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"Stubborn as always, isn't she?"

Locked inside a huge chamber three figures stood, shadowed by the light brilliance of the full moon. The hall was decorated with huge wooden bookshelves filled with scrolls and books. Placed in the middle was a long wooden table covered with a blood red sheet, unlit candles arranged neatly on top.

"Hn. Like I'd ever let her go."

They stood behind a wide glass window that clearly showed the gloomy scenery outside. One of them stepped forward, inching closer towards the other who remained still watching him with blank eyes. Uchiha Fugaku looked at his son with slight disappointment, failure is intolerable but keeping a half-ling in a kingdom of pure fledged vampires is shameful, for him nonetheless. That is why he ordered him to take away her life but he defied his orders, keeping her instead after the traitorous Seichii died.

"Keep in mind that I hate half breeds, Sasuke." He spoke low and firm, eyes unblinking.

"Keep in mind that she's still a vampire, father." Was the reply in an arrogant tone, making the only woman in the room laugh softly. Her long midnight hair flowed down to her back with a pair of eyes that matched the color of her hair beaming gleefully at the two men.

Squeezing the hands of her husband, she gave him a reassuring smile then spoke in gentle voice, "He does have a point there, Fugaku."

"Tch. She's a disgrace." He fumed, recalling Seichii's constant visits to the female human. He would've still accepted him, if he turned the woman into one of them. He looked away, glaring at nothing as he thought about the future of their clan. "Having the blood of a human running through her veins, she's nothing more than a meal." He added, eyes turning red.

"Calm down, Fugaku." Mikoto touched his face, "Can't you spare a little girl's life? Besides, Sasuke has already claimed her-"

"Without our permission." He hissed, narrowing his eyes at his son.

"Our son's growing up, what do you expect?" The woman asked him with an amused expression, hiding her smile. "And having a half-ling around sounds interesting to me."

He stared at his wife in astonishment, shocked that she was approving this. And what interest can a half vampire bring? All she can do is disregard her duties as a vampire that partly runs in her blood. She was raised by her mother, a human. Her lifestyle is certainly different from them, so how will they coax her to drink human blood? More than that, the girl hates them. What's the use of having her here?

"Hn. I'm going." He left without sparing his parents a glance, unaffected by his father's disapproval of having Sakura.

"Our little boy is really growing." Mikoto remarked, watching her son's retreating back.

"There is nothing wrong with his decision. After all, he's taking full responsibility on the girl. And stop moping about the past. You've done enough punishment." The female added, tired of hearing the betrayal issue of Seichii who was a respected vampire before he committed his huge mistake in which he wasn't regretful of. Mikoto felt happy for him though, especially Hitsumi, the woman he fell in love with, who wasn't turned into one of them. Not that she hates it, but because their love was forbidden but they managed to keep it, even rewarded with an offspring.


"You have to trust Sasuke, Fugaku. He knows what he's doing."

Sakura stirred in her sleep, twitching at the sting on her neck. Her mind was still in a daze, her whole body still in its weakened state after being bitten.

His fangs piercing her flesh while she struggles to push him away… her blood circulating down his throat.


The word instantly woke her up, panting lightly as though she woke up in a bad dream. Her eyes widened at the sight, the room she ought to run away from and never return to is where she's staying at. Lying at his huge bed, where he usually pins her down and violate her with his fiery kisses caused an unwanted shiver to run down her back and a blush creeping on her pale cheeks. Her fingers brushed the mark he'd left, flinching as she remembered the earlier event. He has turned her into a pure vampire…

Lubdub. Lubdub. Lubdub.

Wait, she placed her hand on her chest, the loud thumping of her heart so strong hearing it. She sighed in relief, knowing her human side is still present, but it confused her… why didn't he do it? And what was that bite for? She dismissed the thought and decided to explore outside. She doesn't want to see him yet.

