The Drac Pack
By PhantomChajo

Chapter 1

(AN: unless otherwise noted, it's from Drac's POV)


~Log in: Kirryns_Childe
~Password: ********
~ . . . . . . . .processing
~Password Accepted
~Welcome Drac

Ye gods, why do I even bother with this thing? Probably because somewhere in me is a Masochist wanting to get out.

Alright, enough with the chit-chat on to more important things. Namely what has been going on the past week or so

It all started last week. The gang and I had gone out to Central Park for a day of relaxation from school work. We had packed a huge picnic. (It has to be huge with the 9 of us there! ~.~ ) We had found this nice little secluded section where we didn't have to worry about others finding us. Had the radio going. Gypsy was playing frisby with Kitty. Fun to watch her on all fours leaping into the air like a hyperactive kitten. (NEVER let Psycho Kitty get near Cat Nip! Worse then a 5 yr old with a major sugar high!) The Rest of the group was playing Hide and seek. Me? I was sunbathing and enjoying every minute of it!

That's when the shit hit the fan. We're all pretty sensitive when it comes to someone using a Tesseract near by. Guess it comes from our past... (I'll tell you about that later, maybe).... Anywho. All the games stopped and everyone of us came alert to the dangers unseen and unnoticed by most. Those of us that were only partial dressed hurridly got dressed. And armed.. We never go unarmed. NEVER. We did once and it cost us big time.

Next thing we know here comes this Group of people barreling though the trees right into our clearing. One of them spotted us and the entire group froze. Just imagin looking into a mirror and seeing yourself, older and the opposite sex. Unnerving to say the least. It was complete silence (Well the radio was still going that is). Right behind the first group came the second. Well known to us. The Maruders....I had hope we would never have to face that group again because where they go.. Their boss soon follows.

We looked at each other as the middle group did the same. That's when HE arrive. He took one look at us and decided we were more important then the group he was chasing. That's when he said the words we all dreaded and feared the most.

"Ignore the X-Men, I want Those Children... NOW. And Sabertooth, I want them intact."

He had this cold, angry and evil look on his face. (I could tell he was not pleased about us being there).

Apparently the group he called the x-men had a shock at seeing us and an even greater shock when he ignored them in favor of us.

We did what any smart person would do.. We scattered and ran!

Damn, Times up for me, the next person is starting over. Gotta hate the school computer labs. The time is limited to only an hour. Maybe soon I'll be able to get my home computer fixed. I could just Kill myself for FUBARing the harddrive!


~logging out.....
~have a nice Day!


Once I logged out I gathered my backpack and made sure I had all my stuff with me before getting up. My New computer should be arriving in the next few days. Smirking to myself I ran a hand though my hair to get it out of my face and walked out of the Computer Lab. I need to trim the ends again.

As I walk out a few.. well more then a few girls give me looks. I'm told I'm rather handsome. Somehow I don't see it that way. Every time I look in a Mirror all I see is a younger version of HIM staring back at me. The same pale complection and dark hair, the same intense blue eyes. Even a Slight British accent to my dark velvety voice. The more angry or annoyed I got the thicker it became.

Slipping my sunglasses out of my trench coat pocket, I put them on. My eyes are sensitive to the light. Add in the fact I have fangs, dark haired and pale skinned and you can see why I got the code name Drac.

"Yo! Essex! Wait up man" a voice rang out across the halls.

I wince at that voice and name then turn to see who was yelling. Great it was Steven from my Genetics class.

"Yes Steve? What is it you are bellowing like a Bull calf about?" I practly sneer at him my accent very thick.

"Whoa Man! What crawled up your ass? You wake up on the wrong side of the coffin or something this morning?" Steve just grinned.

I rolled my eyes then started to walk off again, Steve following me.

"Have you read the Message board yet? There's gonna be a Special Guest speaker tomorrow. Attendace is Mandatory. Said something about 60% of Final Semester grade for every student in the Genetic's Class."

I wince visibly at that. Something about it stinks worse then week old dead fish. "What Time is the Lecture?" Reaching up to rub my temple as I ask.

Steve just shrugs and grins. "I think it said 2 pm. Ya might wana go check for yourself" He glanced away as a girl walked by. "Gotta go Essex, Catch ya Tomorrow." With that he turned to follow the girl.

I swear Steve is worse then Gypsy. Always has Sex on the mind. Well I might as well go see how much my week has been screwed by that Surprise lecture tomorrow.

Did I ever mention how I hate Mondays?