Ben 10:Heroes Chronicles


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Story Start

Benjamin Kirby Tennyson was your average thirteen year old. He was into sports, mainly soccer and he liked fast food like chili fries and shakes. He also enjoyed dressing in rather casual clothes. A black and white shirt which was the same color as his tennis and green pants. He also had short brown hair and dark green eyes. From his Gameboy Advance he took a glance at his cousin, Gwendolyn Tennyson. He honestly wasn't sure why she was coming along on the trip. She seemed to spend more time of having her nose in the books or focused on her laptop.

She had fiery red-orange hair and the same shade of dark green eyes he had. She was wearing a light blue top with a shoulder-less dark blue top over it and a white skirt that went down to her to her knees. She was wearing earrings with a little elaborate design.

''So is this what you're going to be doing all vacation?'' Ben asked as he hopped up from his seat and hovered over Gwen trying to see what she was reading.

''You're annoying. Have I ever told you that Ben?'' She asked flipping a page.

''Yes all the time, but better to be annoying then a bookworm I guess.''

''Better to be a bookworm then Bookdumb,'' Gwen retorted.

It was always like that with those two. Always taking potshots at each other and arguing over even minor things. Of course as a result they never really got along well. They were at a campsite their Grandpa Max brought them to on their first trip during this three month vacation. He was a man of his sixties, a plumber; who has a weird fondness for Hawaiian shirts.

''Man this is,'' Ben complained as drolly watched the fire burned.

''Most you complain about everything? I swear you're such a kid sometimes.'' Gwen said in response to Ben's whining.

''Yell well we all can't have a laptop.''

''Can't you two get alone without arguing for fifteen minutes?'' Max was hoping the two of them would finally put their differences aside. Because of his career he wasn't around as often as he could be for his children and he hoped to make that up with his grandchildren. ''Look I'm going to get dinner started. Can you two at least try to get along.''

As Max left the two glanced in each other's direction and looked away. The silence that set in was soon ended when what looked like a shooting star soared over head and landed somewhere in the forest.

''Now that looks interesting. I want to check something out. I'll be right back,'' Ben told Gwen as he zipped up his jacket and went in the direction of the shooting star as Gwen called out to him.

''Ben wait! It could be dangerous.''

''I'll be fine,'' He shouted back not waiting for any other declarations to stop him. He traveled through the forest following the smoke and the smell of some sort of metal. He came to a crater and walked down as he noticed a glowing green light. The first thing that came to mine was radiation, but the atmosphere would be toxic in some manner. He got closer to the wreckage and saw it was some sort of pod. The pod opened and a watch like device appeared. ''No way...what on Earth? Is that a watch?''

Suddenly the thing latched onto his wrist. ''Hey...what the!'' Ben cried out as he tried to pry it off. '' won't come off.'' he said as he climbed out of the crater.

''Ben why did you...what is with that watch? You didn't have it before.''

''The wreckage contained some sort of pod. The blasted thing latched on me. No matter how hard I try I can't get it off.''

''Have you tried activating it then? Maybe you can figure out a way to get it off?''

'' I hope you're right about this,'' Ben murmured as he tried activating the dial. He turned it and then the face popped up. The silhouette of something humanoid appeared and he pressed down on it. Gwen shielded her eyes and stepped back as a bright green light enveloped the area. The light died down to reveal a humanoid being, much taller then Ben and made out of fire. He was a mixture of orangish-yellow with patches of red all over his skin saved for his face that was like a candle flame.

''BEN! You're on fire!'' Gwen shouted in disbelief.

Ben smirked or what could be considered a smirk and said, ''...finding me 'hot' all of a sudden cousin?'' He teased as Gwen frowned and told him, ''Get over yourself hothead.'' She paused for a moment and asked, ''Aren't you...'' She paused trying to find the right word.

''Hot? No, I feel...different, but not in the way you were expecting.''

''Let's go find Grandpa. Maybe he'll know something,''

Ben nodded at Gwen's suggestion,worried that he might be stuck like this.

It took all but three minutes to explain what happened when they got to the camp site. ''...and this is the result?'' Max finishes as the two teens nodded. Max sighed as he tried to figure something else. After five more minutes passed Ben decided to try something else. In another flash of light he transformed in some sort of beast. Vaguely canine-looking with features between a lion and gorilla hybrid. Not to mention gills on his neck which seemed to give him radar like sight due to the fact this form didn't have eyes.


The Vulpimancer turned to the voice as it's tail moved about slightly.

''You shouldn't screw around with the watch. What if you turn into something dangerous.'' she lectured him but Ben paid no mind as he started to sniff Gwen.

''Hey you...what are you...''

After a few minutes the Vulpimancer disappeared in a flash of green light as Ben stood in its place. ''Whoa...that was a rush.''

'''re you...what happened.''

''I don't know. I think the Omnitrix spoke to me.''

''Omnitrix?'' Max questioned as he walked up. It was already decided that they pack things up and get ready for a trip early tomorrow morning.

