I'd thought it for a while now. Suspected it ever since we'd got back from the TARDIS. I'd felt weird, really weird, and I didn't like it. After travelling in the TARDIS for so long, feeling weird isn't usually a good sign. At first I just thought it was because I missed him. Missed travelling around the universe with my Raggedy Doctor. And I have to say, Rory just seemed to keep getting on my nerves at first. I mean, there's only so many time's a day you can hear "It really is bigger on the inside!" before wanting to thump someone. But when you lose someone... and not just once but TWICE... and when that person waits 2000 years for you to get out of a big metal box, well - you start to appreciate them a bit more! I love Rory, I do,
but I can't tell him. I don't know why. I even want to, but every time I try I just... CAN'T. And now I'm more certain than ever. I don't know, there's no real proof, and yet somehow, I KNOW. I am Amy Pond. And I am pregnant.