Percy watched as Annabeth flew around the store, picking things here and there for home. Sally Blofis asked Percy and her to buy some body wash, deodorant, and a few other things. Percy, however, sucked at buying things because he could only watch Annabeth run around the store, her hair flying.

She finally caught up to him and he took a hand out of his pocket, twirling a strand of her hair on his finger. "You look beautiful."

Annabeth rose an eyebrow at him. "You know I asked you a question, right?"

Percy's eyebrows furrowed. "Sorry."

She snorted. "Yep, you're still same old Seaweed Brain." She shook her head and kissed him tenderly on the nose and he smiled softly.

"And you're the same know-it-all. Are we done, here?"

"Are you rushing to get back home, Mister?"

Percy felt a small rush flow through him and he watched Annabeth's eyes darken. "It's happening again."

For the past few months, Percy had gotten this uncontrollable urge to just touch Annabeth and be extremely close to her. At first, she obliged, but lately she's been thinking a bit of other things, only making Percy want her more. It wasn't like he wanted to go all the way, he just wanted to touch her and have her touch him back.

Her eyes glistened then and she snatched his wrist, dragging him to the back of the store and she kissed him. However, before he could grab her around the waist, she pulled away.

"Annabeth… " he whispered.

"Good things come to those who wait," she advised him quietly.

He growled a bit and wrapped his hand around her waist regardless. "I have ADHD. I do not like waiting, thank you."

She laughed and pressed her nose to his, her eyelids drooping a bit. "I was sort of hoping you'd say that…"

He breathed out slowly before pressing his lips to hers again. He slowly pulled away and dove right back in, Annabeth perfectly ready. He kissed her slowly and carefully, wanting to make this moment last, but a soft cough made them push each other away.

It was a mother, carrying a small child, probably around six-years old and he looked up at them, his young eyes wide. "Mommy, they were kissing."

"Yes, dear." She eyed them suspiciously, frowning with disapproval.

"Mommy, I want to do that with Gertrude. She's really pretty, Mommy!" the boy said.

"No, Gertrude is much older than you and your cousin. You can't do that, Timothy." She quickly dragged her son to the bathrooms, which were right behind Percy and Annabeth. Her voice got quieter as she got farther away.

Once they were out of earshot, Annabeth giggled. "I've seen lots of kids do that, go after their cousins."

Percy chuckled a bit and put his hands in his pockets, walking to the counter with Annabeth. They rang their stuff, but Percy didn't pay attention much. He looked away from Annabeth so he wouldn't stare at her longingly. Then they walked to the car, which she drove (which is for the best, he assumed).

She turned on the car, but took her hands off the steering wheel. "Gods, how dim-witted are you?" she muttered, looking out of the car.

Percy looked at her, shocked. "What?"

"Look in the bag."

He blinked and paused for a second, puzzled before he dove under his seat and grabbed the bag. He opened it to see body wash, deodorant, shampoo, and… a box of condoms. He froze before looking up at her, in even further shock.

"You don't think I didn't notice it was happening again? I mean, the fact that you just stood there and watched me was a complete give-away."

"Annabeth, I don't want to do this. Not yet."

She watched him put the bag down and she fixed him with stern eyes. "Don't tell me you haven't been thinking about it."

"Annabeth…" His voice was full of longing and he watched as her eyes darkened a bit, as they always did whenever he said her name like so.

She laid a hand on his cheek gently and leaned in, pressing her lips to his not so softly this time. "I want it… I want you, Percy."

He felt as if his body were going to explode. It suddenly got hot in the car and he fumbled with the AC vents, trying to get direct their flow onto him, but they weren't on and Annabeth smiled. "Someone's feeling the heat?"

Percy swallowed and kissed her, licking her bottom lip very slowly. "You're torturing me, you know." His voice was hoarse and she licked his bottom lip back before sitting back in her seat and looking out of the windshield again.

"It's like playing with fire," she said, "torturing you. I don't know what you're going to do next."

"I think you and the Gods know what I'm going to do next," he murmured.

She giggled and put the car into reverse, pulling out of the store's parking lot. "Yes, I certainly do."

Sorry, I got uber bored and decided to put up this. I've just been getting a bit ticked over how there's these stupid fanfics out there and they suck potatoes. Not meaning to be brash, but it just makes things feel awkward. I'm not one of those people who like reading how two people fuck each other into oblivion. I'm up with some sex, but I like it to be romantic, you know? Anyway, I hope this was romantic. :P And a bit funny, too.