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It was a quiet evening in the empire. The sky was filled with countless stars, glittering in the black space. But inside the palace, the continuous clicks of heels resonated throughout the hallway as a woman hastily walked, lifting the fabric of her black silk gown to ease her strides. A maid followed behind her, both heading towards the room of the prince. They passed by the walls decorated with portraits of their ancestors and candles that lit the path in a yellowish hue.

"Sakura-chan isn't feeling well…"

Uchiha Mikoto sighed worriedly, recalling what Naruto had told her earlier in her chamber. The boy looked depressed as he told her what had happened in the previous weeks. And to hear his son's sudden disappearance surprised her and almost ordered Naruto to recover him immediately when –

"As much as I want to bring him back, I know he has a valid reason for leaving Sakura-chan." Naruto explained firmly.

But Mikoto didn't fail to notice the bawling fists of Naruto inside his pocket a while back. Despite the refusal, the Queen knew Naruto was more than eager to track down Sasuke. He told her that Sakura learned the truth about her father's death; that Sasuke was the murderer. Yet the blond quickly defended the Uchiha, which made Mikoto feel glad.

"He could be a killing machine, but Teme knows who deserves to be impaled by his sword."

Reaching the room, she gained her composure and knocked twice on the door with her maids on standby.

Knock. Knock.

"Sakura-chan? It's Mikoto."

Hearing the Queen's voice from the other door, Sakura immediately straightened herself from her fetal-like position. It had been hours since Naruto had brought her into Sasuke's room after he made sure she was crying no more. Her hand swiftly wiped away her fresh tears, slowly approaching the door while trying to calm down. She didn't want Mikoto to see her like this but with everything that has happened, it seemed so impossible to pretend to be alright.

Meanwhile, Mikoto couldn't wait any further. She was sick worried of her daughter-in-law's condition. Right now, the girl needed comfort and assurance that no one's at fault for Sasuke's impetuous leave. Without waiting for any response, she held the door knob and twisted it.

She was midway from reaching the door when it burst open to her shock. Light stretched inside the darkened room that almost blinded Sakura. From the door frame stood two female figures where one abruptly stepped forward and pulled her into an embrace.

The pink haired girl felt weak at the gesture. Her shock quickly faded, smothered by all her emotions that she tried to hide. She can hear Mikoto mumbling comforting words in her ear, her gentle strokes on her back almost made her limp. Sakura quivered, stifling a sob. This feeling, the way Sasuke's mother hugged her brought back her simple wish of being held by her own mother.

Despite her father who at the same time became her mother too, she'd always wanted to know what it feels to be enveloped in the arms of the woman who brought her into the world.

"It's okay Sakura-chan…" Mikoto whispered, holding her tightly like a mother would do to her weeping child. It was on that statement Sakura returned the embrace, mumbling apologies as she cried her heart out.

The older woman moved away slightly, studying the girl. Her ebony orbs stared at her with warmth, raising her thumb to wipe a tear. "You poor flower…" She murmured in a soft tone. She tucked her pink locks behind her ear, clinging on her dampen face as her tears continued to stain her face. Who knew that the girl who had always tried to escape her son would weep so much now that he finally left, Mikoto thought. Things have changed. Even their hearts.

"Ne Mika-chan, could you please bring Sakura-chan's dinner?"

"Hai Uchiha-sama." The brown-haired maid left with a bow, closing the door behind her.


The wooden door almost shattered into pieces, bursting wide open; a raven-haired man growling in anger as he found his room empty. She was nowhere in sight, the cloth he used to bind her was cut and left in the corner. Even her scent was faint in the room, slowly vanishing if he didn't start moving. She was cutting his patience thin, he thought irritably. This was the tenth time she made another escape and catching her at the end of the chase would make no difference in her previous attempts.

She was just easy to find.

Opening the glass door of the balcony, he walked over the rail and scanned the area below. She was nowhere to be seen, since beneath was an open space with a pathway that leads to the garden. To his right were the enormous iron gates, guarded by two vampire soldiers. He would definitely replace those two if she managed to outwit them again.

Looking thoroughly, eyes slowly navigating the empty place, he noted the guards look briefly in the direction of the entrance doors. That was suspecting. His eyes narrowed.

"Hn." The Uchiha smirked. 'She hasn't left the palace yet.'

He quickly turned away from the balcony, taking long strides as he exited his room to find his little blossom.

