Light Princess and Prince

Disclaimer: All characters belong to L.J. Smith.

Time: The Power

Genre: Romance and Drama

Rating: PG

Date Finished: November 19, 2010

She was so prefect. He was so angelic. They belonged together in an eternal unity of light. No darkness surrounded them; blackness never entered their souls. Both souls were pure.

Tests have proven that they were meant to be together. The stars all line up for them. There was no death star in the sky. Therefore, nothing can rip them apart.

They unite against the forces of darkness. Light outshines darkness. It is through lightness that causes the forces to disappear. It is the power of the angels that cause the devils to run.

Never get jealous or mad at others. They are so good, so gentle. No matter how the ones close hurt them, they forgive and forget. This includes those who don't deserve it.

They stare into each other's eyes. They don't look at anyone else expect for each other.

"My kind, gentle Lady," he whispers, "may I have this dance?"

The Light Princess smiles. "Good sir, there's no music."

The Light Prince placed his forehead against hers. "You are the music. I can feel it in my soul."

The Light Princess and Light Prince joined hand.

As they joined hands, the forces of good united.

As they joined hands, all the darkness was gone from their circle.

As they danced, the fire shone on the faces of the other lords and ladies. All the evil was gone from their souls. Goodness was all that existed.

Together, their hearts beat as one.

Together, everything was all right, even if they were no longer in charge of the circle. It was still theirs, it always would be.

Together, the possibilities were endless.