Kurt Hummel woke up on the first day of summer, feeling content, but far too warm. He stretched his arm out, looking for Blaine...and his heart sank when he realized that Blaine wasn't there.

Blaine Anderson was Kurt's boyfriend, and they were in love, thank you very much. Kurt allowed himself a moment to revel in this thought, thinking over the events of the past year. A lot had happened. A lot had changed. But all for the better, Kurt thought.

Blaine had gotten sick, real sick. He'd had liver cancer, but his mom-the same woman who stood by and allowed her son to be thrown out by his homophobic father-had stepped in at literally the last moment and saved the day. While Blaine was sick, and essentially homeless, he'd lived with Kurt and his family for a few months, and together they'd been through a lot. Hate and pain and trouble, of course, but also love and affection...and cuddling. Lots of cuddling.

But not anymore, because now Blaine was living with his mom in a new apartment. It wasn't that far away, but still too far for Kurt's liking. Especially when it was the first morning of their first summer together and he was suddenly without a breakfast partner.

He rolled over and hugged his pillow tightly, eyes closed as he tried to create the illusion.

Yup. Not even close.

He rolled back over and checked the red numbers on his digital alarm clock. 10:19. Was it too early? Blaine liked to sleep in, and Kurt didn't want to be the pathetic clingy boyfriend...but before he could make a decision, his phone dinged.

"Hello?" he said, trying not to sound like he'd been waiting for this call all morning.

"Hey Kurt," Blaine said on the other end of the line, and Kurt was pretty sure he was smiling, which made him smile. "What's up?"

"Nothing really," Kurt said, mentally kicking himself for not being more eloquent. "I just woke up."

"Me too," Blaine laughed. "And my mom went out somewhere, so..."


"So do you wanna do something?"

"Sure!" Kurt said, sitting up immediately. "Want to come over? We can have brunch. It's just me here right now."

Blaine laughed again. "You and your brunch."

"Fine then, I'll have brunch and you can sit and watch."

"Did I mention that I love brunch? And you?"

Kurt smiled. "I love you too."

"Change of plans," Kurt said, opening the front door for Blaine a half hour later.

"Well hello to you too," Blaine said, putting a hand on Kurt's waist and giving him a swift kiss on the lips that made Kurt's stomach flutter, as per usual. "So now what are we doing?"

"I was going to start cooking to have it ready when you got here," Kurt explained, leading him into the kitchen where Blaine promptly seated himself on the counter, kicking off his shoes and swinging his legs. Kurt rolled his eyes and continued. "And I went to get the flour for pancakes when I realized we're out. We're out of a lot of stuff actually, so...we're going grocery shopping!" He spread his arms wide, ta-da style.

Blaine raised an eyebrow. "Grocery shopping?"

"It'll be fun!" Kurt said. "Please go with me?"

Blaine pretended to mull it over. "Hm...fine. But only if I get to ride in the cart!"

"Fat chance," Kurt laughed.

"Well then no deal!"

"How about a kiss instead?" Kurt said, moving closer to him and cupping his face. He locked their eyes for a moment before pressing his lips to Blaine's.

"You play dirty," Blaine said breathlessly a minute later, when Kurt pulled away, and Kurt laughed again.

"Whatever gets the job done," he said with a wink, and Blaine hopped off the counter, stepping back into his shoes.

"Wait," Kurt said, still standing by the pantry. "Where are you going?"

"Uh...grocery shopping?" Blaine answered uncertainly, and Kurt walked over to him, shaking his head.

"No no no, silly boy!" he said, leading Blaine back to the kitchen table. "We have to make a list first!"

"Why?" Blaine groaned, slouching on the table and putting his chin in his palm.

"Because how else will I be sure to get everything I need?" Kurt said, glancing over his shoulder as he surveyed the pantry, tapping his chin with a pen.

"You make a fair point," Blaine said, and his stomach rumbled audibly. "But, um, can we hurry up? I'm starved."

