There's a moment in everyone's life where time stands still, where it seems that life as we know it, is no more. This moment could be good it could be bad it could also be both. I have had many moments were time slows but never in all my life had time stood still. That is until now.

Staring down the barrel of a gun is scary, hell it's terrifying and at this moment I wish that were the case. I wish the gun would be pointed at me but it's not. No, it's pointed at the one thing in this world I care for more than life itself. That gun is pointed at the love of my life and there's not a damn thing I can do about it except watch it all unfold on the screen in front of me. This screen is literally showing my worst nightmare come true and I am helpless to stop it, we all are. On this screen our unsub, the man who has been tormenting this small town, now holds one of our own. His gun is pointed at Jay Jay and all I can think of is if he pulls that trigger he will be killing us both.

Everyone is frantically working trying to get a read on the situation, trying to find out some new information that will lead us to their whereabouts and all I can do is stare and wonder. Will I get the chance to tell her just how madly, deeply, truly, head over heels in love I am with her or will it end with regrets and a life gone. In that moment all I can think about is, all that I should have done. I should have told her from the moment I met her that she was the one. The only one for me. I am only brought out of my thoughts when I hear Morgan, "You sure baby girl, alright. I know, I know, we will bring her home." He rambled off the details and it all seemed so surreal. And before I knew it we were all running out of the local's sheriff's office headed for the SUVs.

When we got there we set up the live feed again and sure enough the unsub still had Jay Jay in his sights. A plan was made and orders were given and I knew of nothing that was going on because all I could do was stare at the screen. Stare at Jay Jay, look at her beautiful eyes that usually showed so much joy and happiness, now all they show is fear. I am torn away when Hotch places his hand on my shoulder, "Prentiss, you're sitting this one out." I look at him in disbelief, he can't possibly be serious, can he. I mean that is the love of my life, the one I would gladly give my life for how can he honestly think I will just sit by and watch. I expression must have spoken volumes, because he stated matter-of-factly "I could have left you at the station, and if I have to I will hand cuff you, we will get her out, you're not thinking clearly and I need everyone a 100%, you need to be strong for her." I nod, I know he's right but it takes everything in my being not to disobey him.

As they all approach the house I turn my head to the screen and I swear in that moment she was staring right into the camera as though she knew I would be there, and in that moment I saw her mouth "Em, I love you." In that moment my life would change, in that moment the team stormed the room and at that moment the live feed went dead.