonde sitting on his desk. Cloud's hand unclenched from his hair and ran down his neck to rub his exposed chest, feeling the muscle underneath his gloved fingers. Sephiroth took a moment to just look at him. Blonde hair was slightly mussed, attractively tussled, eyes were half lidded and heavy, lips were parted and wanting, his cheeks were slightly flushed, and his clothing and body language screamed 'ravage me', to the general.

Sephiroth roughly tugged open the fly of the denim-canvas material, exposing the blonde's bulged boxer shorts. Cloud groaned gratefully at the pressure relief, his hand slid across the general's chest; gripping his crossed harness and pulling him close again to nip at Sephiroth's bottom lip. The blonde held it between his teeth and tugged, inviting the general in for another bruising kiss.

Sephiroth took hold of the back of Cloud's pants and underwear giving them a rough yank, pulling them out from under his bottom and down his legs before dropping them on the floor; and kicking them under his desk. The blonde did not protest, only grunted before settling back down on the desk, his bare bottom on the hard wood. The general stripped off one of his gloves with his teeth and dropped it haphazardly on the floor, not really caring where it went.

Sephiroth's naked hand moved down the blonde's thigh; powerful, pale, scarred. The skin on Cloud's legs was smooth, with slightly raised scars along them. The silver haired man hummed softly as his fingers ghosted up the blonde's inner thighs, to his half raised erection. He rubbed his fingers over the velvety skin and over the head; listening to Cloud sigh appreciatively.

Fingers traveled down the blonde's erection, over and under his sac, over the valley between, and to his hole. He only ran his fingers over it, know that if he breached the blonde dryly it would only cause him discomfort. The Silver General silently thanked Genesis for nagging him to keep protection and lubricant ready at all times. In his desk drawer was everything he would need for his encounter with the blonde.

A little smirk made its way onto his face as he opened the desk drawer and withdrew a small tube of lubricant and a condom, setting them beside the blonde. Cloud raised an eyebrow at him, looking somewhat amused.

Cloud removed his gloves and took the lubricant in hand. "You really wanna do this on your desk?" he asked, amused at seeing such a side of the general that he had admired for so long. Sephiroth thought for a moment before nodding once. Cloud huffed a sigh and hopped off the desk, standing in front of the general; pressed against him. The blonde gave the silver haired man a meaningful look before turning around and propping one leg up on the desk, leaving himself open and vulnerable.

Sephiroth stood behind him, watching silently; the tightness in his pants getting worse as the blonde lubed up his fingers and moved them down to his entrance. The blonde's length twitched under the desk, making Cloud suck in a quick breath.

The lubricant was cold when it touched his puckered entrance, and it made the blonde jolt slightly. He carefully pressed a finger in and moved it about. He added a second finger within a minute, and began to stretch himself. Mako enhanced pools peered over his shoulder at the silver haired man behind him, to find the man exposed and fondling himself. "Enjoying the show, General?"

Sephiroth hummed softly, a smirk on his face as he watched the blonde work his fingers in his entrance. Scissoring, and stretching the tight ring of muscle. The blonde's erection was trapped under the desk's edge, straining to stand up farther. Preseed was beginning to dew up on the head of his shaft. The silver haired man stood back, fisted his cock, and let his eyes droop slightly as he carefully watched what the gorgeous man before him was doing.

After a short while the blonde removed his fingers from his passage and one of his cheeks up to further expose himself to the Silver General. Sephiroth groaned quietly, snatching up the condom packet and tearing the foil open with his teeth. He rolled the rubber down over his straining length, and stepped forward to place the blunt head against Cloud's puckered hole.

As he pushed in he slowly let out the breath that he was holding, pressing himself into the gripping heat. The SOLDIER General knew that he wasn't going to last long, after watching the blonde prepare himself; and thinking of what the man could have been doing with that obnoxious redhead. He had worked himself up, and now he was going to embarrass himself by finishing prematurely. Something that the silver haired man didn't know was that his feelings of longing, and lust were reflecting onto Cloud; making the blonde just as horny as he was. When their hips met and he was fully sheathed in the blonde he stopped for a moment, letting the smaller man adjust.