"Ugh… what's this…" she groaned, touching her forehead. Her ears were picking up sounds that seemed to be far away yet she can hear them perfectly like she was there. There were so many of them, varying from animal sounds, to chatting people, the clashing of different objects, that all she could do was shut her eyes and dismissed them, lock them at the depths of her mind. Why was this happening? She never experienced this before, only vampires…

"The bite… it can't be…" She felt another sensation course through her body, another groan escaping from her lips. The bite, it triggered her vampire instincts. She shook her head, unable to believe this was happening. Was this her fate? She belongs here after all. But can she face the consequences of becoming one of them? She stood carefully, trying to gain her balance and reached for the door. Slightly opening it, she felt no presence wandering around. She stepped out, dressed in nothing but a simple white dress. And as quiet as a mouse, she left the room unnoticed. The hallway was lit by candles placed along the way, with unoccupied rooms that seem to be never opened. Glancing nervously around her, she was surrounded by portraits of who could've been the first vampires and their descendants.

Her bare feet made no sound as she walked around the carpeted floor. Passing by a room, she stiffened at the enticing smell that caused her to lick her lips. It made her gulp in hunger; she'd never craved for something before. But upon realizing what it is she wanted so much, her heart dropped. Blood. Her thirst became stronger, a strangled cry erupting from her throat as she resisted herself to drink such sickening meal. Leaning on the wall, she felt sweat rolling down her face, she was hungry.

"Finally awake, little blossom?"


She squeaked at the contact of her back hitting the hard wall, as she felt his lips on hers, pulling her into a heated kiss. He groaned inside her mouth, unable to resist her fallen form, the moment his eyes fell on her. He felt her hands weakly push him away, squirming against his hold. She felt heat spread her entire body, moaning involuntarily when his hand massaged her thigh sensually. She felt so weak against him, struggling to break away from their lip lock. Was this the effect of her craving for blood? Her thoughts were only disturbed when he forcefully intruded her mouth, his tongue wasting no time as soon as he entered, memorizing every inch of her sweet mouth. He missed this, would've been better if they were in his room.

"S-sasuke-kun." He finally pulled away, trailing kisses down to her neck as they both panted heavily, grasping for air.

"You're hungry, aren't you?" he murmured against her warm skin.

"No." she lied, biting back a moan. Her mouth was lusting for blood; it was the only thing she needed to get her strength back finally understanding why she couldn't resist him a while ago. Now that her vampire side has awoken after long years of being locked, her intake of blood which is supposedly her food lacked.

"Really…" He gently dragged her inside the room where the strong scent of blood reached her nostrils. She bit her lip, resisting the strong need inside her. It was a storage room for blood.

"Stop resisting it, Sakura. It's essential to you."

He saw her tremble then scowled at her. If she won't start drinking blood, she'd get weaker and worse, she can die. And he will never let that happen, she has to bear his heir.

"I can't Sasuke-kun."

She heard him growl in annoyance as he walked towards a table where kitchen utensils were placed. She wondered what he was up to, his back facing her. Then it hit her, the fresh scent of blood lingering in the atmosphere. As he turned around, drops of red substance stained the floor coming from his wrist that had an open wound. She stepped back, her mouth slightly apart as she eyed his wound with enthralled eyes.

"Come here." He ordered her, but she only moved back fighting the temptation to lick off the blood that trailed down his arm. Her breaths became heavy as he came closer; the scent becoming stronger like it was calling out to her.

"No…" Sakura shook her head, her eyes now brimming with tears. She can't do it; it's like drinking her own mother's blood while she was still inside her womb. After learning that dreadful truth about her death, she swore she'll never drink blood again. I'm sorry Kaa-san… I didn't know…

Turning to leave, Sasuke stopped her, his uninjured arm wrapping around her petite waist, her back facing him, as he glided his bleeding wrist along her face. She struggled to be freed, but her hunger made her weak, she needs it badly, the blood. "No! I…I can't!" The open wound was just a few centimeters away from her face; she breathed heavily her mind slowly hypnotized by the alluring aroma.

"Damn it Sakura! Just drink it now!" he hissed in her ear, tightening his grip around her waist. "Don't make me use Sharingan."

His last statement caused her to gasp, giving him chance to let his wound crush on her mouth silencing her. She was defiant at first, trying to move away her face before she could no longer control herself, and her hunger overpowering her resistance. She hesitantly licked the substance and found herself craving for more, savoring the metallic taste that melted in her mouth.

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