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Pairing: Edward/Harry/Kagome

Rated: T

London, England had done wonders for her depressed health.

'It's a shame that the air is so polluted,' Kagome thought, taking in a deep breath and wishing it was clear and clean like the... 'No! I can't think that way anymore! I have to stop living in the past.'

While the sights were certainly something to see, as she loved history no matter what part of the world, it was not the main reason Kagome had come to the United Kingdom.

It was the rumours of a hidden and secretive magical world that attracted her.

'The Europeans seem especially keen to hide it,' She sighed, remembering how easy it was for her to find the magical sector in Japan, 'I guess it does have to do with their past.'

The miko unfolded her map, observing it with intent eyes as she kept on walking, mindful of where she was going, 'England is so hard to navigate!' She sulked, just passing a red old-fashioned phone booth that she paid no mind.

However, a flare of something out of the ordinary had her swinging around so abruptly that she accidentally smashed into the much taller male who had just stepped out of that red phone booth.

Kagome saw emerald-green eyes and a lightning bolt-shaped scar before both collided with the ground.

But she was sure of one thing – he was magical...

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