Fire cackled as another wood was dropped in the bonfire, increasing the flames it emitted. Smoke rose from the tips of the flames, clouding the radiance of the crescent moon in the night sky. Sasuke watched the wood burn into ashes with impassive eyes, sitting a meter away from the blazing light. It won't be long before Taka arrives.

As he waited, he couldn't stop himself from reminiscing the times where Sakura had attempted to flee away from him yet was always caught and bound inside his room. He learned then, that she was as stubborn as her father. His lips curved slightly upward, hard eyes softening at the image of her innocent face. Unbeknownst to the girl, it had always provided him entertainment for it was the first time someone had dare defy the heir of vampires.

He arrived at the lobby just in time to see her about to return back to his room. Their eyes clashed in which one was widened in surprise while the other glinted loftiness. She was glued to her position, staring at the vampire prince take slow cunning steps towards her. As his feet landed on the marbled floor, she unconsciously took a step back biting her lip in the process.

"Escaping yet again Sakura?" He asked her smugly, adoring her frightened frame.

She gulped nervously, shaking her head like a small child.

"Hn." Sasuke closed his eyes, only to vanish and reappear in a blink of an eye before the pink-haired half-ling who had her back against the wall. He towered over the petite blossom, trapping her between him and the concrete. It was the first time he'd been this close to her, looking down to study her.

Her frightened emerald orbs stared at him in plea, her cheeks stained with a light shade of pink and the way she bit her lip enticed him. She was the embodiment of innocence, he thought leaning closer. Her scent almost drugged him, a sweet smell of cherries and strawberries. This heightened his senses more.

"Sasuke-kun!" She blurted, raising her hands that attempted to push him away; eyes were shut close in fear. But the moment her palms landed on his chest, the girl felt her cheeks burn furiously. The sturdy feeling of his flesh beneath the shirt made her heart quickened its beat.

His right arm rested just above her head making her tremble. "You know Sakura…" He spoke in a deep husky tone, obsidian orbs staring at her intensely. He leaned closer to her face till their breaths mingled; their lips just centimeters apart. "No matter where you go, I'll always find you."

He can feel her growing anxiousness which amused him more. She was paralyzed with his gestures and it made him chuckle in triumph. His free hand snaked behind her neck, brushing his cold skin against her warmth. She shivered at the touch and felt the air getting thinner. Their lips barely had space anymore.

"After all, you're mine for eternity." Tilting her head, he crashed his lips on hers, muffling her protests as he pulled her against his tall frame.

And it was on that day Uchiha Sasuke developed his fondness to the half-vampire girl.

There was a rustle of leaves which disturbed his thoughts. His eyes quickly narrowed at the bushes ahead of him, snapping twigs, crunching leaves and footsteps getting louder as they moved. Their scent already reached his nostrils, rising from his position while he placed his hand in his pocket. He threw the last piece of wood in the fire, igniting it brighter just as the people he'd been waiting for arrived.

Three hooded figures appeared from the other side of the pyre.

"Finally back in business?" Spoke the one in the middle, pushing away the hood to reveal a silver-haired man; his grin exposing his sharp fangs.

"It seems urgent." The one on the right said. Despite the stern statement, she is quickly distinguished by her feminine tone.

The white-haired looked around the surroundings, as though searching for something and then commented. "I don't see Pinky – "


The said man instantly held up his arms in defeat, muttering an apology for the young Uchiha had his Sharingan solely focused on him and having his name called in a very low menacing voice would send him crippled for months. 'Touchy.' He thought. It seemed they had a little love quarrel.

"What did you call us for, Sasuke?" She pushed away the cloth, adjusting her brown-rimmed glasses.

"We're investigating Itachi." His eyes transformed back into their obsidian color. "And learn everything about him." Sasuke responded.

"I guess his possession of the Sharingan while outside sparks your interest." Suigetsu remarked, grinning shrewdly at the Uchiha. "Karin did say you two look almost identical. Perhaps, he's your predecessor?" He added, placing his arms behind his head.

"We could use that to our advantage though." The red head said. "But you must hide your identity as the prince."

Sasuke looked at her questioningly.

"The village where we heard about him," She started, gaining the attention of everyone. "It's a place where rogue vampires and humans coexist."

"Coexist?" The Uchiha furrowed his eyebrows, looking skeptical to what the woman had stated.

"Secretly." She finished. "Vampires are disguised as humans. It is where the rebels took refuge after your father denounced the association of vampires and humans." She said factly.

