Ciel Phantomhive X Sebastian Michaelis


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Chapter 3

Chess Pieces

A sea of ruby eyes and snapping alabaster teeth snarled at him from the foot of his bed. Ciel watched them with weary crimson eyes. A stream of soft gold broke through the heavy curtains and fell across a one hound, and its body turned to mist. The color of the sunlight told him Sebastian would be at his door within minutes. He grimaced. He wanted to finish this before his butler could interfere. He had three more wraith hounds to make. He sighed and sank himself deeper into his subconscious, into an altered state where he could gather power for his creations. The specks of glittering energy came to his hand without pause, or hesitation. The flow of multi-hued light was eager to bend to his will.

He opened his eyes when the slight weight of his finished product filled his hand. Ciel held the stem of a budding blue rose between his fingers. He caressed the velvet petals and watched it swell. Colorless vapor rose from the blooming cobalt flower. The mist curled around his feet and solidified into the hound's corporal form. He pet the fresh blue rose and watched as the dog rolled on to its back happily. He nudged the dog with his foot and told it to get off his bed. It turned a face that was frozen in a perpetual hungry snarl to him and quickly did as it was bid, its tail whipping joyously. He watched as it stepped into a patch of sunlight and vaporize. He smirked. It would fool so many people. No matter what form his wraith hounds took, those gleaming teeth were always razor sharp and ready to sink into tender flesh.

When the last of the five dozen roses lay on his lap, Ciel ordered them home into their respective flower. Each one dissolved and sank into their own host, waiting for when they can spring forth and protect their master. They would hunt down his foes no matter where they hid. Nothing could stop them from reaching their prey; not door, nor lock would keep them out. And only their master and his men could touch them. All other hands, or feet, or weapons, would find only air and the bite of their fury.

Ciel sighed heavily and leaned back against the welcomed mound of pillows. Making sixty wraith hounds in six hours was demanding. He had pushed himself close to his limit but the persistent niggling feeling would not let him stop. He had a feeling he would need every last one of these hounds in the weeks, maybe months, to come. They would guard his mansion well. He picked up one stem and tapped the vibrant head softly against his lips. A gentle spicy sweet aroma tickled his nose and was followed by a quiet woof of the hidden hound. He leaned his head back against the cushioned headboard and closed his eyes. Exhaustion weighed down upon his small frame like a thick, water-drenched cloak. He didn't open his eyes when his door clicked open.

Sebastian stood in the open doorway for a moment, taking in the sight before him. It didn't seem like his little master rested at all since he left. It was clear that whatever he had done had him worn thin. Demons did not have to sleep, but when they expend too much power, they needed to rest to rejuvenate. It irritated him that there would be very little time for his master to take proper care of himself. He straightened his shirt sleeves and cleared his throat lightly. Wasn't it part of his duties to take care of his master? A strong dose of sweet soul tea would be a good beginning. But first he had to take care of the numerous blue roses lying on the expansive bed. What were they? There was hardly a feel of power to them at all. Was Ciel truly so tired he could barely create his artifacts?

The contents of the bed let loose a series of howls in greeting. The scent of their master was all over this demon and therefore must be his. They jumped out of their roses with their face snarling and their tails wagging uncontrollably.

Sebastian froze halfway to the bed, made uncertain by the mixed messages of the hounds' body language. Were they snarling in anger and ready to pounce? Or were they happy and ready to pounce? Of course they could just be so happy to kill him they couldn't contain themselves. He risked a glance at Ciel to see what he should do and spied a small grin upon those lips. He sketched a short bow and decided to pretend that 59 snapping hounds were not encircling him. "Good morning, my lord. What would you have of me?" he asked calmly.

Ciel sighed at the lack of reaction and opened his eyes. "Let them greet you properly and then put two roses in every room and hallway in this mansion. The roses are the wraith hounds' hosts. They will be another intricate layer of defense on my home. But before you do, introduce the servants to them as soon as possible. Let the three know to never take them out of the rooms. They may be picked up and moved around while the other flowers are freshened but they must not be removed."

Sebastian grimaced down at the wet noses touching his outstretched hands. "Is there a reason for them to never be moved?" He wondered if these hounds were that fragile. Would something happen to them?

It was Ciel's turn to grimace. "No, they must merely be in pairs. They must be left together to form the bond that they need."

"Why are they called wraith hounds?"

Ciel looked at the rose in his hand, and the shadowy figure curled at his feet. "No one but you, I, and the servants of this manor may touch them. But their teeth will always find their mark no matter what form they are in. It doesn't matter if they are corporal or mist when they hunt. It doesn't matter how long, how far, how deep underground a person hides, if there is a way for air to get in, they will be there."

"And the roses?"

His hand curled delicately around the beautiful true-blue flower as he answered. "They are the host that ties the hounds to this realm. They are what allows these dream hounds to exist even when I open my eyes. Without them, the hounds have no home, no body, no anchor in our reality. In essence, these roses ARE the hounds' true form."

Sebastian nodded in understanding. The things that his master could come up with amazed him. Is that the unlimited mind that comes from once being human? No, demon born or not, his master was one of a kind even as a human boy creating a massively successful toy company. Becoming a demon had not stunted that creativity, it merely took off the limitations of what that human boy could do. "So, the way to destroy the hound lies in destroying the rose. That is the reason why you have them in pairs. If one hunts the prey, the other guards the hosts."

Ciel gave a sharp nod. "The roses are not as delicate as you make them sound, Sebastian," he chided indignantly. "They cannot be destroyed by normal means, and if even so much as a petal remains, it can regenerate itself over time." Ciel looked to the window and the spill of sunlight. "But I have a feeling that what we face will not be using normal means to fight us," he whispered.

