When Rayan first brought up the idea of summoning Death without any of the adults in the Winchester household finding out, Andy just thought she was crazy.

But now, a month after the fateful afternoon in Rayan's bedroom, he's pretty sure that his best friend has gone beyond crazy and into the realm of delusional. Mainly because Andy is the one stuck sneaking around Bobby Singer's library in the middle of the afternoon, constantly looking over his should and waiting for someone to bust him for aiding and abetting.

This was the first time that the library had been left empty for any length of time, considering everyone was spending his or her time trying to figure out what Death wanted with Rayan. And constant hours of researching meant constant hours in the library. And Andy obviously couldn't start poking around the dusty volumes looking for a ritual to summon Death with the oldest Winchester hovering over his shoulder.

But when Dean had announced that there was nothing else in the library to look at, and everyone would just have to start looking at other sources, Rayan and Alabama finally decided that Andy now had the perfect opportunity to snoop without fear of being caught.

Like Andy would ever trust Rayan and Alabama to be right about not getting in trouble.

Not that Andy's opinion mattered, because what the two teenage girls living in the old house wanted, they got. So Andy found himself humming the Mission: Impossible theme song under his breath as he tiptoes down the hallway and through the doorway leading into the library, silently praying to whatever being was listening (other than Castiel) that he wouldn't get caught.

He breathes a sigh of relief when he peers into the dusty room and finds it empty except for the empty bottle of hunter's helper that Bobby left last night on the small desk in the corner of the room. The library being empty allows Andy to loosen one of the many tension knots in the back of his neck, and he can feel a tiny amount of nervousness slide away from his skin.

Maybe this won't be as difficult as he was expecting.

The teen quickly makes his way over to the large bookcase containing all of the texts involving Death, reapers, and everything in between, scanning over the old volumes lovingly. Andy hasn't had the chance to read this particular collection yet, apart from his lazy perusing earlier in the year, and he can practically taste the knowledge that each book contains.

"Focus, Andy," the teen scolds himself and he shakes his head and reaches up for the first book on the highest shelf. Before flipping open the cover, he sends out a little wish that the ritual will be in the book. The sooner her gets out of this library with the information he needs, the better.

But naturally, the ritual isn't in the first book. Or the second. Or even the third.

Andy is still in the library forty-five minutes later, actively searching through his thirteenth book about bringing animals back to life when he hears the squeak of tiny sneakers against the hardwood floor in the hallway. He's acutely aware that the footsteps must belong to Carson, because no other Winchester wears anything but heavy boots on their feet, but that doesn't stop Andy from panicking and quickly throwing himself in a chair sitting in the corner of the room. Because where there is Carson, Sam isn't far behind.

Sure enough, thirty seconds later the small, floppy-haired head of Carson Winchester pokes around the corner of the doorway and a beaming smile breaks out across the small boys face.

"Dude!" Andy greets, doing his best to replicate the smile on the young boy's face, despite the nerves crawling up and down his spine. "What are you doing here?"

"Daddy dropped me off with Grandpa because he had to go to a meeting," Carson states as if it's the most obvious thing in the word, and Andy mentally relaxes at the information that Sam won't be poking his head in anytime soon. "What are you doing in here, Andy?"

"Just a little bit of reading, buddy," the teen replies as he gestures to the book. "No big deal."

Carson gives Andy a skeptical look, narrowing his hazel eyes slightly. "Grandpa said no one's allowed in her unless he says so."

Normally, Andy would argue with the small boy and explain that he had full rights to the library, but the teen was too pressed for time. Instead he decides to use the age-old method of diverting the prying eyes of five-year-olds everywhere.


"I'll tell you what, Carson," Andy begins as he leans forward with a serious look on his face. "If you walk out of this room right now, and don't tell anyone that you saw me in here, I'll buy you three Hot Wheels."

Carson considers the offer for a moment, studying Andy with an equally serious face. But after a moment, the child shakes his head back and forth. "Nope. I want something now, or I'll tell Grandpa and Uncle Dean you're in here."

Andy scowls at the child's threat, because even though he won't get in trouble for being in the library, one of the older men is bound to come see what he's up to, and then he'll never get the ritual.

"You drive a hard bargain, kid," Andy concedes with a small glare. "But fine, you win. Go up to Ray's room and tell her to give you the Butterfinger out of my jacket pocket. Will that be good enough to keep my secret?"

"Deal!" Carson exclaims with a bright grin on his face. "It was nice doing busy with you." And with that, Carson is out of the library and scurrying down the hall, leaving Andy to contemplate just how much Dean and Rayan have corrupted the smallest Winchester without Sam knowing.

Not to mention the fact that Andy was seriously looking forward to that candy bar.

Another half an hour later, and Andy feels like his eyeballs have turned into shriveled up grapes from all of the reading he's been doing. Twenty-two books of nothing but depressing facts about the different ways a reaper can kill something and then bring it back to life, and yet he hasn't found even the slightest sign of the summoning ritual he saw so many weeks back.

Andy is about to slam the twenty-third book shut when he catches a single phrase in the books index.

