Christmas Blessings

New Found Friends Epilogue

Note: Stay tuned for a sequel to New Found Friends. My 4th collaboration with Claudia Amelia Brown. The only characters that are mine are Debbie Audrey's sister and Emma Krelborne. Claudia Krelborne is Claudia Amelia Brown's originals. I own no rights to any Little Shop of Horrors or Guys and Dolls characters.

Seymour looked out the window at the falling snow. It was December 15th exactly a month since Emma had been born. He couldn't believe how fast the year had passed by. The Krelbornes would be celebrating their first Christmas on Long Island. Claudia, Ronette and Audrey's sister Debbie were decorating the house. Audrey was cooking dinner in the kitchen.

Ding Dong!

"Claudia honey get the door It's Nathan and Adelaide" Audrey called

Claudia did as she instructed. " Hi We're decorating the mantle piece do you want to help out Ms Adelaide?"

Adelaide smiled "Sure." Nathan proceeded to the kitchen to put the appetizers down.

Once the decorating was completed the ladies sat in front of the fire sipping hot chocolate. By that point Emma had woken up so Seymour went into the bed room to get her and bring her downstairs for dinner.

"So is Patrick Martin going to leave you guys alone for good now?" Adelaide asked.

Claudia nodded. "Yes. Thank goodness. He was getting SO irritating. Hopefully he will stay away from us for a long time so we can live our lives in peace."

"What do you want Santa to bring you Claudia?" Ronette asked.

"New Roller Skates. I hope he brings Emma a teddy bear."

"Dinner's ready" Audrey called

The whole group sat down together and Seymour said grace

"Lord, thank you for this meal,our health and our family and friends especially our new blessing Emma Marie."

"Amen." Everyone else responded.

They dug into their dinner fast and furiously.

"So Adelaide how are things going with going back to school?" Seymour asked

Adelaide swallowed a mouth full of mashed potatoes before speaking.

"I start my semester of January 21st. Three classes a week this semester. I'm taking things slow at first so I can figure out the best way to balance my school work and working and also look for a second job."

"What are you taken?"

"Math, Creative Writing and an early child hood education class."

Audrey grinned at her friend. "I really admire your work ethic Adelaide. I hope to go back to school to get my GED eventually. I want to be able to have the best education possible so I can get a second job so I can support my family. The flower shop would be my first priority though,"

Debbie smiled at her older sister. "Do you want to go to college to?"

Audrey nodded. " Not right away. I'll probably wait till Emma is a little bit older and then take a few classes at the community college where Adelaide is at now."

"Audrey, if you wanted to go back to school I could always baby sit Claudia and Emma for you. It would be no problem." Adelaide said

"What time are your classes? Audrey asked.

"I am out by 4pm on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays and 1:15 pm on Tuesdays and Thursday. Ifyou you wanted to work during the day and take night classes I could help you out."

Debbie piped up. "I can also watch them on nights when Adelaide can't do it. Just let me know when you need me."

Audrey smiled. She was happy her sister and Adelaide were willing to support her in going back to school. " Claudia doesn't really need to be baby sat anymore but she can definitely help you take care of Emma. She has really stepped up in her role as a big sister."

Claudia beamed with pride.

Seymour glanced around from his spot at the head of the table. He smiled. He was so proud of Audrey for wanting to go back to school. He was counting the numerous amount of blessings that he was surrounded with.