Isabella Marie Whitlock owns her own bar in Austin, Texas, but she's a jack of all trades. She can drink any man or woman under the table, she's got a rocking body to knock any man's balls outta the park, this woman can out dance anyone that steps into Texas. She goes by Izzy, hates her name and will kick your ass if you don't listen to her beck and call. She's got delicious curves, a smoking tan, and luscious hand-filling ass; every man's wet dream. And the woman is only 23. She grew up in a small town, living on her daddy's farm. She's got a twin; Jasper Wayne Whitlock, a 21 year old brother, Jeremiah Vincent Whitlock, and a 17 year old sister; Jenison Carter Whitlock. This is her story.


I looked out into Austin's best place to be, my bar. I have a bar, mingled with my dance team's stage, that's added onto Jeremiah's restaurant. We call it 'Whitlock Manor', because it's also got a couple spare rooms built onto the back for those who drink too much to drive. Of course I limit my alcohol sales to the newbies, and a few of my regulars, but people start down the dirt road and work their way up to my place; I have to have a back-up plan. It's a basic family workplace; it started off as just the restaurant, but Jeremiah and I had the idea to mix it up a bit.

The place is normally banging, but tonight it's over-crowded and I have too many early-comers to really have any action start; Jazzy is coming home tonight. Jasper, my twin brother, has been away in the Army for nearly 3 years. It's a welcome home party of sorts. Jazzy hasn't heard about the renovations we've done to the place, we just told him where to meet us tonight. So as I make my rounds, I shove people out the doors if they're not normally here; I hate tourists… Anyways, I push the last person out the door to get us under standard as Jenison, Jeni, bursts through the doors that lead to the restaurant.

"Izzy, Jazz is here early!"

"Shit!" I pulled off my cowboy hat, wiping at the sweat pooling on my brow. "Keep him in there for a minute, I'll send you a page when to let him in. I have to get ready and set up the music real quick."

"Oh, an' Iz?" Jeni called after me, "He brought a friend." With that, she pushed back through the doors.

I walked towards that back and told Harmony, my DJ, to set up my dance song while I got ready and dashed to round up the girls. When we were all together in the dressing rooms, again built onto the back, we hurried to get ready. When we were all 'fully dressed,' I sent Harmony and Jeni the same page.

Let's kick it.

We stood in the back as Harmony made introductions.

"Can we please give a warm, sexy welcome to Sheila Tequila!" I burst through the curtains, blowing kisses as the crowd erupted for me I ran to the middle of the floor and shouted into the mic.

"Thank y'all," I cried as the crowd erupted into more cheers. "I give you Delicious, Lolly-Dolly, Candy Charisma, and Cherry Sherry!" As I said their names, they tumbled through the curtains.

Rosalie Brandon, Delicious, ended in her signature double full and dropped low, into dance position. Charlotte Whitlock, Lolly-Dolly, ended in her favorite layout-full pass and dropped low. Alice Brandon, Candy Charisma, did a tuck and landed in a split then pulled back up to double back hand-spring into her spot, she dropped too. Jenison, Cherry Sherry, who had joined us after handing Jasper off to Jeremiah, did a double back hand-spring layout and followed them all to the floor.

I turned off the mic and threw it at Harmony. She caught it and filled everyone in as I dropped into a crouch. "I welcome you to the show, these cats can't be tamed!" She hinted, and then started the music. I listened to the familiar beats and waited on the lyrics to start.

For those who don't know me,

I can get a bit crazy

Have to get my way, yep

24 hours a day

'cause I'm hot like that

I jumped up, my shorts hiking higher up my thighs, and started to dance. It was a lot more foot work than it was hand-work. At that, the girls began to crawl towards the front.

Every guy, everywhere

just gives me mad attention

Like I'm under inspection

I always gets a ten,

'cause I'm built like that

They stood and shook their hips, and then mimicked my movements. I was grinding on the pole located behind me, and then I turned and dropped again. I grinded my way back up and turned, prowling back to the center.

I go through guys like money

flyin' out the hands

They try to change me

but they realize they can't We threw our heads back and clapped. Then continued our walk to the front of the stage.

And every tomorrow is a day I never plan

If you're gonna be my man understand

We were at the top, facing away from the crowd now, as we made a running start to grapple a hold on the top of the pole to spin back down for the chorus.

I can't be tamed

I can't be tamed

I can't be blamed

I can't, can't, I can't, can't be tamed

I can't be changed

I can't be tamed

I can't be, can't, I can't be tamed

We stopped at the bottom as the song changed. We rocked to center stage for the next part to the dance. The new song was going to start a few lines before its last chorus, for the ending of our routine.

Doesn't take her long to make things right.

But does it make her wrong to

Have the time of her life. the time of her life

My girlfriend's a dick magnet My girlfriend's gotta have it

We bumped and grinded into each other, hands semi-groping across breasts. Jeni giggled a bit, and then turned to end the song on the last chorus.

She likes to shake her ass she grinds it to the beat

She likes to pull my hair when I make her grind her teeth

I like to strip her down she's naughty to the end

You know what she is, no doubt about it

She's a bad, bad girlfriend!

We tumbled away from each other down opposite sides, with double back hand-spring, tucks and then a full; then we dropped for the "She's a bad, bad girlfriend!" part and tossed our heads back and ran hands down our own bodies. When the routine was over, the crowd erupted and we jumped off stage, breathing heavy. I headed towards Jasper's pre-reserved table and stopped. Which one is him?

They bother looked the same, facing the front and watching the newest act on stage. I jumped into the nearest to me's lap, and looked up. Shit. I looked up into pale blue-green, bewildered eyes and smiled slyly.

"Sorry, stranger, you're just too hard to resist." I nipped his jaw and jumped up to crawl across the table to Jazz' seat. I plopped into his lap. "There's the man I'm looking for!" I wrapped my arms around him as he smiled softly at me. I was content to stay; he was never going off to war again. I wouldn't allow it.

"Izzy!" He cried, his warm arms wrapping around my body. We stayed wrapped in each other until we heard a deep, unruly chuckle. "Iz, this is Peter Whitacre. Peter, this is Izzy or Iz, my twin sister.

"Peter." His name rolled off my tongue sounding as completely sexy as he is. I held my hand over the table, expecting a shake.

"Izzy." He took my outstretched hand to his lips and placed a small kiss there. "It's a pleasure, ma'am."

I smiled at his politeness. "How long are you in Austin for, Peter?" I asked, genuinely curious about the sexy man, who is hopefully here for a while.

"The rest of my life, I reckin'." He stated, his southern drawl making an appearance. If that's how you wanna play, Peter, I'll bite. Let's lay on some sex-twang.

"Honey," I stood from Jazz' lap to plop back in Peter's, with a gigantic smile on my face. "I can tell y'all now, I'm gon' terrorize the hell outta y'all's asses." I knocked the glass on my left over on purpose and then turned so that my butt was planted between his legs, his very prominent friend pressed into my backside. I bent so that I was pushed against his lap and smiled at his almost feral groan.

I picked up the glass and grinded a bit on his lap when I sat back up, loving every minute of his torture. I got up and turned around.

"I think I'll be seeing you later, Izzy." Peter said as I walked away. All I did was throw my head back and laugh before continuing walking. This will be fun.