Mischief Makers Aren't Always Friends

Kiara bounded out onto Pride Rock and was ready to go when her father stopped her. She looked up at Simba with a small pout. He smiled at her and started in on his speech about her getting hurt, or stepped on, or even getting lost. She had heard it a million times before.

"And if I see any strangers, don't talk to them. Come straight home, okay, okay can I go now, please?" she gave him a begging smile.

Simba relented and she took off like a shot towards the pride-lands. She loved her father but there were days that she got tired of him trying to watch her every five seconds. She ran through the grass and spotted a big butterfly. She chased after it until it landed on a rock.

Kiara crouched down and snuck up on the butterfly. Her tail waved back and forth as she prepared to pounce on the poor butterfly. She leapt and at the last second the butterfly flew to safety beyond her tiny paws. She instantly forgot the butterfly's escape when she saw two creatures she had never seen before.

Curious, she hopped up onto the upper part of the rock and watched the two creatures at play.

Kate practiced hunting skills on her sister, Lilly. She pretended that she was a caribou. She chased after her and somersaulted over a log blocking her path.

"Omegas don't play like this!" cried Lilly as she dodged around Kate and took off running again.

"You can't escape the greatest alpha ever!" Kate ran alongside her sister then smacked right into a tree with a thud.

Lilly tilted her head in amusement, "Well I just did!" she declared as she raced off.

Kate shook her head and got up. She reasserted her balance and took off after her sister. Neither knew they were being watched by a lion cub who was enjoying their game immensely.

Kiara watched the funny creatures running about on the ground when suddenly they disappeared from view. She heard something behind her and turned to look. She let out a scream as one of the strange things came leaping out of the brush heading right towards her. She backed up and fell off the rock with a loud splash.

The creature landed short of the rock and went looking for the yowling princess. Kate found her splashing and gasping for breath. She laughed at the drowned cub and earned a dirty look.

Kiara, feeling humiliated, climbed out of the water and shook out her tawny fur. She glared at the creature that had scared her. Now that she got a closer look, she realized it was a wolf. She had never seen one but had heard about them from the other lionesses in the pride.

"So are you done drowning?" Kate asked the little wet lion cub.

"I wasn't drowning, I swallowed water. No thanks to some wolf frightening me." she gave another glare and started to walk away.

"He he, drowned kitty," with that last statement Kate made her own way home.

Dusk was falling when Kiara got home. She still felt wet even though her fur had dried in the sun. She was humiliated and what was worse her father would probably give her a lecture. It wasn't her fault, that stupid wolf had startled her and made her mad. She had lost track of time due to her fuming.

She looked up and saw her father standing silently at the base of Pride Rock. Her ears lowered and she padded quickly over to him.

"Kiara, do you realize what time it is?" Simba admonished her.

"Yes, daddy," she slumped her shoulders, "But it wasn't my fault I ran into a wolf today and she scared me. It made me mad."

Simba looked down at her but didn't say a word. He looked towards the fringe of trees the wolf packs lived in. How far had she strayed from the path he had marked for her to see a wolf?

"Let's go inside." Was all he said and led the way to their home.

Kiara followed in sullen silence.

Kate looked up at the home of the lions as evening came. It was much different than her home. Everyone had their own dens while the lions seemed to share one. She couldn't imagine all of the pack in one den. It was bad enough sharing with her sister. Speaking of her sister, she looked over at the small, white wolf.

Lilly was sleeping like a baby with her tail tucked over her nose. Kate sighed and laid her head down. She should be asleep, but the thought of the wet lion cub kept her from sleeping. She had just looked so funny and Kate wished she had an ability to go back in time and see it again.

Eventually though, sleep found Kate.