Well, this is the beginning of a whole new project for me. Since I don't really have any imagination left for my other story, I started this project because, first of all, I adore the series that Kathryn Lasky wrote. Her books are well detailed and they have such a good story even though I'm only at the 11th book. Anyways, I do not own Soren, Gylfie, Grimble or any other character from the original story. I only own Kurth(for now) and the plot that will follow in the story.

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters that bear any resemblances to Kathryn Lasky's characters. I only own my own character(Kurth) and the plot, which will differ greatly from the original story.

Chapter 1: One Big Adventure With Feathers

Over! I had finally finished the book set of the Guardians of Ga'Hoole from well-known author Kathryn Lasky. It included the first four books of this series of fifteen books and I had just finished the fourth book called 'The Siege' and I was glad because I knew that I had finished reader the first books and also since I was in awe. I had watched the movie first, a very, very bad idea, and the more I read, the more that I realized that the movie had been altered so much from the books.

Oh, please forgive my rudeness. Here I am relating those things to you and I didn't even introduce myself. My real name is Michael Turner but where I am now, I am known as Kurth and this; well, this is my story and this is how it goes. I was on my way to my family's relatives and since I knew that I would be bored while going there so I brought my books with me since I really wanted to finish the fourth book. While the books were relatively smaller than most of the books I had read, they contained a loadful of suspense, intrigue and drama compared to those same books I have read.

While on our ride, I had finished reading the fourth book but my thirst for reading was still growing and I had to find myself to read. However, there were none and I didn't want to read the first book once more since I already knew the entire story from the first book to the fourth one. So, in the end, I listened to my IPod for the rest of my trip. Upon arriving at our relatives' house, we were warmly greeted by them. For the rest of the day, we told each other jokes, anecdotes and other facts about politics and whatever happened on an everyday basis.

After I went to sleep, I began having strange dreams about owls just like in the Guardians of Ga'Hoole. I dreamt of St. Aegolius and its academy for orphaned owls and in my dream were Soren and Gylfie as owlets when they were snatched away in the first book but with them was another owl that I had never read about and his name seemed to be Kurth. This was strange because Kurth was also the surname of the main character of my fanfic about the Legend of Spyro. However, I had never thought about including him in this particuliar series.

However, I ended thinking that this was just another dream influenced by my thirst for knowledge and my my imagination at first but it happened the night after. That time too, I thought it was just my imagination playing tricks on me but it became even more frequent and my dreams happened on almost every night. I could still remember one even though it has been a while.

Beginning of Dream

Soren and Gylfie couldn't believe what they had just been through. One of their most precious friend, Hortense, had just been killed by Finny, one of the pit guardians of St. Aegolius and to make things worse, another friend they had had been sent to room where they had been submitted to the moon scalding, a process much far more brutal than the moon blinking which consisted in hypnotizing an owl to make them forget about their names. The process also made them lose their will, their feeling and such things to make them into totally obedient owls that just executed their tasks. In fact, St. Aegolius' plan was to rule over all the owls kingdoms using the moon blinking.

Anyways, when thy had seen their friend again, they noticed that he had been made into a perfectly moon blinked owl that didn't respond to his old name anymore. He only did when they called out to him with his number designation. However, because of what had happened with Hortense a while before, they were a little suspicious about Kurth being truly moon blinked. The truth about Kurth was that he had been called by Skench, The Ablah General of St. Aegolius, personally and that after they were finished with him, they sent him directly to the moon scalding room where they were in a little while before.

Still, when Soren and Gylfie tried to to approach him, he didn't even respond after hearing his name and instead told them that he was now known as 15-7. When Soren had met Kurth, he was glad yo find another Barn Owl in the same pit as he was but he had noticed something was amiss with Kurth. He saw it in the bigger Barn Owl's eyes that he didn't know who he was completely. Still, Kurth never really looked scared of any other owls in St. Aegolius. Not even Skench managed to install fear into him but there were some days where he was even more of a coward than Gylfie when she snatched away. Soren thought that it was just a part of the Barn Owl's personality, but he didn't seem to worry that much about it anyhow.

Another that had happened to both Soren and Kurth was the laughter therapy, which consisted in plucking one's flight feather, because they had both asked a questions when questions were prohibited in St. Aggie's. However, when they were thinking of finally leaving, Gylfie protested in leaving Kurth behind, but Soren told her that he had made his choice by staying in St. Aegolius.

End of Dream

That dream felt so strange and yet, so real at the same time. I awakened suddenly that night and I had trouble sleeping after that because I was trying to understand the meaning of my dream but it ended up giving me no results on the matter. At first, I had thought of going to see in the first book of the Guardians of Ga'Hoole, however, it was highly against my principles to to read the book of a series more than once before I had finished the entire series first. Still, I was sure that there were no Kurth in the first as I knew the entire story up to the fourth book by heart.

Over the next few weeks, I started ignoring those dreams since they seemed to repeat themselves and after some time, those dreams became meaningless and I finally managed to get some good rest over the next weeks compared to the first weeks. However, about six months after I first had those dreams, I had another strange dream concerning the events of the first book, but this dream really caught my attention. In that dream, I saw Kurth, the new Barn Owl of which I had never heard about, escape St. Aegolius even if I had seen it in my other dreams that he seemed like a perfectly moon blinked owl due to the moon scalding.

I also saw it in that new dream that when he was escaping, Skench and Spoorn were behind him, trying to catch him but because of some maneuvers he had learned from an owl in St. Aggie's, which was strange because the only un-moon blinked owl in St. Aegolius was Grimble and he had been killed by Skench when Soren and Gylfie had escaped from the academy. This was almost impossible unless Kurth had gained so much worth in the academy that he received his his name and had been taught how to fly by anyone high placed in St. Aggie's. Maybe it had been Skench, maybe Spoorn or Unk.

As of now, that was the most probable possibility. Because of that, I decided to take the first book now that I had finished the entire series and I started to read it again. It took me about three hours and a half to finish the book. I divided the reading of the book in four days because I wanted to read it words by words, lines by lines and pages by pages. After reading the half of the book, I saw that I was right and that there were no owl named Kurth in the story. One the night of the fourth day, it was getting late, but I didn't want to let go of my darn book and around midnight, my vision started to blur a little. When it was around one in the morning, my vision was so much of a blur that I was beginning to see some letters reshaping themselves in the page I was reading. They joined together to form one sentence; the owl kingdoms are in need of you.

A few seconds later, I was surrounded by a small whirlwind and it made me kind of dizzy but I only lost consciousness the moment feathers appeared inside the whirlwind...

Well, that's about it for my first chapter. I hope you liked it and I also hope that you will send me positive/constructive/friendly reviews about this. Like I say sometimes, Flames will be read, and ignored. Good comments will read, and loved and constructive comments will be read, and favorited. Well, for now LordChronicler46, out!