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The fountain in the pond looks cool and inviting on the hot day, and even the murky water it spouts into is tempting.

Benches are scattered around the ponds edges and trees and flowers border the park it resides in.

The faint smell of cakes comes from a bakery across the road, and the cafe and shops next to that are busier than usual, but not unpleasantly so.

Cars hum past every now and again, passing the pond and the shops and a small cottage on their way into the main town.

On a bench directly facing the fountain sit the Doctor and Amy.

They have spent days fighting aliens, monsters, and humans alike.

In fact, not so long ago, they had almost been killed by a race of aliens called the Daleks, and they ran straight from this peril into another one; Amy's human body hadn't been strong enough to continue carrying the part Time Lord baby she was pregnant with, and had almost lost it and herself due to this.

Yes, they had spent days in mortal peril on alien worlds.

But today wasn't one of those days.

Today was an Earth day.

Amy had to admit, when the Doctor had suggested a 'day off', she had been both relieved and worried.

Her relief was due to how she had been struggling to keep up with all the fighting recently and become incredibly anxious about it's impact on the baby inside of her, and how a day off from this would be wonderful - her fear was that the Doctor's idea of a day off would be far too hectic for her liking.

However, judging by the peaceful setting and the up-to-this-point lack of seeing anything more suspicious than an eel in the duck pond, she thought he had done a pretty decent job.

Amy smiled at the ducks dipping into the water, their ducklings trying to copy, and subconsciously placed a hand on her small, but defined, bump.

Upon seeing this, the Doctor smiled too, and spread his arms as if to embrace the scene.

"Gorgeous, isn't it?" he breathed in contentedly and sighed. "You know, sometimes, running around, looking for the very best of the universe, you forget that what you've got back home... isn't so bad."

"Yep. Space is nice and all but... I've definitely missed Earth." she replied.

"Do you ever find it weird that we could... have all this?" the Doctor asked.

"All what?"

"Y'know... nice cottage in a little town where we could take baby to feed the ducks and then they'd go to the village school when they were older? You could get a job in the bakery, I could get a job in the... book shop? It could work out so well, couldn't it?"

"Yeah... that's nice, but..." she turned it over in her mind. "Well, what would the universe do? We run around saving it, we can't just... stop."

He smiled ruefully. "Yeah. Course. It's just... nice to have a second option I suppose."

She nodded in agreement, as her stomach rumbled.

"Seems like baby thinks so too!" the Doctor laughed. "Or maybe he's just hungry?"

The Doctor dug in his pocket, and after a little fumbling, withdrew a Kit Kat.

"Here. This should keep us going until we can reach the cafe." he chuckled, snapping it in half and handing half to Amy.

She munched contentedly on the chocolate, then remarked jokily "Y'know, where I come from, this means we're married."

The Doctor laughed, then helped her up as they walked towards the park's exit to go across the street to the cafe on the other side.

"Ooooh look, a chocolate shop! Oh we have to go in, I've been really craving chocolate lately and I want to keep stocked up!" she said as she dragged the Doctor into the little shop, whose walls had shelves from top to bottom, all heaped with different sorts of chocolate.

Ten minutes later, a very happy Amy exited the shop with the Doctor in tow, lugging a large carrier bag stuffed with chocolate fudges, chocolate brownies, chocolate peanut butter bites and chocolate pretzels.

They walked straight past the bakery next door to the cafe, where they sat down and looked through the menu.

The Doctor got very excited at the thought of a cream tea, so soon enough they had placed in front of them a stand filled with salmon sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, huge cream cakes including eclairs and beestings, and a large pot of tea.

As the Doctor bit into yet another cucumber sandwich, he pointed towards a cottage almost hidden by its garden, situated at the end of the small row of shops.

"Nice little place. Fern Cottage. Looks quite big for a cottage, doesnt it? And a great garden." he remarked.

"Oh yeah." she grinned at him. "Quick Doctor, if you're going to try and convince me to settle down, better do it now whilst that house is still on the market!"

"Well, lets make a deal." the Doctor said thoughtfully, taking her joke seriously. "How about, if we ever do decide to settle down, we do it here? It's a nice enough place, and, if the reason we have to settle down is to go into hiding, then it's small enough to keep us hidden."

Amy considered for a moment, then said "Deal!" before biting into a cream cake. "But why would we have to go into hiding?"

"Amy, our baby is more likely than not going to end up as the last Time Lord left one day, and even before that, they'll be my child. That's enough to put anyone in danger, being linked to me." he explained as he poured himself more tea.

"I hate to think of that." Amy said worriedly. "Our baby could have a ransom on their head even before they're born!"

"That's why I'm going to try and keep it quiet as long as possible. I mean, the Daleks know, which is admittedly not a good start to the whole keeping quiet thing, but they do prefer to work alone, so they'll probably only attack in their small number..." he trailed off, sipping his tea.

"Doctor." Amy said in a strange tone of voice. "They're moving."

"Yes, you're quite right, I don't doubt they will be on the move, making plans, gathering other Daleks if they can-" he began saying, but Amy interrupted.

"No, not the Daleks, the baby! I can feel it!"

It took a second to sink in, but when it did, the Doctor leapt forward, somehow managing to knock scalding hot tea over his torso and then remove his jacket quickly enough for it to not do much harm, reach across the table and place his hand on Amy's stomach in time to feel a ripple, a shift beneath the skin that indicated their baby had turned a little in sleep.