'Rebels.' Sasuke thought. He was reminded of Seichii who betrayed his loyalty to the kingdom after eloping with Sakura's mother. Fugaku only sees humans as their food. But the fact that his kind once lived together with humans was intriguing. He had never heard of such.

"And the rebels are mostly vampires that may be older than your father and were once ruled by him."

"Hn." That was an advantage. Secrets that his father would never reveal to him will surely be known to the other vampires who were once under his reign. Hints of why Fugaku ordered him to execute Seichii at first is slowly becoming clear to him. He must have known something illicit.

But why would that man, Itachi planned to kill Seichii too?

'Itachi.' He couldn't think of anyone else to control the curse seal except him. He was the one who retracted it by just using his eyes.

"Lead us to the village, Karin." He ordered, finally taking a step forward to his team.

"Now this would be fun." Suigetsu nudged the big man beside him, who had been quiet the entire conversation. "Ne Juugo?"


"Why does everyone hate me?" The white haired scowled, extinguishing the fire with his water technique.

Back at the palace, Sakura was accompanied by Mikoto. Both females sat in the bed in an Indian sitting position as the Queen talked about her son's antics. She would smile mentally while Sakura laughs at the stories she shares. Seeing her delighted and beaming made Mikoto lighthearted. It was her first time having a conversation like this with her son's wife. And she was enjoying every bit of it.

"Sasu-chan's a grumpy boy before you came. Greeting me with frowns and grunts is heartbreaking!" The long-haired woman wailed, pouting at the girl in front of her. But her lips soon curved upward, grabbing Sakura's hand and clasping them together. She was stunned at how the raven-haired woman acted; she almost resembled a teen that puts emotions to her every statement.

"But you, Sakura-chan changed him." She winked at the girl who blushed. "I never thought he has this secret obsession on a cute vampire!" Mikoto moaned, un-Queen like.

"But Mikoto – " Sakura was about to protest.

"Hush!" She brought a finger to her soon-to-be daughter's lips. "He may act all dark and broody but Sasu-chan has a soft spot for the little flower in the palace." She smiled genuinely at Sakura, squeezing her hands.

"I – Uhm…" The girl looked away in embarrassment unable to speak of something. But then she noticed the woman's sudden change of expression, her once wide smile turned into a thin straight line.

There was a moment of silence between the two, breaking the giddy atmosphere.

"Gomen ne, Sakura-chan…" Mikoto's whispered words surprised Sakura, her hands freed from her grasp. Her ebony orbs stared at her with sadness. She opted to say something but Mikoto continued, silencing her.

"I should have stopped Fugaku from giving the order that took away the life of Seichii-san." Her eyes averted to the glass windows that gave a full view of the sky. "Originally, Sasuke's mission was to kill him for betraying the kingdom."

Sakura quietly listened and was surprised to hear that her father was the one meant to be killed. She heard Mikoto breathe deeply and go on.

"But when Sasuke learned that he was a great soldier, once in the position of second-in-command in Fugaku's army, he decided to restore him in the castle." She finished, looking back at Sakura who was confused.

"Then… then how did it turn to terminating me instead?" She asked in a puzzled tone. Mikoto gave a soft giggle.

"Oh that," She paused. "In exchange of Seichii's restoration, Sasuke made a deal with Fugaku that he shall kill you instead." Her eyes glinted in amusement at Sakura's frightened reaction causing her to say, "Don't worry Sakura-chan, he never planned to kill you anyway did he?" She touched Sakura's cheek. "Plus knowing Seichii-san, I don't think he'd choose the position over his daughter he loves dearly."

'Tou-san…' Sakura thought weakly, looking down to her hands where she once cradled him before he died. He would never leave her if he were still alive. But after hearing these revelations, Sakura knew that Sasuke never planned to slay her father yet he took the blame even if he was not in fault. And it made her feel guilty inside for she had accused him of doing the crime.

"But Mikoto-san, why didn't Sasuke-kun kill me?" Sasuke told her before that it was because, she was his mate. But Sakura could feel there was another reason behind it.

She recalled her father warning her of being careful of a vampire who had been watching them ever since and was actually after her. It is Sasuke. It has to be him, for he boldly told her he was supposed to slay her, when all he did was turn her, almost. He couldn't have decided to make her as his mate after her father's death. He already had the chance to fulfill his task. No one was there to hinder him at all. Yet he decided to keep her.

