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Bella's POV

"Alice, please don't make me shop any more. We have been in every shop we can see." I begged Alice, as she dragged me around all the baby shops within a 10 mile radius.

"Oh Bella, don't ruin my fun. I'm never going to be able to shop like this again. Just let me buy a few things for the baby." She begged me.

"Alice, this isn't a few things. Last time I checked you brought a changing table, a cot and a new wardrobe which I know you have filled with clothes, that the baby is going to be wearing until it is 1." I told her, looking at all the bags that we were carrying.

"I want the baby to look cute." Alice said, as she walked away from the show that we had just come out of.

"All babies are cute Alice." I said as we began to walk away from the last shop we were in.

"Mrs Whitlock." Someone called from behind me. I turned around, and saw one of the shop assistance walking out of the shop.

"Mrs Whitlock, you left your card at the till. I thought I should catch you before you got to far." She said as she handed me my card back.

"Oh, thank you. I wouldn't have noticed until I got home. Thank you." I said as I took my card off her and put it back in my purse.

I was still getting use to my name changing. Jasper and I had been married for little over a month now.

Because of Alice's ability to see the future, the day after Jasper proposed Alice came over to my house in the morning with a wedding planner. Alice was actually a miracle worker, and she organised mine and Jaspers wedding in 2 weeks. Thankfully vampires didn't sleep. I think if Alice was a human, she would have died due to sleep deprivation. Everything that Alice organised was brilliant. It was a very small service with only the Cullen's and Peter and Charlotte which is all I wanted. If Alice had her way, all of the Cullen's friends would have been invited as well.

So, after a short honeymoon with my husband, we have come home to a baby mad Alice. Who insists on buying as many things for the baby as she possibly could.

"I think it is time we went home Alice. And I'm not going shopping again for a while." I told her, as I walked past.

"What about for you?" she asked as she caught up with me.

"What about me?" I asked.

"Well, you are going to need maternity clothes. It isn't too bad now, but you are going to get a lot bigger. And fast." She said.

I sighed as I thought of the fact of shopping again. Next time it would be worse because I had to buy stuff for me.

"Fine, but not until I feel like I have to go." I said, as I walked back to the car.

For out 'little' shopping trip today, Alice had to pester Emmett so that she could borrow his jeep, because neither of our little cars would have had enough room to hold all of the bags that we had.

Alice drove me back to my house before Jasper got back from his hunting trip with Peter and Charlotte. This might have been the hardest thing about this pregnancy. The fact that I can't go hunting like I use too because of the bump that kept getting bigger and bigger every time I seemed to look at it. But as Carlisle had promised, I had a supply of blood that kept my thirst at bay and would keep my baby happy and healthy.

I had to admit, it tasted a hell of a lot better than animal blood, but I know that I will have to stop drinking is as soon as the baby is born. Even if it does taste so much better.

When Alice dropped me off at the house, I picked up all my bags and headed inside, so that I could put everything away before Jasper come home. As soon as I walked in, bobby came up to me and wound herself around my leg looking for attention.

"Hello baby girl. Where have you been?" I asked her as I picked her up. She leaned her head into the crook of my neck and started purring. For some reason, since I had become pregnant, my cat has become very loving and attentive. This was very strange behaviour for my cat.

I walked around the house carrying the cat, before I decided to sit on the sofa for a few minutes to rest. A shopping trip with Alice was enough to ware any vampire out. As a vampire who currently has a baby growing inside of her, a shopping trip with Alice is enough to cause me to sleep for a good few hours.

I settled down on the sofa, with the cat curled up and purring next to my side. I stroked her soft black fur absentmindedly as I drifted off to sleep.

I don't know how long I slept for, but when I woke up Jasper was already home.

"Good evening my love. Did you have a nice sleep?" he asked me from the chair on the other side of the room.

I could feel a slight weight on my stomach, I looked down to see my cat stretched out fast asleep.

"Yes I did. When did you get back?" I asked his and a stroked Bobby behind her ear. She chirped a little before rolling over a little bit more so that I could tickle her stomach.

"About an hour ago. I would have woken you, but you looked so peaceful I just couldn't do it." He said as he came over and kissed me. Of course, my cat did not like this and jumped off my lap straight away and ran upstairs.