Cloud apparently didn't need long, because he was pushing back against the silver haired man in an eager fashion. Sephiroth drew back, pulling out to the tip then pressed back in; starting with long, slow thrusts. The blonde pushed back at the appropriate time and a rhythm began between the two. They only went slow for a brief period of time, enough for Cloud to adjust, then the sound of skin smacking together could be heard bouncing off the walls. Sephiroth took hold of the blonde's hips and drove in harder and faster, leaving the mercenary panting and gripping the edge of his desk.

It didn't take long for Sephiroth to grip the blonde's hips with bruising force, and bury himself as deeply as possible in the tight heat. He couldn't mark the man as his own, because of the condom; but that didn't stop the instinct to try. The silver haired man grunted as he emptied himself into the rubber, feeling all the tension that had been gathering between himself and the blonde melt away. Likewise, Cloud let out a low groan as he came under the desk. The blonde's entire body relaxed and he let out a long, slow sigh.

Both men stood as they were for a while, recovering from their little stress relieving session. As much as he wanted to, Sephiroth knew that he couldn't remain inside the blonde; so he slowly pulled out, took the rubber off, tied it up, and threw it into his trash bin. Cloud slowly lowered his leg, not letting on how sore his hip had become. Blue eyes glanced down to see finger shaped bruises already forming on his hips, Sephiroth definitely wasn't a gentle lover; the blonde could tell from the small bit of rough handling he had received.

Sephiroth pulled his pants up his thighs, and tucked himself in before zipping up. Green eyes strayed over to his blonde companion and were immediately drawn to his exposed bottom. Firm and pert, it was enough to make him sigh appreciatively; if only he could get the man to remove his top… the scars didn't bother him, they were just another part of the blonde that he felt compelled to learn about.

"I bet you're glad that your carpet is white," the blonde murmured as he leaned down to collect his lost clothing.

Sephiroth's eyes were drawn to the mess dripping from the underside of his desk, onto his carpet; he shrugged, "The janitor can clean it." The man seemed to think better of it however and opened one of his desk drawers to remove a box of tissues. "Then, that would be interesting gossip for the cleaning crew to spread around, would it not?" he asked as he moved to clean up the mess. Cloud only chuckled at the thought.

The blonde really could care less who knew who he was sleeping with, but obviously Sephiroth didn't want people to know he was doing unprofessional things behind closed doors. Cloud shook his head and straightened out his pants before he laid them on the desk, then stretched the waistband of his boxer shorts. He could see Sephiroth looking at his flaccid cock, the man was at eye level with his crotch. "What's so interesting?" he asked the man, the smile never really leaving his face.

"You are quite blonde… I have never seen such a vibrant color come naturally," Sephiroth said, with a serious face, referring to the blonde's pubic hair.

Cloud laugh, and shook his head; unable to think of a witty remark or even a comment on the matter. It was just something so bland, about his natural body, that the silver haired man seemed to find interesting.

Sephiroth tore his gaze away from Cloud's lower body and to the mess under his desk. He did a rough cleaning and tossed the used up tissue in the waste bin. "We are… lovers now?" he asked softly, not looking up at the blonde. Cloud found it cute, having gone through the situation a few times before.

"Caged birds don't sing, Sephiroth. I'm not the type of man that stays with one person, I'm used to having multiple partners.…" he told the Silver General as he pulled on his underwear, then cargo pants. He could not see the possessive gleam in those green eyes.

"That is… acceptable…" Sephiroth said sulkily, he kept his eyes downcast as he stood up. Clearly not used to keeping such emotions in check, Cloud could hear the irritation in his voice. What Cloud couldn't see was the dark thoughts buzzing around in the Silver General's head, dissatisfied with the thought of sharing the one person that was practically his clone; the one person that truly understood what he had gone through at Hojo's hands…

Cloud paused and looked over his shoulder at the sulking SOLDIER. A quiet smile came to his lips. It might have just been a chemical reaction that drew their bodies together, but he found himself enjoying Sephiroth's company. The blonde turned around and planted a soft kiss against the general's lips, it was returned almost immediately. It was a languid kiss, soft and lazy; when the blonde pulled away he smiled at the silver haired man.

"It's just sex, right?" Cloud asked, not really meaning anything by it; just curious as to what Sephiroth's answer would be.

There was an awkward quiet between them for a moment before Sephiroth nodded halfheartedly.


Zack heaved a sigh as he hopped out to the chopper, he could see Reno waiting for him on the rooftop. The redhead looked aloof and cocky all at the same time, making the raven haired Third give him an appraising look; Reno knew something that nobody else did… that was the only explanation.

