Alright so this is a rp that my fiance and I did, taken and blended together to make a fanfic. Their character names will pop up in the future. Terra is obviously Anubis and I feel like being mean and making you guys guess Isis. This is somewhat of a crossover fic so be open minded! Some will be obvious, some won't be.

Ventus was nervous as he carried the offering items up to the alter. He was never elected to do this for the simple reason he was never trusted to carry it out right. It was said that Anubis was to come when the moon was at full rise. He had to hurry. The priestess, Aqua, had taken pity on him and assigned him the job. He was the lowest of servants, not even fit to set foot in the sacred temple under normal circumstances. The blonde started setting up, everything perfect when he was done. He felt an overwhelming sense of pride as he looked over his work. His pride was short lived as blue eyes glanced to something he had caught glinting out of the corner of his peripheral vision. A frown spread across his features when he realized a single grape had broken off the vine and rolled to the edge of the table. Everything had to be perfect. Ven walked over to remedy the situation before his sandal caught in a crack. Toppling over he instinctively grabbed onto the tablecloth, bringing the entire set up down. Wine spilled, bread flew and the grapes scattered just as the moon set at it's highest point.

As the moon hit the right peak, suddenly the lamps in the temple all went out, bathing the inside of the temple in the cool light of the full moon. Once the rays touched the feet of the statute of Anubis, a bright light flashed, filling the building completely before a strange mist enveloped the statue, spreading out like fingers along the floor. The servant looked up at the statue with a gasp and then back to the the mess, "Oh no no..this can't be happening!" He got up and ran about frantically, trying to fix the alter.

As the mist dissipated, the statute had seem to suddenly take a breath. The hand holding the staff suddenly flexed its clawed fingers, cracks sounding as if an old book finally opening again. The head lowered a bit more, the gold glinting despite the lack of light on the jackal's head. The shoulders lowered then rose again in jerky movements, more cracking sounding. The gold teeth in the jaw gleamed slightly.

Ven's eyes doubled in size as he laid them upon the giant. He seemed woozy, head spinning for a second, frozen in place with fear. 'Oh no...I'm going to die. I wonder if I grovel enough he'll spare me', he thought as his eyes looked around for an escape. What if he was an angry god? He couldn't sacrifice his fellow people to his wrath because of hismistake. A faint breath echoed through the temple before the head lifted slowly, revealing that the jackal's head wasn't a head at all, but a headdress. Underneath, a rather human-like face turned to stare down at him. Golden eyes seemed to bore into his very soul.

Silently and with sudden grace, a clawed foot stepped off the platform, right towards the boy. The clicking of the staff on the marbled floor and the faint jingle from the god's headdress were the only sounds he made. The servant stood frozen in sheer terror as the saw the god come toward him. He remembered his limbs and started to back up but only managed to hit the alter. Everything told him to run but his feet felt heavy enough as is. Ven was rooted to the floor, just staring at the creature.

The statue that had come to life and stopped only a step from him, staring at him for a moment. The eyes shifted a moment to the other statues, the grip on the staff tightening only momentarily. A deep and vibrating voice resounded throughout the whole temple." how I am re-payed for my work? The runt of human kind?" The lips had never moved, at least to speak. Instead, the corners were pulled down further into a frown. "Is this some sort of joke?" Ven opened his mouth but only a frightened squeak came out. He cleared his throat and willed himself to stop trembling. "I am so sorry..." He suddenly dropped to his knees and bowed, "I was to set up your offering..and I tripped, and the whole thing came down...and then the moon rose before I could fix it." This seemed to upset the jackal god further. Once more he glanced around the temple, the golden hues lingering on few statues in particular. Turning his head a bit, the gaze turned to the alter.

"P-Please don't bring your wrath out on my people" he stayed in a bowed position, shaking uncontrollably. Almost ready to pass out, quietly he wished that this was a nightmare and he would wake up in the servant's quarters to the Pharaoh's absurd commands. There was silence that stretched on for a while. After a moment of surveying the mess, Anubis turned his attention back upon the groveling boy. Then, the look was gone. The light click of the claws on the god's feet and the bottom of the staff repeatedly hitting the floor's surface as well as the whisper of fabric were the only indication he even moved towards another statute. "Isis..." Reaching out, a clawed finger ran down the statue's cheek to chin. As he exhaled, the same mist from earlier flowed past his lips, enveloping the statue of the goddess.

The statue twitched to life just as Anubis had before stepping down, "You came down to get your offering, why do you need me?" the "goddess" around at the alter and then at the boy, "What a disaster...what happened here?"

Anubis gave a light snort."Human error, naturally." Turning back to the mess, he nodding slowly to the blond on the floor. "I'm honestly at a loss of what to do with him. He's too young to be taken to Orisis." The soft sound of chuckling floated through the perfumed air. "He thinks...I am as Sekhmet, to bring my wrath upon this land. Touchy lion woman."

Isis chuckled softly, "Well if all else fails take the human sacrifice. He is a servant, no?" The blonde trembled even more at the second god appearing.

"This is true, but what to do with him? He looks ready to break under his own weight." Anubis walked back over to stand in front of the boy. Slowly he knelt to a knee and reached out, a claw gently pressing against the underside of the servant's chin and forcing him to look up. Bright eyes widened in fear as the creature touched him. They teared up slightly, unsure of what to do. Isis rose a brow and watched the jackal god with interest.

The god blinked in slight surprise, the hand dropping. Straightening to his full height once more, he strode to Isis, lips parting faintly in faint awe. The booming voice disappeared, turning to a whisper in Isis' ear. "His's completely pure." Isis hummed a bit before looking over to him, "Pure? That's very rare. I'm surprised your mouth isn't love pure souls. They're like a rare treat."

The hand on Anubis' staff tightened. "Don't remind me. I could feel something was different once I passed over. I just couldn't figure out where it was coming from." His eyes slid closed as he thought about it. "...what if I took him to our realm? Would Ra be displeased?"

"You really want that soul don't you? Pass it off. Say it was a human sacrifice. We could use a servant in our realm. Though he would technically be yours."

The god of death and embalming ran his tongue over his lips absently as the other spoke. Glancing back to the boy, he gave a small nod. "You're the human portal please." Turning almost on the balls of his feet, he approached the human once more. "I have decided on this matter, little one."

"Very well" isis mumbled turning around and opening the portal. Ven looked up frighted and prayed to the rest of the gods that he would be spared. He glanced up with innocent eyes hoping to spark some compassion into the god.

"Come with me, child." Without another word, he turned to the portal, calmly walking through it.
Ven's eyes widened even more with the order, confused as he got up. He followed the god to the portal before stopping in front. He hesitated a moment, looking back at the place he knew. Knowing better than to linger he stepped into the portal. Another huge flash of light and a stretching sensation before they both disappeared, leaving the human world behind.