Six years had passed since the day W.I.T.C.H. had returned to their loved ones in the Hidden Leaf Village and everything was peaceful. Well mostly peaceful anyway.

"I didn't break it you did!" A little five year old girl yelled at her brother as they stood over a shattered vase.

"Yes you did!" the boy shouted back.

"No it was you!" she cried. "It's your fault and now mom and dad are going to yell at us!"

"No it's your fault!" her brother yelled.

"Is not!"

"Is too!"




"Itachi, Mikoto what are two fighting about this time?" Will Uchiha asked walking over to her screaming children.

Mikoto looked at her mother tears threatening to spill from her onyx eyes. "Itachi and I were playing and I told him not to run around the room, but he wouldn't listen and he tripped and knocked over the vase. Now he's blaming me for it saying I didn't try and stop him!"

"Is that true?" Will asked her gaze turning to her son.

The little boy pouted and crossed his arms over his chest, refusing to look his mother in the eye.

"Itachi I asked you a question," the redheaded woman said, waiting patiently for her son to answer her.

Finally the little boy sighed. "Yes." When Will raised an eyebrow he turned to his sister. "Sorry Mikoto."

"What's going on in here," Sasuke asked as he walked into the room with his two year old daughter Kushina in his arms.

"Just resolving a little argument," his wife said turning to him with a smile.

The Uchiha head merely rolled his eyes and looked at his children. Mikoto and Itachi were twins and took after their father with their black hair, dark eyes, and pale skin. Kushina on the other hand was the spitting image of Will with bright red hair, big brown eyes, and a whole lot of energy.

"Daddy are you mad at us for breaking the vase?" Mikoto asked.

Sasuke gave his oldest daughter a small smile. "No I'm not, but be more careful the next time you play in here."

The twins gave an audible sigh of relief and Kushina giggled. "Momma I pway?" she asked pointing to her siblings.

Will smiled as Sasuke handed the youngest to her. "No sweetheart you don't have time play. Your aunties and uncles will be here soon."

"Are they bringing Mai, Shikari, and Emi?" Mikoto asked hopefully.

"And Jiraya, Minato, Asuma, and Hizashi?" Itachi chimed in.

Their father nodded. "Yes they are so you two take Kushina and go upstairs so you can get ready."

"Okay!" the twins called each taking one of their sister's hands and walking up to their rooms.

Will let out a deep breath. "Alright time to clean up that vase."

Before she even took a step her husband wrapped an arm around her waist. "Let me do that. You know you shouldn't be bending over," he said placing his other hand on Will's swollen stomach. She was eight months pregnant with their fourth child.

The woman smirked up at her husband. "What you don't think I can handle a little bit of glass?"

"I just don't want you to get hurt," Sasuke said kissing his wife on her forehead.

Before Will could reply they heard the front door open with a bang. "The party has arrived" Naruto exclaimed loudly as he, his family, and all their friends walked in.

"Way to announce to whole village Naruto," Elyon said with a laugh as she and Kiba walked in with their daughter. Due to the marriage alliance Kiba and Elyon lived on Meridian. It had taken the dog ninja a while to adjust to the different environment but with Elyon's help he had come to love Meridian just as much as the Leaf and they made it a point to visit their friends once every week.

Will shook her head at her brother's. "You'd think that at 28 years old he would have a little more dignity than that."

"Naruto I'm going to kill you if we have to buy a new door because of you always kicking it open like that," Sasuke said glaring at his brother-in-law.

"Nice to see you too jerk," The Hokage replied smirking.

"Must you two always greet each other like that?" Irma Nara asked. "Even Kankuro and Gaara aren't that bad." The former water guardian had reunited with Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro not long after decided to stay in the Leaf Village. Naturally it took quite a bit of getting used to, but Irma soon became close with them and visited her siblings whenever she could.

"Would you three stop it," Hay Lin said though she was smiling. "You're setting a bad example for Jiraya and Minato."

"Yeah not to mention our kids," Taranee said gesturing to the other children in the room.

Hizashi Hyuuga, the five year old son of Cornelia and Neji, looked exactly like his father except for his eyes which were a shade of blue, inherited from his mother. He acted like Neji too aside from the rare occasions when he showed the stubbornness Cornelia so often expressed. He was best friends with Itachi and they enjoyed play sparring with each other.

Taranee and Lee's 3 year old daughter Mai, was a mix of her parents. She had her father's shiny black hair, which she usually had in a long ponytail, and his loud enthusiastic attitude. From Taranee she had inherited light brown skin, a love of learning, and thankfully her mother's eyebrows.

4 year old Asuma and 2 year old Shikari were the son and daughter of Shikamaru and Irma. Asuma, though he looked like Shikamaru, had inherited Irma loud joking personality which had been a shock to everyone. The boy couldn't keep still for more than five minutes and was always doing something with his mother. Shikari had Irma's light brown hair and blue eyes, but was just as lazy as her father. The little girl could often be seen cloud watching with Shikamaru or asleep in her crib.

Little 3 year old Emi was Kiba and Elyon's daughter. She had gotten Kiba's hair and fang markings and Elyon's blue eyes and light skin color. Despite being a princess, Emi was a bit of a tomboy and hated wearing dresses and playing with dolls, preferring to play-wrestle with Akamaru.

5 year old Jiraya was the oldest son of Hay Lin and Naruto. He looked more like his mother with dark hair and eyes and had also inherited her artistic nature. Like Hay Lin and Irma, Jiraya and Asuma were best friends and were always up to something mischievous. Minato was the youngest of all the children being only one year old. He was exactly like his father in every way from his energy to loving ramen as Naruto had started feeding him mashed up ramen noodles, dubbing it appropriate baby food.