"What's with the look?" he asked as he jogged toward the man. Reno only smiled lazily at him and gestured for the younger man to follow him. Zack followed eagerly, falling into step with the man.

"Talked to Cloud today… had lunch with him," Reno relayed, letting a predatory smile take over his face.

"What did you do? Reno, I know that look… what did you do to Cloud?" Zack asked protectively. His mentor had become an important, precious, irreplaceable friend; sometimes Zack questioned his feelings for the man… regardless of what he felt for the man, he didn't want anything bad to befall him. And what made things worse was that Zack knew how Reno felt about the blonde.

"Hey, don't jump to conclusions, you know I would never do something without asking you first…" Reno said, feeling somewhat hurt. "I just found out that blondie swings for both teams, and he's used to being shared. So, if we play our cards right… you and I both could bed blondie," Reno informed, sounding less hurt and more like himself.

Zack's face flushed and he gave Reno a sidelong glance, "He's my teacher, Reno… and my friend, I don't wanna mess that up…"

"Sex won't screw things up, you worry too much," Reno said as they climbed into the elevator. Both men were silent on their way down, both thinking of what the other had said. When the doors opened and Sephiroth and Cloud got in both, the Second and the Third, shifted uncomfortably.

"Zack, good to see that you made it home in one piece. I'm proud of you," Cloud said over his shoulder. Zack smiled and moved up next to the blonde man.

"I'm glad I'm back, they're trying to run me ragged. Guess they just wanna see if I got the stuff for a promotion," he said as he threw one arm over Cloud's shoulders and gave him a half hug. "I'm happy to see you though, made my day," he told his mentor.

Reno coughed and it sounded like something close to, 'Suck up.' Which only made Zack laugh.

"I'm serious," the teen insisted. He turned his head to look at Cloud, but instead caught Sephiroth's possessive glare. Slowly, he lowered his arm and shifted away from the blonde. Cloud glanced at him curiously, wondering what had come over him.

"So, where are you two headed, yo?" Reno questioned, hoping to pull the focus away from the shrinking form of Zachary Fair. It worked. Sephiroth turn his gaze back to the elevator door, and Cloud looked back at him.

"Home," the blonde said casually. Reno could tell that something about the man was different; something…

When the elevator stopped again to let a few executives on all conversation between the four men stopped. When they reached the ground floor, they parted ways without saying anything to each other.


Cloud was surprised when Zack practically attacked him the next day, throwing his arms around the blonde and giving him a bear hug. Their faces came close, lips almost touching; would have touched, had Cloud not turned his head. Zack drooped somewhat, but it was hardly noticeable. He didn't let his disappointment show.

"What is it, Zack?" Cloud asked, somewhat breathlessly.

"Lazard promoted me. I'm gonna be a Second class," the raven haired teen boasted, setting Cloud down, and puffing out his chest proudly. The blonde smiled at him, proud of his student's progress.

"That's great, Zack. I guess that means that you're heading for your mako booster, huh?" the blonde praised and asked halfheartedly. Zack was being drawn deeper into the den of monsters that he had mentioned a lifetime ago. It was somewhat saddening.

"Yeah. Oh, I gotta go or I'll be late, I just wanted for you to be the first to know," he grinned widely, oblivious to Cloud's brewing sadness. He waved at his mentor, turned and took off at a jog, heading for the labs. Heading toward Hojo…

Cloud sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, not knowing whether to be happy for the teen or upset at himself…

"You don't seem too happy with his promotion," Genesis said as he approached. Cloud quickly turned to face the man, sliding a mask of indifference over his face.

"It's what I'm training him for, isn't it?" he asked blandly.

"I suppose so," Genesis said lightly, already knowing the blonde well enough to know that something was upsetting him.

"I'll see you at lunch," Cloud told the copper haired man as he turned to walk toward the elevator, headed toward Sephiroth's office. Genesis didn't pursue him, he let the blonde walk away without further agitating him.

Cloud made it all the way to Sephiroth's office before he let his aggravation and stress take over. Sephiroth didn't get the chance to finish his remaining reports before lunch.


A month went by, Sephiroth seemed to be in a better mood with each passing day. He had his blonde friend all to himself, but he was constantly paranoid that Angeal, or Genesis was going to step in.