To Bring Forth the Creator of Destruction

The teen quickly flips to the marked pages and nearly shouts for joy when he recognizes the familiar Latin phrasing and instructions for the summoning ritual he found all those weeks ago. He's pretty sure that nothing could make him happier in this moment than finding this stupid book and getting out of the library.

All he has to do is copy down the information, and he's home free.

Andy is so absorbed in copying the information perfectly, along with reveling in his elation at even finding the damned ritual, that he completely misses the heavy footfalls approaching the library from the hallway, or the soft sigh that comes from the man once he's settled himself leaning against the doorway.

"What're you reading?"

Andy swears his heart stops beating when Dean's gruff voice sounds from the front of the room, and he quickly looks up from the book and snaps the old cover closed with a resound snap.

"Dean!" the teen squeaks from his spot near the old desk, and he mentally curses himself for sounding so guilty. This is the first time in his life that he's actually jealous of Rayan and Alabama for being able to always appear innocent.

The oldest Winchester gives Andy a curious glance, but stays in his current position of leaning against the doorframe. "You all right? You sound kind of jumpy?"

"Do I? I don't know why? I'm perfectly normal. Nothing but normal Andy, right here!" Andy would love nothing better than to beat his head in with the large book he's grasping tightly in his hands, because he clearly doesn't sound normal. In fact, he's pretty sure he sounds deranged.

Dean scoffs once before straightening and taking a couple of steps into the library. "Whatever you say, Andy." The oldest Winchester stops in the center of the room and gives the book containing the summoning ritual a glance. "So, what's all this about?"

Andy looks down at the book and then back up at Dean, trying to come up with a plausible excuse as to why he's holding a book pertaining to Death after it had been declared that nothing in Bobby's extensive library was useful. Of course, Andy sucks at lying. "Just, uh…trying to do a little more research on this who deal with Rayan," he stutters out as he pulls the book in closer to his chest. "Figured I could try and be useful to the group."

"Andy, we've been over these books at least six times this past month," Dean reasons, giving the teen a steady look. "You know as well as I do that there's nothing in there that can help."

"Well, uh…" Andy stutters, trying to come up with some reason that will get Dean out of the room. But the oldest Winchester doesn't give the teen any real chance to respond.

"Listen Andy, I understand that you're a teenage boy. And teenage boys have some…well, you know," Dean starts, awkwardly shifting from one foot to the other as he rubs a calloused hand on the back of his neck. "But listen, Bobby'll kill you if he finds out that you're using his books as a cover."

"Cover for what?" Andy asks genuinely perplexed at Dean's train of thought. "And what do you mean urges?"

"I know I don't play for the same team as you, Andy," Dean starts again, oblivious to the teen's obvious confusion. "But I was a teenager once and trust me, I know when a guy's hiding stuff, straight or otherwise."

And then Andy gets it. Of course he's horrified, and immediately tries to explain to Dean that he's definitely not using the old dusty library volumes as a cover up to hide skin mags in Bobby's house. He's not stupid! But Dean refuses to let Andy get a word out.

"Sammy cut a hole into the back of the cabinet in the upstairs bathroom when he was a teenager to hide his magazines. Bobby still has no idea, so feel free to store your…personal effects in there. Just…no more using creepy demon books as a cover."

"No, Dean!" Andy desperately tries to explain, his face heating up to about ten different shades of red. "I really am researching! Seriously!" Only Andy can't prove it, because as soon as he shows the oldest Winchester what page he's really marking, Dean will know what the three teens are up to.

Alabama chooses this moment to make her entrance, smiling wickedly at Andy, because naturally the Powers That Be hate Andy today and she's heard everything, before turning her attention to Dean.

"There you are, Winchester," she complains with a huff. "I've been lookin' everywhere for you. I swear you hide better than a fox waitin' to break into the chicken coop."

Dean gives the teen girl a perplexed look before shaking his head and letting her odd metaphor go. "What do you need, Alabama?"

"Oh, it ain't me that needs anythin'," she begins with a shake of her head. "I just wanted to let you know that the raccoon that's been hangin' around lately has made a new home. On top of the Impala's hood."

Andy can see the utter dread that flies through the oldest Winchester's eyes as he pictures the shiny black paint of the Impala getting marred by tiny raccoon claws, and it's takes Dean all of five seconds to rush out of the library without a second glance. But before he gets too far down the hall, Andy hears a shout float in the library's direction.

"Remember what I said, Andy! Back of the cabinet!"

That's all it takes for Alabama to double over in laughter, gasping at her sides as she tries to breathe in at least a small amount of oxygen.

"This isn't funny, Alabama!" Andy seethes as he returns to copying down the last few lines of the ritual from the book.

"Oh, you're right. This ain't funny," the southern girl manages to choke out. "This is hilarious!"

"Whatever," Andy grumbles as he slams the cover of the book shut and places it back on the shelf where he found it. "You're not the one suffering from mortal humiliation."

Alabama straightens up and shoots another wicked grin at the teen. "I know, which is what makes this moment that much better."

Andy scoffs and pushes past Alabama, marching towards the stairway to deliver the handwritten notes to Rayan in her bedroom, Alabama still sniggering behind him. But putting his mortification aside, Andy is relieved to know that his part of this dangerous game is over for the moment.

And he'll mark 'Operation Caller I.D. Death' a success.