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Hi everyone, I haven't written fan fiction in about two years, so go light on me. I read a few stories where Blaine was mute and it intrigued me enough to write my own story like that, so props to all those great tales!

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Breaking the Silence

PART 1: Silence and Prep School Boys

Kurt stood in the grandiose, opulent hallways of Dalton Academy, looking around curiously at the marble floors, the spiral staircase, the portraits of headmasters that adorned the walls, and of course hundreds of prep school boys in dark blue blazers with red trimming, blue and red striped ties, grey slacks, and black dress shoes. Kurt figured that the Warblers, opponents of New Directions, were going to meet today after school, but he dropped that thought as boys kept passing him by, one right after another, getting distracted by the large number of matching, seemingly identical boys. He quickly walked with the group, trying to blend in the best he could, even though he was wearing a dark blue trench coat and a blue and red bow tie that only mildly matched their distinctive uniforms.

The boys all were running in one direction, screaming in joy, and pushing their way through two mahogany double doors. They were going so fast, they looked like a blurry photograph, where blue and red mixed in with skin tones, black shoes and the white and woody background of the school decor. Kurt barely could keep up. He sighed, reaching out to one of the fast moving guys, but he couldn't garner his attention or any of the other young men, until he saw a boy with gelled down dark brown hair, sitting down at a table, staring at the gleeful boys with a sad look in his eyes that screamed he was once one of them.

Kurt walked to him quickly, knowing he was the only one he could get any answers from.

"Hey, what's going on here?" Kurt looked down at him, waiting, but nothing came out of the boy's mouth. Kurt narrowed his eyes at him, trying to understand why he didn't response. He expected him to say something. Kurt huffed a little and sat down across from him, watching through the open doors as the warblers performed with an Asian boy leading the pack with Katy Perry's Teenage Dream. They danced, shuffling back and forth as the boy sang with all his might and the rest of the crew backed him up with hums. As the song finished up and the group of boys cheered, Kurt couldn't help but be astonished, and talked to this boy, despite his silence.

"I woulda been slushied if I sung that song at McKinley" he crossed his legs as he laughed, not realizing the boy wouldn't necessarily understand. Kurt then turned to the dark haired boy.

"I'm Kurt, by the way… even though I'm doing all the talking, and you can't get a word in" Kurt said, not sure if this boy's muteness was on purpose, because of him or because he was rude or disturbed. He couldn't decide at the moment, and he wasn't sure he cared.

The dark haired boy shook his head and scrambled for a notebook in his bag and wrote Blaine on the lined paper.

"Oh, okay, hello Blaine… I actually don't go here," I said the last part in a hushed whisper and a small laugh. Though I wasn't sure what his deal was, still. If he couldn't hear or if he just didn't talk.

Blaine looked at him and just nodded, looking over the beautiful porcelain skinned boy, who tried a little too hard to fit in with a blue jacket without the trimming. Blaine wasn't sure how to get rid of him, or even sure if he wanted to. He was so used to no one even wanting to talk to him because he was so different from everyone else. He didn't blend in even with the same uniform on. Guess they were one and the same; both didn't fit in, just for different reasons.

"Yeah, um…" Kurt said uncomfortably, "Maybe I should just go…you clearly don't approve of me spying on the Warblers."

Kurt stood up and looked around for a way out when suddenly he felt a hand firmly grip his wrist. He glanced back at Blaine, kind of shocked as Blaine gently tugged at his arm and motioned for him to sit down, pointing at the seat.

Blaine scribbled something on his paper before pushing it to Kurt.

Stay. I don't care if you spy or not. I like your company.

Kurt nodded and smiled and finally sits down again across from Blaine. "You must be lonely, since you don't talk much?" He asked, feeling almost bad for the boy. He could tell Blaine didn't fit in at Dalton.

Blaine shrugged and then nodded, looking down at his hands and then back up at Kurt with a half smile, an uneasy smile.

"Well I'm lonely sometimes too, being the only out gay kid at my school—The bullying is increasingly bad," He sighed softly as tears caught his throat. He shook off his emotions and continued speaking, "But uh, we could be friends, if you want. You don't have to talk, no pressure…I just thought we could both use a companion."

Blaine nodded he wrote something else and pushed the notebook to him and wrote out courage. Blaine shrugged a little and Kurt wondered if Blaine followed his own advice.

Kurt just nodded as Blaine wrote more in his notebook and then ripped it out.

Blaine Anderson 555-239-8727

Kurt smiled, "I bet you're a good texter," he joked lightly and heard Blaine laugh. Kurt smiled even wider, listening to a sound come out of his mouth.

Kurt pulled out his phone and put Blaine's number in his phone and quickly texted him.