His eyes were as wide as saucers, making Amy giggle as tears dribbled down her face; she could already tell her hormones were going to be all over the place during this pregnancy.

"Oh my... that's amazing." he said in wonder, then, seeing her crying in joy and shock, he quickly rounded the table and enveloped her in a hug.

She wrapped her arms round him, laughing and crying and becoming a little soggy from the tea seeping through from his shirt.

The waiter took this opportunity to make an appearance, looking astonished at the scene, and frankly a little helpless.

The Doctor did little to rectify the situation, simply saying "You're going to need a new teapot I think." whilst eyeing the smashed one on the table, then slapped some money into the helpless waiter's hand and left with his arm stilll around Amy.

It was late afternoon now, and after looking around the town, pleasantly surprised by its pretty shops and businesses, they had made their way down to the promenade and began to walk along it.

It was a lovely place, which seemed to have facilities for everything; they passed the train station and stopped at an antique book shop next to it, where Amy purchased a copy of one of her favourite books 'I Capture the Castle' which had a gorgeous old cover.

They passed a little cafe, a child's paddling area and an old outdoor swimming pool which was being fixed and re-opened after many years of standing unused.

A crazy golf and mini golf stood side by side, with a father helping his daughter hit the ball into the windmill and failing miserably.

Halfway along was a play park, which still had a few children running around on it, savouring their last minutes of play time before their mothers called them over to go home.

The tennis courts were abandoned at this time in the evening, but a large group of relatives were playing lightheartedly in the basket ball court, lifting up the littler children to help them score and laughing.

There were several paths off the promenade leading into the town and some others leading on little walks through its woodlands, but Amy and the Doctor stuck to their course.

At the end of the Promenade stood skate ramps, two ping pong tables and a huge machine labelled 'i-Play', which the Doctor immediately ran off to investigate.

Amy gazed back down the way they had come, taking in the beautiful grass stretched to her right and the amazing courts and walkways and the park to her left.

This place was wonderful, and it gave her a strange feeling to think she might one day live here.

She bent to examine a poster taped to the metal posts that stopped people falling over the edge of the prom; it was for an Amateur Arts Fair held on this promenade every Sunday of summer.

Amy pondered this.

She knew she'd never been at a professional standard in Art, but she'd done well enough to just scrape an A in her Art GCSE, the only grade her Aunt had been proud of when she brought her results home.

Perhaps, if/when this place became her home, she could partake in the fair?

Even if she didn't make any money out of her paintings, it would be fun take part and do art again.

There was plenty of beautiful things here she could draw, and plenty of amazing sights she'd seen on her adventures with the Doctor she was sure she could recreate in a picture.

Just then the Doctor came speeding over to her, excitement on his face and his eyes bright.

"Amy look! I've worked it out! It's a giant Bop-It!" he yelled, then ran back to the macine and hit one of its buttons excitedly.

"Spin It!" came from the speakers of the machine, and she laughed as she watched the Doctor dash to one of the machines post and spin a wheel.

"Pull It!" the machine commanded, and the Doctor continued to run from post to post, pulling, pushing and kicking.

Yes, Amy thought, I think there's something for all of us here.

After a meal of fish and chips on the promenade watching the tide come in, they headed back to the TARDIS, worn out and content.

"Right, well I'm exhausted, so it's bed for me. Night Doctor!" she cast over her shoulder as she began to walk away, but he grabbed her shoulder and spun her around.

"And where do you think you're going?" he asked in disbelief.

"Er... my room?" she said, confused.

"No way!" the Doctor shook his head stubbornly. "There's no way you're sleeping in that room on your own after all that's happened to you and the baby recently. Med Bay, come on!" he tried to tug her towards the Med Bay, but she resisted.

"Don't be stupid!" she said, but she said it softly, warmed by the fact he cared so much. "I get we've been through a lot, but we're fine now! I've been fine with sleeping there when we've just been in danger, after the Flesh accident and the Daleks, but seriously, I'm not going there now!"

"Amy, the thing with the Daleks was only two days ago! You're not ready to be on your own yet!" he looked at his feet, uncomfortable. "I'm not ready for you to be on your own yet."

She turned this over in her mind, then came to a decision.

"Fine. How about we both sleep in my room so you don't have to worry about me being alone?" she compromised, and after a moment of hesitation, the Doctor nodded.

She smiled happily and led the way.

Amy went into her ensuite to change into her pyjamas while the Doctor changed into his in her room.

When she emerged, she was surprised to find he wore perfectly ordinary nightwear, just a black short sleeved top and baggy black bottoms.

She had been expecting a pyjama version of his bow tie and tweed outfit.

He was settling himself on a chair opposite her bed, and it was only when she saw the blankets in his hands that she realised what he was going to do.

"You prat, you're not sleeping there!" she laughed. "That'll kill your back, there's no way you'll sleep properly! Come on, get in here."

She hopped into bed and patted the space beside her.

Hesitantly, the Doctor stood and made his way over to the bed.

"Are you sure, because really I could-" he began.

"I'm positive." Amy smiled, and the Doctor climbed in beside her.

He lay quite rigidly at first, but relaxed when Amy curled up beside him.

He began to play with her hair a little, twirling it between his fingers, and before she knew it, she was asleep.