"Where are Itachi, Mikoto and Kushina?" Cornelia asked.

Will smiled and looked up the stairs. "They should be done in three…two…one."

At the exact moment the words left Will's mouth, the three little Uchiha's came barreling down the stairs in flashes of black and red.

"Uncle Naruto!" Mikoto cheered, jumping into Naruto's arms.

"Hey kiddo good to see you," the man said hugging his niece.

"I'm so happy you're here Uncle," the little girl squealed.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "You would think it had been three months instead of one day since she last saw him."

"Hey guys," Itachi said running over to Jiraya, Hizashi, and Jiraya, no doubt to discuss their plans for the afternoon.

Shikamaru smirked at the boys. "Try and keep the damage to minimum this time okay you three. We don't want a repeat of the incident last week."

"Hizashi, try to keep the others in line alright?" Neji said to his son.

"I'd rather not, but I'll give it a shot," the boy replied.

Cornelia couldn't help but smirk. "You listen to your father young man."

Mikoto ran up to the little Hyuga. "Can I play with you Hizashi?" she asked grabbing his arm.

"Uh sure," Hizashi replied, blushing slightly as Mikoto smiled brightly at him.

Kushina, Mai, Emi, and Shikari sat in a circle around little Minato, laughing happily as the little one year old crawled around to each of them.

"Dada 'Nato's crawling!" Kushina cried to her father.

"Shikari, play with him," Emi demanded her friend as the baby tried to get the little Nara's attention.

"Twroubewsome," Shikari mumbled

"No it's youthful!" Mai said jumping to her feet in excitement.

"That's my girl!" Lee cried, while Taranee shook her head in amusement.

"Emi don't get too rough with Minato," Elyon warned. "He's still pretty small and he could get hurt easily."

"Oh come on Elyon, he lives with Naruto. That kind of torture has to have made the kid a little tougher," Kiba said with a laugh.

"What are you implying?" Naruto demanded glaring at his friend.

"Hey you two, don't start fighting so soon, wait till the kids are doing their own thing," Hay Lin said, putting a hand on her husband's shoulder.

An hour later all the kids were out in the yard while the adults were inside talking.

"Hey Will and Corny did you two see the way Hizashi was blushing when Mikoto grabbed him?" Irma asked with a sly smirk.

Cornelia laughed. "Oh we noticed all right. It looks like those two have a little case of puppy love."

"Oh no, my daughter is not going to have anything but friendship with that boy," Sasuke said.

"What's wrong with my son, Uchiha?" Neji asked his eyes narrowing.

"Don't take it personally Neji, Sasuke's just a little protective of our daughters, that's all," Will interjected.

"And they are only five years old," Taranee pointed out. "Besides doesn't Itachi hate it whenever Mikoto plays with him and Hizashi?"

Elyon laughed. "Well if Mikoto doesn't wind up with Hizashi, maybe Emi will."

"Ha yeah right!" Kiba laughed. "Those two fight every chance they get. It will never happen."

"Well we all fought with each other when we first met eleven years ago remember?" Hay Lin said.

"Yeah and look how we turned out," Naruto said draping on arm on his wife's shoulders and kissing her cheek.

Irma smiled and rested her head on her husband's shoulder. "We're all happily married with ten little kids running around."

"Time really does fly," Shikamaru said, nodding his head.

After a few more hours the youngest group of kids came into the house. Mai was supporting both Shikari and Kushina, who looked like they were ready to fall asleep any second, and Emi was struggling to carry a sleeping Minato.

"Aunt Hay Lin, I don't think I can hold him much longer!" the princess warned.

Quickly the woman went over and lifted her son, careful not to wake him. "Thank you Emi. Do you know where Jiraya is?"

"Still with the others," Emi muttered rubbing her eye tiredly.

"Come here sweetheart," Irma said picking up her own daughter, who instantly fell asleep on her mother's shoulder. The Nara woman shook her head and turned to her husband. "Like father, like daughter I guess."

"Mama, I tired," Kushina mumbled going over to her mother, who picked her up.

"Me too," Mai said, her eyes drooping as she rested in her mother's arms.

"Same," Emi added.

Kiba laughed. "I guess that's our cue to leave. It was good seeing you guys."

"Come on princess, time to go back home," Elyon said picking up her daughter.

"Kay" the little Inuzuka mumbled.

Neji stood up. "We'd better go get the boys and Mikoto."

"We will be back soon," Lee said as he and he and the other shinobi went out to look for the older kids, leaving the former guardians and the Queen alone.

Hay Lin smiled as she looked down at her sleeping son. "Did you guys ever think it would be like this?"

"Like what?" Cornelia asked.

"Us being so happy," The Uzumaki woman explained. "I mean I honestly never thought that I'd be married to a ninja and have two children with him, but I can't picture myself anywhere else."

"Same here," Taranee said. "I miss my parents and everything, but Lee and Mai are the best things to ever happen in my life and I wouldn't trade them for anything."

"I feel the same way with Kiba and Emi. My life on Meridian would be so empty without them with me," The queen said.

Irma smirked. "Shikamaru may be no Prince Charming, but he's my jounin in shining armor that's for sure. And I don't even wanna think about what I would be like if I didn't have him, Asuma, or Shikari."

Cornelia smiled, thinking about her life with Neji and their son. "That's how I feel about Neji and Hizashi."

Will smiled and looked out to the back yard to see Sasuke coming back carrying their twins. Her smile grew as she put on hand on sleeping Kushina's head and the other on her rounded belly where her fourth child was and said five simple words.

"It's a dream come true."


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