Hey Blaine. It's Kurt.

Kurt smiled as Blaine reached in his pocket for his Blackberry and opened the message and viewed it.

Kurt looked at his iPhone, waiting for Blaine's reply when he saw what time it was. He stayed unexpectedly long. The halls were clear now, except for a few stray boys passing by. "Shit, I'm late, I kind of have to go, text me back. Dinner with the family," Kurt got up quickly, shooting an apologetic look at Blaine as their eyes met. Blaine just waved and smiled, motioning to his phone. Kurt waved before turning and walking away, feeling eyes on him the whole time.

Kurt sat across from his stepbrother, Finn, and his father, Burt. Carole, his step mom, was next to him in the booth at Breadstix. Kurt had a blank look in his eyes, listening to Finn and Burt talk about football, their favorite teams, and other things Kurt had no interest in.

"So, Dad, I heard the new Marc Jacobs collection is coming out. I want to go to the fashion show, it's in New York," he said perking up, thinking about seeing the beautiful models wearing stunning clothes, and listening to all the music that they'd walk down the runway to.

"Yeah, sure, Kurt, Marc Jacob sounds like a cool dude. Him and Armonti. If you want to go, we'll try to make that happen. Me and Finn are going to see the Buckeyes play next week. But I'm sure I can give you some money for that, if you wanna go."

"Okay," Kurt just said looking dejected as he turned his gaze to the blank wall when his ringtone went of, Lady Gaga's "Born This Way". He reached for his phone and saw he received a text from Blaine.

Hey Kurt, what are you doing? It's Blaine.

Dinner, too much boy talk. What about you?

Kurt could barely contain his smile that Blaine actually texted him back from earlier. He didn't know if this kid was gay or what his deal was, but he knew that he was cute, relatively nice, and that maybe he could help this quiet/mute boy, when his life at McKinley seems kind of helpless. He only knew that Blaine knew Kurt was gay and didn't seem to have a problem with it.

Home, in my room, alone.

Kurt's heart tugged. This guy probably had no friends. Kurt had a best friend, Mercedes, a step-brother, albeit a goofy kind of dumb one, and all of New Directions to protect him if he needed, even though all his friends could be cut throat at one time or another, whether it is for a solo or for a love interest.

Oh, well, you're talking to me, you're not alone.


Honestly, I'm having dinner with my family and it's not much better than being alone; they keep talking about football. I'm waiting for them to start talking about beef, lol. :P At least you have solidarity.

I guess. What would you like to talk about?

Anything but sports.

The new Vogue? Hehe

Kurt took a deep breath in, how'd he know that was what he would rather talk about. He didn't know if the boy was really smiling at that or if the "hehe" was just a figure of speech or a way to poke fun.

Actually, yes.

Later that night, they continued their chatting and Kurt even convinced Blaine to get on his lap top so they could Skype.

I won't talk. Blaine texted.

I won't force you. I just want to see you, it'll still be fun. After texting all day, I'd like to see my new friend.


Kurt sat back in his bed, so glad he no longer shared a room with Finn. He'd get to have a private, although one sided conversation with Blaine, who he had so much fun talking to. Blaine still never confided in him, not that Kurt expected him to within the first day of meeting, but he knew that he had a reason to not talk, and that he could actually talk, he wasn't deaf or stupid, just broken, sad, and lonely. He also knew that they connected even if right now it was on a small, superficial level of texting and now video "chatting."

Kurt glanced at himself in his mirror across the way. He fluffed his hair gently, satisfied with how he looked before connecting on Skype with Blaine.

Blaine smiled at him. He had a 5 o'clock shadow and his hair was curly and all over the place. There was no gel to hold it down. Blaine was wearing a plain black t-shirt, probably ready for bed, since it was getting late. Kurt gasped at how different yet gorgeous he looked.

"Hey," Kurt said, gently pushing his hair to the side as he looked at Blaine.

Blaine waved and smiled at him and then shrugged a little at the silence.

"You look good," Kurt blurted out and then blushed pink, "I mean you look different, with the scruff and the curly hair, it's really nice, I mean, you shouldn't gel it," Kurt scrambled for words to make his compliment less personal, not wanting to seem like he had a huge crush on the boy he just met, though he wasn't so sure if he did or not.

Blaine just laughed, his smile wide. He opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but stopped himself. He put a finger up and grabbed paper and writes quickly with a black marker.

Thanks, you make me laugh. I haven't…in a while. 3

He held the sign up and pouted a little and then smiled as he reached his hand out to the web camera.

"Aww," Kurt said, putting his hand to touch his, "I'm glad." When Kurt pulled away he touched his heart and look at Blaine with an endearing loving look of a friend.