Sebastian felt his gut clench at the weariness weighing down on his lord. He clapped his hand once and pointed to the roses on the bed, all the while staring into the mass of dogs. He watched them disappear and re-inhabit their hosts. "I will return to attend to you when I have finished this task, my lord," he said with his arms full of cobalt roses.

Ciel nodded and held two stems in his hand. "Do these last. You can put them away when you return."

Sebastian bowed at the door. "As you wish, my lord," he said, eager to leave and let his master rest for a few moments more. Although, that boy wouldn't know what that word was even if a dictionary opened to the page and slapped him across the face. No, his lord was not a restful one.

Ciel waited for the door to close before closing his eyes again. His energy was dangerously low and the day had just begun. He needed to recuperate somehow. What he planned to do was nearly cheating in his mind and it wouldn't last long, but it served his purpose. He sank back into that altered state and gathered the particles of prismic light. He focused the light into himself and felt his body hum with the energy. He filled himself until he held enough to last him the day. So long as he didn't expend unnecessary amounts of power today, it should be enough for his body to naturally rejuvenate itself by nightfall. It was a quick remedy but the more he did it, the more energy he needed to fill himself. And he hated relying on anything other than himself, and what he could create.

He drew in a deep sigh as the incredible weight hanging over his body became more bearable. His mind returned to its normal processing speed and he turned his wits toward the main issue at hand. In order to properly break Haysop, he needed to find out what the boy was like. What did he brat hold dear and irreplaceable? Why was he there to begin with? And how was the underworld reacting to the newly incompetent Queen's Watchdog? He couldn't even imagine what idiot decisions his imposter was capable of. Just the thought of the imbecile tarnishing his name flushed his body with anger. His slight body shook with his anger until the two roses howled. He swallowed his rage and laid a gentle hand on the flowers. It wasn't time for them to hunt down Haysop. When the moment came, Ciel would crush him personally for his impertinence.

He caressed the cobalt petals in thanks. He needed his mind clear to plan properly. And there was someone more dangerous than Alan Haysop. Ciel did not know enough about the boy's butler to be satisfied. The lack of information irked him, on the other hand. Why did Michael meet with the false queen? What business did he have? And why did she grant him a private audience? Who was the man? He needed those questions answered. And he needed to find a way to rescue his company from the idiotic clutches of a good-for-nothing child.

Sebastian returned to the quiet room and sighed when he opened the door. He doubted his master slept at all while he was gone, but at least he looked better. The weariness was still deep within those beautiful, bloody eyes. H walked up to the plush bed and picked up the two roses. "Where would you like these, my lord?" he asked in an effort to not flutter around the boy in worry. What had gotten into him lately? Surely one night of pleasure together was not enough to make him act like a love-struck adolescent. There was that word again! What was wrong with him? A demon had no soul, so therefore, a demon had no heart, and therefore, a demon did not (could not) love. And he was a demon through and through.

Ciel was too busy dealing with his own inner turmoil to notice Sebastian's. He watched the long slender legs encased in silk black trousers, remembering when those hips surged against him just the night before. His heart slammed against his ribs and his pulse beat thick on the back of his tongue. He swallowed painfully, not giving in to the obvious desire to clear his throat. "Put them in the vase on my dresser and face them to me."

Sebastian nodded and turned his back to the naked body on the sapphire bed. He walked to the polished oak dresser in the pregnant silence, unable to break it. When was the last time he felt so awkward? He faced the vase spilling with white flowers and inserted...? Yes, inserted, the blue roses into the tightly... packed bouquet. He wiggled the stem back and forth to enlarge the opening before sliding the fragrant flower home. His mind raced and his breathing quickened as he tried to find a place for the second rose. When his task was done, he let out a silent gust of breath. He stayed facing the riot of flowers to allow his body to calm down. There had to be something wrong with him if the act of arranging flowers quickened his blood with lust. "Don't you think a blue rose is rather conspicuous, my lord?" he asked, trying to by himself more time. When his pants stopped feeling like a constricting prison and he could shift his hips without pain, he turned around.

Ciel swallowed again and tore his eyes away from the strong line of his butler's back and muscular butt barely hidden by the black coat tails. "Not if every household in London has one."

He was unable to understand his master's intentions immediately. The blood pooling in his loins had not returned to his brain, it seemed. "You're going to make a wraith hound for every house in the capital?" he asked, perplexed.

Ciel's brow arched sarcastically over the contracted crimson eye. "Don't be a fool. I won't make a wraith hound for anyone else. But FunTom will be making blue roses for the world."

Sebastian nodded without understanding. "And how will you manage that?"

Ciel grinned and threw aside the heavy duvet. "I own the company, remember? I will figure something out today and let you know."

Sebastian crossed the room in a few strides and picked up the small body. "And what will they be doing in these homes?" he asked as he walked them toward the adjoining bathroom.

Ciel laced his arms around Sebastian's neck and gave a diabolical chuckle. "They are going to delight, enrage, and amuse the households."

Sebastian looked down at the treasure in his arms and frowned. "What are they?"

Ciel rubbed his fingers on the black lapel by his lips before answering. "Truth or Dare Roses. When you lie near one, it turns from the true-blue to a bloody burgundy. Keep lying, and it will bleed in truth."

Sebastian paused at the sinister curve of the lips so close to his own and re-positioned his lord to a less distracting height. "That could create quite a few angry households."

"Potentially," Ciel agreed mischievously. "Now give me a bath. Once you finish attending to me this morning, I have a job for you."

Sebastian nodded and walked them through the threshold and into the onyx and ivory washroom. "Yes, my lord," he responded. He had a feeling his need to kill would be granted. And he very much needed to kill something to settle his thoughts, body, and heart. No, not heart. He didn't have one of those. And he'd prove it once his master allows.

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