''Yeah. My mind was filled with this rush of information. A device like this can not fall into the wrong hands. From what the voice told me I can use at least ten of these alien forms.''

''Aliens? A transforming watch? This whole thing is crazy.''

''Well you're seeing it for yourself Ben.'' Gwen said as he glanced down at the object.

While this was going on up in a space a ship that was fresh out of battle was undergoing repairs. In a rejuvenation tank was a bluish-green squid like alien who was worse for wear. Three of his limbs were practically gone, with only a small portion of his right arm intact. While he was being healed by tiny machines a subordinate was informing him of something.

''Sir, during our battle with the Uxorite Xylene when our bridge was damaged many of our systems along with our systems were damaged. It will take weeks before our ship will be fixed my Excellency. Though our trackers have indicated a transmission from the Omnitrix. It has been active for about three hours my excellency.''

''Send the drones to those coordinates and retrieve it now!'' The voice ordered.

''Ben what's Wraaaaah!'' Ben tackled Gwen to the ground as a laser beam shot right over them.

''Gwen stay down...'' Ben told her as he got up and activated the Omnitrix. A large orange machine with four metallic legs ripped the trees out of it's path. From it's head emerged some kind of scanner as it locked onto Ben.

''Target Located! Destroy Life Form and Acquire Object!'' It's cold metallic voice stated.

''Time to turn up the heat then ugly!"' Ben slammed his hand down onto the watch.

Instead of turning into a humanoid form of fire Ben found himself turned into some sort of creature made out of a green diamond like substance.

''Well shi...'' Before he could finish his swear he was blasted by the red beam by the metallic creature sending him crashing towards several trees. ''Ben!''Gwen shouted out to him, first thought on her mind going to her fallen cousin when she was held back by Max. ''GRANDPA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING! BEN HE'LL BE...''

''GWEN! Calm down! He'll be fine! We need to worry about getting any nearby citizens out of here or they'll be caught in the fight.''

Ben stood up and shook off the attack.

''Oh man this is awesome! !'' He said as he held up his hand. 'Man I hope that alien doesn't shoot projectiles!' He thought as the machine drew closer. Moving at him with it's spider like legs. From who of the hatches Saws were produce and revved up.

The diamond creature's hand shift into spiky crystals and were fired at the machine. The crystals made scratches but the dents were hardly enough to slow down the machine as it steadily advanced. ''Fine! Close range it is!'' Focusing again the crystals shifted into one large blade. Ben charged forward and thrust his arm forward as the Saws connected with it. Sparks started to fly about as the saws began to ground at the tough diamond like subject until it's edges started to dent and fly apart. Picking up one of the saw blades Ben stabbed into the creature's arm. He was able to pierce the hull. He was knocked back by one of the creature's leg and landed on the ground on his side with a thud. ''Damnit! This is going to be tougher then I thought.'' Getting up again he charged again, paying extra care to knock be caught off guard by the creature's legs. He attacked the whole again, making the piercing in the machine even larger. Taking careful aim he shot several crystals into the machine hoping to damage it's circuits. As luck would have it the foreign material in the machine caused it's systems to work triple time trying to run despite the cloggage. The machine began to overheat and exploded.

''Well at least that takes care of...'' He didn't even get to finish as he was blasted by a laser and driven into the dirt. He turned around and came face to face with another one of those machines.

''Defense Protocal DPX10! Level 1 Master Control unlocked! Use the Power of the Ten representatives well. It is up to you to master the full power of the Omnitrix.''

Remembering the voice from before he decided it couldn't hurt to see what else he could become. He changed this time into some sort of wraith like creature. This transformation felt different, as if more malignant or dark. Maybe it was just after effect of so many changes. Phasing into the machine he ripped it apart inside out as he phased some of it's opponents clears right out of it. The machine fell to the ground in a wreckage with ease. It was then the Omnitrix started beeping. He made a mad dash or glide to the forest so no civilian would catch sight of the detransformation. Out of the green light came an exhausted Ben who passed out shortly after.

''Lord Vilgax after 30 minutes the Omnitrix has timed out. Both of the drones have been terminated. Should I send a collector to salvage the box so we can extract information from the combat?''

''Do so immediately. Whoever this being is was able to partially unlock the Omnitrix's Master Control. I want you to use that new Serum we acquired.''

''Lord Vilgax that serum is untested it could...''

''Do not question my command drone. It is imperative my recovery is sped up before that being learns how to harness the Omnitrix and become an actual threat.''

The drone merely complied, not wanting to anger his master any further.


Chapter End


I've been wanting to do this fic for a while. It's a Ben 10 only with references and cameos of characters and species from other series as aliens only obviously. So yeah let me know what you guys think and yes this is a Bwen fic. If you're looking for a Harem version you'll have to wait for the sequel (Alien Force Arc) which will be basically a version two of a version one fic which will continue to be Bwen.

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