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Earth's Vengeance Book One: The Prototype

Prologue: Over

Back in the 1950's a vast majority of the United Nations' scientists were briefed on an operation that the nations' leaders wished to come about. The United Nations wanted to create no more or less than ten thousand humanoid beings. These beings were to be created from scratch using a lethal combination of modern science and alchemy and were to be given super human abilities. Although the leaders of the United Nations told the scientists that these humanoid beings were purely desired for scientific purposes, their motives were less than honorable. However, their true colors were soon revealed to the scientists and many refused to work on the project. Those who were a bigger threat to the operation were swiftly executed; the others were threatened or bribed. As a result, work began immediately and, before the end of the 1980's, all ten thousand humanoid beings were finished. The first few models were even 'awakened' and allowed to roam throughout the laboratory and interact with others before put back to 'sleep'.

The United Nations leaders were more than please; their private super human army would be fully functional before the new millennium. They did not expect one of their leading scientists, Doctor Emil Crawford, to have a change of heart. He put the humanoid beings into a coma-induced state that would last for approximately five hundred years. When word of this reached the United Nations, massive outrage erupted and Crawford was captured and sentenced to death. Before they had captured him, all of his files and notes were given to his assistant who was placed in a capsule in suspended animation. The assistant was not due to awaken for five hundred years. All that the United Nations had worked for was gone.

During the same period of time, the Earth began to rage. With her temperature slowly, but surely, rising, more earthquakes, more hurricanes, more tornadoes, tsunamis, floods, and volcanic eruptions occurred. Meteorologists from all over the world came together, trying to determine what was going one and how to stop it. Their efforts, however, were futile.

On the dawn of the first day of the new millennium, the Earth unleashed a fury the likes of which had never before been seen by human eyes. Seas rages. Mountains roared. The continents themselves were demolished. Not even the sun graced the people with its light. For seven long years this went on.

Seven long years…

Then, a ray of sunlight shone bright and true; the first ray of hope in ages. It was the end of the Earth's seven year long rage; a rage that wiped out a vast majority of all life on the planet, humans included. Barely one hundred thousand humans survives. By the time the first few survivors emerged from their safe havens, the world had been turned upside down. The seven great continents were no more; all that remained was one giant land mass similar to Pangaea. Large cites like London, Tokyo, and New York were no more. Life had returned to the 1500's: no electricity, no industry. Her mission complete, the Earth fell back into her sweet slumber. No one left knew of the ten thousand humanoid beings buried underground in a laboratory that had long since been abandoned. Unchanging. Never aging.


Five hundred years after the Earth unleashed her fury, the humanoid beings started waking up and emerging from the confines of the laboratory they had been created in. They ran off into the woods surrounding the lab and emerged into the world, forming separate tribes that lived away from people…and each other. Only one was left behind. Doctor Crawford's young assistant awoke as well and left, taking the works of Doctor Crawford with him. He did not see the remaining humanoid being still asleep, and it wasn't until decades later that he returned to awake him: The Prototype.

Glass breaks. Water pours out from all around him. He slumps onto the ground, half in the capsule, half out. His face is pressed against the floor, gasping for breath. Breathe… He can breathe? Confusion. Slowly, he opens his eyes before closing them tightly. A light is shining in his face and he doesn't know why or who is even making it do so. He doesn't know anything. Not even where he is. And he has no memory of anything before now.

The light recoils and a face hidden in darkness and shadow stares down at him, asking him something in words he doesn't understand. Slowly, he opens his eyes and looks up.

John gasps and sits up in his sleeping back, panting slightly. That's the ninety-seventh time he's had that dream. Normally, he doesn't dream, but when he does it's always the same one, starting the same way: with glass breaking. He doesn't understand it and he doesn't know what to make of it. He's contemplated asking Steve about it, but he doesn't feel comfortable doing so just yet. Although he trusted the older man with his life, he didn't want to be laughed at, made a fool of.

But that dream… It's just too bizarre. There's so much he doesn't understand…

Not too far from him, the fire cracks and sparks. It's slowly dying and if it doesn't get enough wood, it'll go out. Unzipping the sleeping bag, John clambers out of it and, tiredly, stumbling into the surrounding woods looking for firewood. Clad only in a pair of jeans and a sweater, he makes his way through the woods, slowly waking up as he does so. Judging by the position of the stars in the sky, it's around one o'clock in the morning. He'd only been asleep for three hours. Not nearly enough, but better than what he usually gets.

His eyes adjust to the darkness and he bends down, surveying the ground around him before picking up a few small sticks. Not nearly good enough. Deeper into the forest he does, stopping often to bend down and pick up sticks and tree limbs. Steve taught him to respect the life around him so if he didn't have to tear of branches to fuel the fire then he wouldn't. Not too far from him, a stick snaps; something is close by. Squinting his eyes, he focuses his sight in the direction of the sound. After staring for a few moments, the shadows move: something is there. Panic floods him and he tries to move, but he can't. He's paralyzed.

John couldn't tear his eyes away from whatever it was that was coming closer to him. When it was close enough, his eyes adjusted to the being and he discovered that it was a large cat. Probably a cougar, and it was staring intently at him. It wasn't snarling or anything, just staring, much like John was doing. His fear slowly faded away and he knew instinctively that the cougar wasn't going to harm him. For some odd reason, a sense of familiarity passed over him. He didn't understand why though because this was the first time he had ever seen a cougar. But when he stared into its soft brown eyes, he felt like he was standing before an old friend, one he hadn't seen in ages.

From out of nowhere, a loud cry rang out and Steve jumped out of the trees and landed between John and the cougar. The cat snarled but didn't move to attack the older man, who was standing straight up, yelling at the beast.

"Go away you foul creature! You've no business with the boy yet! Go one! Get! You can follow us later but leave him be for now! Go!"

Reluctantly and with one last fleeting glance at John, the cougar turned around and jogged off into the darkness from whence it came. Releasing a sigh, Steve turned around and shot John a slight glare before turning and walking in the direction that John came from camp. John followed behind him, not knowing what to make of the scene that had just played before him.

"I figured that you'd wander off. Your sleepless nights are starting you take their toll on me now. John, you know better than to head off into the woods by yourself, especially at night."

"But my eye sight's better than yours. I can see pretty decently enough in the dark; better than you can anyway. Besides, that cougar wasn't going to hurt me."

"No, he wasn't. He had other things on his mind. But still, you can't just walk off by yourself. There are other things, other…creatures out there than cougars."

"I know…" John was feeling incredibly tired now, almost too much to actually pay attention to the old man. They made their way back to their camp site. As Steve fed the fire, John settled back into his sleeping bag. Before he could close his eyes, Steve tapped him on the shoulder. Peering over his shoulder, John came face to face with Steve's hand, upon which sat two small white pills.

"Take these. They'll help you sleep."

"What are they?"

"An old remedy from back in the day. Now shut up and take them. You and I both need the rest. We've still got miles to go until we reach the next town."

John did as he was told and grabbed the pills out of Steve's hand. He swallowed them and laid down in his sleeping bag, closing his eyes. Before too much time had passed, he was out cold, sleeping more soundly than ever before. Thankfully, the dream didn't return and he was able to get some well needed rest.