Kate padded through the forest. That Humphrey could really get under her fur! She stubbed her toe and let out a yelp. She licked her paw to ease the pain then continued on her way. How was she supposed to find a lioness is such a wide expanse of land was beyond her. She hung her head as she looked over the pride-lands.

It's so big out there, she thought hopelessly. She kept walking when she thought she spotted the tawny lioness. She sneaked up quietly and saw that it was indeed the lioness. She looked so lonely on the tree branch she was laying on.

"Hello?" Kate whispered slightly.

Kiara perked her ears and looked up. She saw the wolf on the other side of the river and slightly smiled, but the smile fell and she turned away. Kate looked at her in confusion then ran after her.

Kiara stopped when she heard Kate following after her. She turned towards the wolf.

"Why are you following me?"

"I came to apologize for snapping at you," Kate replied.

Kiara looked away silently. "It's alright."

"No I was a total bitch, and I'm sorry." She pressed.

Kiara looked up with a small smile. "So was I."

Kate laughed and nodded in agreement, "Guess we both were."

Kiara was about to say something when she heard a noise. She turned her head towards the direction of a large dam of logs. She saw her father and another lioness circling each other.

"I have to go!" Kiara bounded away before Kate could ask what was wrong.

Kiara raced across the rocky terrain as fast as she could. As she got nearer she could see which lioness was fighting her father. It was the out-sider Zira. She put on an extra burst of speed and launched herself into Zira's path.

Zira ran into her making both lionesses slide across the dirt and tumbled over the side of a cliff. Kiara couldn't tell up from down as they tumbled down the rocky side. She reached out and dug her claws into the rock to slow down her descent. She watched Zira fall past her and manage to cling to a cleft in the rock.

But Zira couldn't get any foothold on the rock. She started to slip. Kiara crawled over to the ridge and reached down to help Zira. But the lioness striked at her. Just then the dam fell to pieces and a rushing of water crashed through the gorge. Zira felt her grip slipping.

Kiara tried to catch her again but at the last second the lioness fell to the rushing water below. Kiara watched her fall and tried to find the lioness in the water. But Zira was gone dragged down by the harsh current. She dropped her head then turned to climb up the cliff.

Kate had watched the whole thing between Zira and Kiara. She felt a icy fear rush to her stomach as she saw the lionesses fall over the cliff. She raced to a rocky overhang to see what had happened once they disappeared from sight. Kiara had found a way to slow herself down while Zira ended up clinging to a cleft of rock.

She watched as Kiara tried to help the other lioness back up to safety. But the stranded lioness striked at the offered help. Then a loud rumbling noise filled the air as the dam burst apart and water rushed through the gorge. The lioness clinging to the rock slipped and fell into the water. She couldn't see Kiara's expression but she figured the young lioness felt sadness.

She saw Kiara make her way back up the cliff and she jumped down from the overhang. She found a high rock to hide on so she could watch the lions surround Kiara. She shook her head at her daring but she admired it as well. She caught Kiara's eye and smiled. Once the lioness returned the smile, Kate turned and disappeared towards her home.

Kiara watched as Kate vanished then looked up at her father, "Let's go home."

The End

Sorry for the very short ending but I really wanted to just get it done. Anyways hope you enjoyed the story people.