"Oh you didn't know?" Mikoto asked in disbelief. Sakura tilted her head in confusion. "Haa ~ Sasu-chan sure loves to hide his affections huh?"

"You see, on that night when Sasuke came back… I saw great remorse in his eyes that he locked himself up for a week." She told her. "He even sent the maids away who entered his room. I was getting worried because I never saw Sasuke act that way after his missions. He usually was an arrogant brat who demands for another task from Fugaku. But on that time, he was different." Mikoto confessed, then thought for a while.

A playful laugh suddenly erupted from the woman which shocked Sakura again.

"So the reason why he didn't kill you is because Sasu-chan felt really depressed on what happened. And decided to take care of you as atonement for what he'd done." Her eyes beamed at Sakura. She knew it because Sasuke told her. She was the only person he was assured of being allowed to do such thing. "But it seems my little boy has developed some feelings after quite some time ne?"

Sakura reddened and couldn't express her emotions at what she heard. He didn't deserve to be called a 'Demon Prince', the girl thought. He was actually a vampire who has a heart despite being stoic to people around him. She wished he would come back early because he wasn't the only one who has developed feelings.

Knock. Knock.

"Uchiha-sama, Fugaku-sama wishes to see you in the master's chamber."

"Hai Mika-chan!" The Queen peered over her shoulder then turned to Sakura.

"I would love to have another chat you, Sakura-chan!" She swung her legs over the bed and stood confidently, smiling at the seated girl who thanked her.

"Arigatou Mikoto-san…"

"Just remember, Sasu-chan will never abandon you." She winked then added. "He loves you too damn much." She said making quotation marks in the air. And with that, the Queen left, leaving Sakura flushed face yet feeling cherished.

Squeak. Squeak.

Sakura knelt beside her pet rabbits, giving them their food they quickly chew down. Her fingers began to caress their fur, admiring their smoothness as she alternately petted them. With Sasuke's presence gone, the creatures seemed relaxed. Their noises were actually of bliss rather than their usual frightened squeaks once Sasuke sets his glare on them.

"You're spared from Sasuke-kun's glare today." Sakura mumbled, ruffling the black one's tiny head. It squeaked in response, making her giggle at the action. They were Sasuke's rival when it comes to her attention and unfortunately, the creatures often win over the extremely jealous prince.

Smiling contentedly, Sakura walked over to the bed, preparing to sleep when a small box caught her attention. It was the box she stole from her father's room. It was place on the bedside table, near the lamp. Nervously, she reached over the object wondering whose necklace it was. Her father never owned accessories and her mother's jewelries were buried safely in her grave. Because of the memory Sakura had with her mother, her father decided to keep them away from her sight.

Carefully lifting the cover, Sakura was surprised to see an odd necklace. She scooped the material and saw that it had a black string with three silver rings, each apart from the other. She had never seen anything like it. Examining it, she wondered where her father had found it. He had always kept silent about his trips outside the forest, especially after the incident during her childhood; one that gave her a glimpsed of death.

It instantly gave her shivers down her spine despite the occurrence thirteen years ago. She remembered fainting on her father's back, waking up to her name being called when they reached home. He almost crushed her in his embrace as he held her tightly the moment she woke up. Shaking away the memory, she searched the contents of the box, hoping to find something that would give her a clue on the necklace's owner.

She held it upside down and was stunned to see a folded paper drop on the bed. Observing the sheet, Sakura assumed it was ripped away from an extremely old book, staring at its tawny color and decaying papyrus. But with curiosity getting the best of her, Sakura ignored the age of the paper and unveiled it cautiously.

Upon spreading it wide open, it revealed a picture of a boy at the age of twelve or probably higher. Her eyes squinted at the faded image and stifled a gasp when she realized who it was.

"S – Sasuke-kun?" She declared unsurely, staring at the paper more intensely. With a tilt of her head, she dismissed her earlier guess. The boy looked almost identical to a young Sasuke except the two scars that marred his face in between his eyes and his raven locks were down. On his neck was the necklace that was also kept inside the box.

As she read the contents, she felt her body stiffen at the caption written under the photo. The necklace slipped away from her fingers in complete shock.

"Uchiha…" She whispered. "Itachi…"

And below his name printed…

The Firstborn. Heir of the Uchiha Empire.

As the paper fell from her hold, a daunting chuckle echoed in the room.

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