I think Jasper intended for the kiss to be quick and soft. However I had a different idea. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held him to me. He got the idea and softly ran his hands up and down my sides so that when he stopped them, they were resting on my waist. I wound my fingers through his hair, and tried to pull him down so that he would be on top of me. This is the point that he pulls away.

"Why did you stop?" I asked him, as I kissed my way around his jaw until I reached his ear lobe, and bit down on it slightly.

"You know why." He whispered before kissing me lightly on the lips and moving away.

"You know that's a lie." I said as I got up off the sofa.

"Bella, you know how I feel about this. Will you stop pushing it?" he asked, as he walked into the hallway, where all my shopping bags still were.

"Yes, I know how you feel about this and I respect it to a point. That point has been reached and passed. I am your wife, and you refuse to touch me." I told him, my emotions being clearly shown about the subject.

Since our honeymoon, Jasper hadn't touched me. Well at least, not in the way that I wanted him too. On our honeymoon we spent most of our time in bed, touching, kissing, making love, screwing, fucking, whatever label you wanted to put on it we were doing, but since we had been home Jasper has barely kissed me properly. This little incident on the sofa was as far as we had gotten in about a week. I couldn't even pin it on the fact that I was pregnant, because Jasper and I had had sex a number of times since he found out about the baby. The only reason I could think of that would stop him was that now my body was changing and you could physically see now that I was pregnant. Jasper says, its because he doesn't want to hurt me. He obviously doesn't realise how much he is hurting me when he wont touch me.

"It's not that I refuse to touch you Bella. I'm just so scared that I will hurt you or the baby. You have to be able to understand that." He told me.

"Jasper, you realise that the baby is safe from anything when it is in here. Did you not hear the reason why Carlisle cant see the baby. The skin around her is too thick. You will not hurt her." I said, regretting when I gave the baby a sex. I knew that Jasper found it hard to touch me, when the baby was just 'the baby'. When he had an idea of what it would be in his head, that would be it for a few day.

I moved around him and went to pick up the bags in the hallway and took them upstairs.

"Bella, please don't be upset." Jasper begged me.

I looked over my shoulder at my husband with tears in my eyes.

"How can I not feel upset Jasper. Do you have any idea how hard it is for any women to be pregnant. Now imagine what it is like for me. I am a pregnant vampire with a husband who wont touch me. You can feel my emotions, you know how upset I am about this and you know you are the reason for it!" I screamed at him. My emotions finally getting the better of me before I lashed out.

Instead of remaining angry, I ran upstairs with tears rolling down my face and I locked my self in my room and cried, for what felt like the thousandth this month. I knew what I had just said to Jasper was unfair, but it was the truth.

I lay on the bed on my own for a while, before I heard Jasper coming up the stairs. He opened the door and climbed into bed behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me so my back was to his chest.

He kissed my neck and my cheek lightly before talking to me.

"I know how you feel Bella, how can I not. I hate what I am doing to you, but you have to try and see it from my point of view. Its not that I don't want to touch you Bella, far from it. You have no idea how hard it is for me to keep my hands off you. But I am still scared about the baby. Now I can see the bump and feel its heart beating, it makes everything more real. Including the fact that even though it is a vampire baby, it is still a baby. They are fragile. Please, give me time with this. I will make love to you again before the baby is born, just give me time to get the idea through my mind." He said as he kissed my neck and rested his hand on my stomach.

I knew that he loved me. I never doubted that for a minute, but as a women who is doing the impossible and getting bigger and bigger each day I needed the physical side of our relationship as well. But I understood that he needed time.

I rolled over so that I was facing him. I ran my hands through his hair and pushed some of the hair from his face.

"I know it is hard for you to understand, but I promise you the baby is fine. But I also understand that you need time to understand it yourself, just please can you touch me more than you do now. Anything to show me that you still love me the was I am." I said as I held his hand to my stomach.

Jasper leaned down over and kissed me on the lips lightly.

"You know I love you Bella, never doubt that. And I will try and put my issues aside involving the baby ok?" he asked me.

I nodded against his chest and held myself to him. I still felt upset about the whole thing but I knew now that Jasper was going to try a bit more. if he couldn't do it after he tried then I would let it go and wait until the baby was born.

I didn't want to think about that now. All I wanted to do was lay in bed with my husband and think about our baby.

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