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I interrupt her by raising my hand "Jennifer. Whatever it is it can wait. You heard the doctor, you should rest." She reaches for my hand and pushes it down onto the bed and looks into my eyes. She closes her eyes, good she's going to be a good patient and listen to the doctors. Her eyes open, nope, from the look in her eyes she's not going rest, she is going to say whatever it is that is on her mind. "Em." She continues to look at me and I see this devilish grin. "I love you too." With that said she closes her eyes and to my surprise and relief she falls asleep. She loves me too, I can't believe my ears, she said I love you too. I have waited a lifetime this moment.

Home. We were finally heading home. After what seemed like a lifetime of hell finally springs hope. Jennifer had been released from the hospital about a week ago. We attended the funeral the day after she was discharged. The rest of the team had headed back to Quantico two days later but I remained behind to watch over her, to make sure she got cleared to fly and to return home. Today is the day we have been waiting for. The doctors have given her the okay to fly but strict instructions on what she can and can't do and of course made sure she set an appointment with her doctor when she returned. We are currently sitting on the BAU jet that the Bureau has so kindly allowed us to use.

Sitting here I find for the first time in days, weeks even, that I am not thinking of the past, not thinking of what I had nearly lost. No, today here in the plane I find myself dreaming of the future, of my future with Jay Jay and what we will have. Looking out the window with her head in my lap, our hands intertwined and her resting peacefully I can't imagine life any other way. I see a future with Jennifer, kids with Jennifer, a life with Jennifer and I can't help but smile. Feeling Jay Jay stir slightly I look down and see that she is now facing me and her smile I can only assume is matching my own.

"What are you thinking?" Such a simple question.

"You." A simple response to a simple question and it's the truth, the honest to god truth. All my thoughts revolve around her. The good thoughts the bad thoughts all my thoughts revolve around her. I move my hand from hers as she begins to sit up. She has this smile on her face and this look in her eyes that tells me she believes me but at the same time doesn't. "Really. I was thinking of you. Okay of you and me. About our future, our life together." Saying this last part I lower my eyes to our hands that are once again intertwined. We still really haven't discussed our future what will happen when we return. We talked about our feelings for each other but never discussed what these feelings meant and where they were going. We mainly focused on getting Jay Jay better. Swallowing the nervousness in my throat I look from our hands to the most calming, most loving blue eyes and I know I have nothing to be nervous about. "Jennifer, I love you. I have loved you from the moment we met and I have no doubt that I will love you until the moment I die. The house, the white picket fence, the dog the cat the house full of kids, all of it. I want all of it with you."

"Good." Good, that's her response to my heart felt declaration on love and on my version of our future. Good. What kind of response is good?

"What kind of response is good?" Okay didn't actually think I would ask that question but hey, I guess it's the only way I will find out what it means right? Lost in my thoughts on the definition of good I hear a slight giggle. This giggle causes me to come back to reality. Looking towards the giggle I see Jennifer looking at me giggling and that sparkle in her eyes that I love oh so much.

"An honest one." Great she is getting great amusement out of my lack of comprehension. But luckily for me she continues. "I'm glad you want it all, because I want it all too. You said it hit you when you were talking to Jane that's when you realized you loved me. I haven't told you when I realized it, when I knew I loved you. I realized I loved you when I saw you with Carrie. You remember on the plane when I told you I could see it, you and kids. That's when I realized I loved you. I wanted to say you, me and kids, that I could see that." She says this with such confidence that I have no choice but to believe every word.

"There's still a lot we need to talk about, a lot we need to work out. What about work. There are rules against Agents dating. What about the team? What about our family? What about," but before I can finish I am cut off by the softest, sweetest pair of lips I can imagine. Jennifer pulls me closer deepening the kiss. I can't believe I am finally kissing Jay Jay. Our lips are finally touching and I find myself thinking about it, I should be enjoying it not thinking about it. After finally giving in I am hell bent on memorizing each contour of her lips. With air becoming a slight issue we finally separate but only far enough for our lips to part allowing us some air. With our foreheads touching and her hand still on my neck keeping me close her response to my earlier rambling is simple, "I love you and you love me, that's all I need to know. Everything else will work it's self out. We will take it one step at a time, will deal with each issue as we come across them. Em, you know as well as I do that life is too short to worry about what everyone else thinks. I only care about us."

"Us. I like the sound of that. I could really get use to that. Us." It's true the thought of Jennifer and myself, I really could get use to that. "We take it slow. One step at a time. I can do that. We can do that." With that I lean in for another kiss. This one a little more passionate, a little more lust filled. Brushing my tongue across her lips, I seek entrance which to my excited pleasure, entrance is granted. Our tongues touch for the first time and I know I am addicted to all that is Jennifer. Like earlier I am dead set on remember everything about the kiss, everything about the taste that is Jennifer Jareau. I can most definitely get use to this. Again air is an issue and we reluctantly pull apart. "I can definitely get use to that." God it's like my mouth and brain lack the ability to communicate to one another. I mean really that's what I come up with.

"Me too." That's the response I get and it couldn't be more perfect. As I think this I hear the pilot announce that we will be landing shortly. And I find myself once again thinking of what will happen once we land. However before I can get lost in thought I feel my hand being squeezed and that is all I need to remind me of what it means.

Once we land, I grab both our go bags. As we leave the air strip I feel an arm snake around mine. With her arm around mine I stop dead in my tracks causing her to lose her grip on my arm. With my arm free I switch the go bag in my right hand to my left with the other. With my now empty hand I reach for hers and continue on our way only to be stopped dead in my tracks again. However this time it's because Jennifer is just standing there looking at our hands with this goofy grin on her face. It's nice that the roles are reversed. Giving it a gentle squeeze and a slight tug we head off towards the car.

Reaching the car I place the go bags in the trunk and then open the passenger side door for Jennifer. Climbing into the driver's side I start the car. As we begin the drive I am missing the contact that we have been sharing so reaching across the middle console and grab hold of the hand I never want to let go.

"Where are we headed?" It is a good question and is said without a care in the world.

My answer to her question was simple, and honest. "Home."

There's a moment in everyone's life where time stands still, where it seems that life as we know it, is no more. It still amazes me how a moment, how a single moment can have such an impact on one's life, how it can change one's life. The moment we met my life changed, the moment the gun went off my life changed, the moment her heart stopped my life changed, 3:13am that moment my life changed, the moment she said I love you changed my life, this moment, the moment I am in right now is changing my life. Every moment of everyday will always continue to change my life and I am very thankful for it.