Genesis and Cloud interacted like friends would. They joked around, sparred together, and squabbled over little things. Never staying mad at one another for long.

Angeal and Cloud had a strange sort of relationship. They respected one another, but didn't often engage in conversation. Weapons and honor were usually their topics of choice when it actually came to talking to one another.

Then there were the two obnoxious Seconds. Zack and Reno were close to Cloud, friends that the blonde wouldn't part with if a gun was pressed to his head. It made Sephiroth uneasy. They seemed a little too familiar with each other…

The silver haired man rose from his seat and moved to the window that overlooked the training field and track. He could see Cloud standing down there with Angeal, and Zack. Most likely testing Zachary's abilities against Angeal, that was the only reason he could think of for the man to be around the rowdy teenager.

Angeal had considered Zack for training at one point, but the boy had messed up his assignment so badly that he seemed like a lost cause. Angeal had decided not to take on something that could possibly be a waste of time, he had turned Zack down.

Lately though, Zack seemed to be shaping up to be a good SOLDIER. Under Cloud's watchful eye, he was gaining abilities that far outranked those of his peers. His strength and speed were growing everyday, making him stronger and faster than most other Seconds. It was… impressive.

Sephiroth could now see the potential in the raven haired Second. His lover had obviously caught on much earlier than the general had when he offered to train the boy. The silver haired man was pulled from his thoughts by that single word. Lover. Cloud was his lover…

The blonde's words were still clear in his head however, telling him that he might not be the only one. He would have to share at one point or another…

The Silver General heaved a sigh and returned to his desk, deciding to finish up early so that he could work off some stress in a sparring match against Genesis, Cloud, or Angeal. Just something to take his mind off of all this sharing nonsense.


Cloud had just finished his training with Zack and thanked Angeal for his time. The man gave him a nod and headed back toward the Shin-Ra building. The blonde was heading toward Sephiroth's office, about to round the corner he heard voices. His steps became lighter, and his ears became more open. It sounded like Reno, only quieter…

"-ou think I wanna be tied to Shin-Ra for the rest of my life? You Turks are dumber than you look," the redhead said. Cloud could almost imagine the look on his face.

"You would be surprised at the perks that the job offers," a familiar voice said to the SOLDIER Second. Cloud couldn't quite place the voice, but he knew the owner somehow.

"I'm not gonna be Shin-Ra's dog," Reno said, putting harsh emphasis on his words.

"You are more suited for the Turks, with your stealth, and strength you could accomplish things that you would never dream of. Your intel gathering skills, and hacking abilities would be much better put to use with us. The Turks need someone with your strengths, Reno," the other man said. Insisting.

"I already said no. Do ya want me to shout it for everyone to hear?" Reno asked snidely.

"You may want to reconsider, we know things about you that you wouldn't want others to know. Things pertaining to a certain mission that would have gained Zachary Fair a mentorship with First Class, Angeal Hewley," the man said calmly, seeming to know that he had Reno agitated.

"You… shut the hell up, you don't know what you're talking about…" Reno's voice was suddenly becoming quieter. Almost a whisper.

"You didn't want to be alone, you wanted to keep him here, with you…" the voice seemed to taunt the redhead

"Shut up!" Reno barked at the man, "You don't know what you're fuckin' talkin' about!" Cloud could hear Reno stomping in his direction. He considered slipping into a supply closet, but didn't have much time to do so. Reno was around the corner, and in his face before he knew it. They stared at each other for a moment before silently agreeing to talk about it elsewhere.

Cloud followed Reno back to his apartment. Once the door was shut, Reno sighed and glanced over at Cloud, "So, you heard that, huh? Any chance I can get you to keep quiet about the whole thing… you can hit me, or whatever, if that will help you." When Cloud just continued to stare at him indifferently, he continued, "You've gotta be pissed off at me… I ruined Zack's chance to get a mentorship with Angeal…"

The blonde smiled slightly, "If you hadn't, then I wouldn't have gotten to be his mentor. Don't worry about it Reno, I won't say anything to Zack, or anyone else. Your secret is safe with me."

Reno's entire body was tense, but it seemed to melt away at the blonde's words. "You have no fuckin' clue how bad I felt about doing that to him…" the redhead said as he sagged down into his armchair, and buried his face in his hands. Cloud hummed in response, trying to be empathetic. The room was silent for a long moment before Reno looked up at the man and asked, "So, do we know each other well enough now?"