Me- "ORANGE JUCIE! I was peeling an orange...with a sharp knive and got orange juice in my eye so BEN AND THE GANG MUST SUFFER!"
Ship- "Ship ship ship ship?"

Julie- "No ship she owns nothing."

(Side comments by who evers POV it is in)

in the future

Gwens POV.

As I was getting ready in the morning I went down the hall. Ben was sitting in the kitchen on the counter holding a small bundle and looked like he was deep in thought. Even with that loving smile on his face.

"Hey Ben."

"Hey Gwen. When did you get up?"

"At 7. Devlin had a nightmare around three and it me a while to fall asleep again. He is almost two! He

still can't sleep through the night. When did you get up?" I said.

"Oh around 3. Kenny woke up and I didn't want to wake up Jules so I just came out here."

"Why?" I asked.

"To get him some thing to drink but we don't have any milk powder. So I was trying to decide what to give him." He explained. I shook my head and looked through the cupboards. Only to discover that we did in fact not have any of the powder Ben needed for his son. Then I shook my head.

"Ben he is almost one year. Give him orange juice."

"Do we have any?" I looked through the fridge and all of the shelves. We didn't have of that either.

"Why is it that you have an alien that can run at light speed yet you didn't think to go to the store?"

"Oh...Yea. I didn't want to leave Him here 'cause he might have cried. I didn't want him to wake up his mother. She needs her sleep."

"So do you Ben." I finally found something he could use. I tossed him the orange and he caught it. I walked over and handed him a knife and took Kenny from him. He started to peel the orange. About half way through he yelped and dropped the fruit and knife onto the counter. "Ben! What happened?" I asked just as Julie & Kevin carring Devlin. Ben was holding his eye.

"Ben what did you do?" Julie asked.

"Evil Orange!" was all he said. Julie and Kevin looked confussed so did Devlin.

"Dady wat rong wth ncl Ben?" Devlin asked in is toddler talk.

"Got it! I got the orange juice out of my eye!" He said. He went back to peeling his orange. About two seconds later he had dropped the knive and orange agian. "I JUST CUT MY FINGER!"