Twenty minutes and one coffee run later, Kurt and Blaine were strolling through the automatic doors of the air-conditioned supermarket. Blaine skipped forward, tugging Kurt's hand as he grabbed a cart. He pushed with one hand and so did Kurt; keeping their hands twined between them.

"So what's first on the list?" Blaine said, swinging their hands a little.

"Let me check," Kurt said, letting go of the cart to fish the paper out of his pocket. The cart veered to Blaine's side, almost knocking over a cereal display. "Easy there, cowboy!" Kurt said, letting go of Blaine to grab the cart with both hands.

"I like it when you call me cowboy," Blaine winked, stepping forward and jumping into the basket. Kurt immediately jerked the cart to a stop.

"Get out," he said, narrowing his eyes at his boyfriend.

"Nnnnnno!" Blaine said, stretching out the word and laughing.

"Get out!" Kurt commanded again, shaking the cart. "Get oooouttttt!"

"Whoa, earthquake!" Blaine said, gripping the sides of the cart. "Save yourself, Kurt!"

"Blaine, sh!" Kurt said, his cheeks growing pink. "People are starting to stare!"

"It's because you're so handsome," Blaine said, suddenly mere centimeters away from Kurt's face.

"Oh p-please," Kurt stammered, trying to keep his focus. But it was hard, especially with the way Blaine's warm breath washed over his face like it was. Blaine fluttered his lashes and grinned, sitting back down. "Onward!" he cried, raising his fist into the air. "For Narnia!"

All Kurt could do was roll his eyes and try to not to burst with affection.

"I think at this. point it's pretty much pointless to think about brunch for today," Kurt said, pushing the cart down the first aisle. "So maybe we could get some stuff for a picnic, plus what's on the list."

"Brownies!" Blaine said, reaching his arm out of the cart as they passed the Little Debbie section, but Kurt steered the cart so he could no longer reach them.

"Behave yourself and we'll see," Kurt said, his eyes scanning down the paper in his hand.

"What's on that mysterious list of yours, o' Wise Kurt?" Blaine said, leaning forward to snatch it from him.

"Ow!" Kurt cried. "You gave me a paper cut!"

"Oh no!" Blaine said, the corners of his mouth falling in genuine concern. "I'm sorry! Let me see!" he said, reaching for Kurt's hand. He held Kurt's finger under his eyes for a moment, then pressed his lips to the small cut. "Better?"

"Yes," Kurt said, pushing the cart again. "But it still hurt."

"I love you!" Blaine reminded him.

"And I love you," Kurt said, dropping a package of Cosmic Brownies into the cart.

"Picnic, picnic, yay yay yay!" Blaine cried, throwing the door of the car open as soon as Kurt put the car in park. "Remember when I used to have to beg you to go on picnics?"

"That was one time!" Kurt protested, pulling the basket out of the backseat. "And it was freezing."

"It isn't anymore, though," Blaine pointed out, seizing Kurt's free hand.

"I know," Kurt replied, leading the way up the hill to their favorite tree. "And that's why I suggested it."

"Tis a grand idea!" Blaine said theatrically, pulling his hand away from Kurt's so he could spread their blanket and holding out his hand to help Kurt sit down.

"I agree," Kurt said, handing Blaine a Cosmic Brownie, which he eagerly tore open.

"Remind me again how I convinced you to buy these?" Blaine said, picking one of the candies off and dropping it in his mouth.

"To be honest, I'm not sure," Kurt said, reading the back of the box with a bemused expression. "These things are terrible for you."

"That's because they're one of those simple pleasures you enjoy without trying to see what's inside," Blaine, said, taking the box from Kurt and setting it on the ground as he crawled over to kiss Kurt. "Like a kiss," he breathed, putting a hand on his boyfriend's cheek.

"You taste like Cosmic Brownies," Kurt said, breaking the kiss to giggle.

"And you taste like perfection."

I love summer, Kurt thought.