Sequel to "A Little Family", this is what happens next. We will not be continuing on. This is the last story in this series. Googlemouth and I are very proud of this story line, and we're glad you all have enjoyed it.

As always, the characters aren't ours. The belong to Tess, TNT, and other such lucky people.

"Okay, everything's packed, the kids are with Ma and Pop, we're going shopping at Bobby's for food when we get there, and Paul's cool with us snatching the truck for a little while. I think we're ready." Jane secured the last of the luggage in the truck bed. "Are you ready, Babe?"

Two months had passed since Angela's birthday party, and everything seemed to be settling down. Work was still a bit difficult, but the women were working through it and dealing with the harassment as it came. For the most part, things continued on as business as usual, which Jane was eternally grateful for. However, after fighting the good fight for a while, the detective was ready for a break.

She had put in for a week off and had Maura do the same. It was quickly granted. The Brass had said something about them not taking enough time off anyway, and no one questioned that they needed the down time. So, Friday evening after work they packed, and they were heading out on Saturday morning. That would give them over a week of peace somewhere that was not Boston.

Jane bounded down from the back of the truck, straightened her shirt, and smiled at her outfit. I can't believe I'm getting away with wearing a black pearl snap shirt. I love this shirt. Short sleeves, thin, doesn't get hot…so what if it's a little worn at the bottom? It matches the hole in the knee of jeans and the scuffs on my boots. She smirked. "Babe?" The brunette looked around in search of her girlfriend.

Maura stepped outside with her oldest overnight bag, the most battered thing she owned, and paused in the doorway so that Jane would be able to appreciate what she was doing for her. Blue jeans with the worn spot, which Jane liked becauseof the worn spot, with a chunkier than usual belt; knee high boots, worn in enough that she wouldn't look like a complete, shiny-new greenhorn no matter where they found themselves; a black tank top that didn't quite reach the top of her jeans; silver and turquoise jewelry. She looked casual. Not quite butch, not even really sporty, but she looked like she could go for miles if she chose to stir herself.

Once the effect had been noted, she trotted over for a quick kiss, then leaped into the back of the truck to secure the bag in the covered lock-box, just in case of rain. "This time, I'm not going to be caught without something I can wear in public," she explained, standing tall in the truck bed. "Okay, I'm ready. Help me down?" She did not need the help; she just wanted Jane's hands on her.

"Yes." Jane reached up and wrapped her hands around Maura's waist to guide her down, then pulled her into a kiss. "I love those jeans on you," she growled between kisses. "Shirt's awesome, too."

Jane made it so hard for Maura not to respond as she wanted. God, that growl, she thought as she pressed herself into that long, lean body for an extended moment, causing a teenaged neighbor boy and two of his friends to drive their skateboards right into each other and a mailbox. Maura didn't noticed. "Good. If you're able to get us to the property in one piece, I'll let you love them off of me, too. Well, after we've stopped in so I can meet your other family."

"Once we make it to the property?" Jane's eyes slid down the doctor's frame. "I noticed you didn't say, 'once we make it to the cabin'." She smirked, not bothering to acknowledge the dropped jaws and gurgling noises from the teens now scattered about the sidewalk. "I see what you're doing there, Dr. Isles, and," one last kiss before she stepped away to climb into the truck, "I like where you're going with that." She glanced to the side to give the boys a warning look. They quickly scattered.

Maura wiggled unrepentant eyebrows. "You heard me," she said as she swung up into the truck seat and pulled closed the door. "It worked out really nicely last time, and while I do love trying new things," and wasn't that the truth, "it's also a good idea to revisit previous successes now and again."