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I received the following review earlier today, and I figured I would share it because he/she pointed out some things I figured would be better explained. And since it wasn't an account, I can't respond to the reviewer by message. I hope they get to read this, it'd be a shame if they weren't able to read my response after they spent so much time reading this story and reviewing.

2011-05-27 . chapter 1

you do know that it's fucking Northern Ireland, not North Ireland as the island is divided between the Republic of Ireland and part of Ulster which is called Northern Ireland which belongs to England. And don't give some fucking exuse like "IT'S ONLY A NOT SERIUS OC"

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Dear Bobbycat,

Yes, I'm aware that it is Northern Ireland. I apologize for the slight mistake on my part, I originally wrote this up on my phone and did minimal editing afterward. I have a belief where you do as little editing as possible so you get an honest opinion on your writing abilities, but it seems I made a mistake. Excuse my slip-up, I did not intend to overlook a detail like this. And yes, I am also aware that there is a difference between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, although please don't take offense as I say this; Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom, saying it "belongs to England" isn't entirely correct. I know I allude and state that Northern Ireland and Ireland are one place, but that will be further explained in the next installment of this series. I will explain this now, though, because I feel like people will be confused otherwise.

In this universe, there is an incident between the United Kingdom and Ireland. After much discussion ( coughPESTERING,IRRITATING,ETCcoughcough ) on Ireland's part, they were able to reach a deal where Northern Ireland was given to Ireland. There are still some rough patches with this deal, and I will explain this further, but that is the basis of all of this. I'm hoping to let this one-shot grow into a series, and I'll be discussing it with my friend who inspired all of this to get her feedback on it. I'll see where it heads to, but I hope this explains some of your confusion. I figured since it was fanfiction, it would be okay to change this detail. Should I have written that it would be AU in the description? Maybe I'll add that, if that will help clear some things up.

I would like to point out that this is a serious OC. Every OC I make, I take them very serious and do research. If I make mistakes with them, I apologize again, but I'm only human and I can't remember everything I read about. Thank you for your review, and if you see any more things you are confused about or I might have made a mistake about, please let me know. :) I hope to hear from you again, stay cool~

With much love,

Kay the author. 3

To the other readers: Feel free to send me any questions you may have, I'll be happy to respond to them! If you can, I'd prefer if you used an account so I can respond to you privately and avoid this, but I never want to leave any review unanswered so I will if necessary. Thank you all, I hope that this clears a few things up. :) Have a wonderful day and stay awesome~

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