Ben 10:Heroes Chronicles


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'' Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Author's Note


There won't be a lot of noticeable differences between this and the Naruto X version for the next few chapters. In other words in this version I'll keep the gems too, but that one will have the Naruto reveal and that'll change things of course like many of the transformations that will appear there won't appear here and such.

Story Start

In a region of space a large battleship traveled through the empty expanse filled with stars, planets, and the other objects that filled the void in space. On the ship three figures had gathered in a room, waiting for something.

"Begin the test!" A voice ordered over the megaphone as several red drones were released from the hatches. The first of the three armor figures to move was the one in violet. He activated his rocket pack and took to the air. Using his targeting system he locked unto several of the drones and fired missiles that on contact obliterating the machines.

The next of the figures wasn't humanoid like the other two, in yellow armor, and whose body shape was more like a crap. He jumped down from he platform and fire shots from his pincher shape arm nailing accurate shots in the drone brains causing them to collapse and short circuit following with exploding.

The last of the drones walked over the burnt and smoking pile of its predecessors. Several times larger then the other crabs this beast was ready to terminate anything in sight. Though it was unprepared for the last of the figures, this one in black armor whose transportation was a overboard to soar forward and ends it's sort life with a single punched that shredded its central processing unit.

The face of their would be employer appeared on the screen.

"Excellent. It appears the reputation for you three hunters proceed you. I have a special task in mind for the three of you. This is your target.'' The face of the employer was replaced by a picture of the Omnitrix. "Whoever brings it back will receive my reward."

"And the reward will be mine." Spoke the crab hunter.

"ROTAEBFRA!" The violet one retorted, while the last of them remained silent.

On Earth with the omnitrix. Ben and Gwen once more found themselves having to deal with their grandfather's weird culinary tastes. '"What is this?" Gwen asked upon seeing the green slug as she couldn't help but ask, her mind not wanting to comprehend yet another of her grand father's strange recipes.

"Spulg au Gratin.'' Max proudly stated.

Gwen gently poke her slug which let out a loud scream, causing the red head to jump and hit the table.

''Is this thing alive?'' Gwen couldn't help but cry out. She wasn't squeamish per say, but if there ever was a limit to eating anything Max made then alive was definitely.

''Define...alive?'' Ben asked, snickering at the situation before him.

''That's uum...just the air escaping,'' Max said as Ben's snickering evolved into laughter. The red head frowned in annoyance and pushed her plate to Ben.

''I'm not really all that hungry.'' Gwen remarked, holding her stomach excused her self and stumbled outside for some fresh air.

''I think I'm going to walk for a walk.'' Ben informed Max who nodded. He was probably just going to fix a sandwhich or something later. It seemed the evening of the area would soon be turning into night fall. 'I wonder where Gwen is?'Though Ben's thoughts were interrupted when he caught the sound of something unusual. Whatever it was it was coming closer. He followed the origin of the noise until he came across the four legged figure.

"Who's there?"

Ben went to take a closer look. ''''Either you can come out or I'll flush you out. My sensors can pick up your heart beat.''

'Heartbeat huh? That could be problematic. I'll have to go with something without a heart beat.'' Ben turned the dial to Specter (Ghostfreak) and transformed.

''So what are you supposed to be? A science fair project gone wrong?'' Specter asked as he rose from the ground. The machine turned to face the voice but Specter went intangible and moved to the other side of him, avoiding laser fire.

''Aah it seems I found you! Omnitrix wielder!"'

''Wha...'' Specter was blasted by some sort of solution forcing him to become solid and visible. ''What? I'm not intangible anymore? What gives?''

''Your protoplasmic form won't help you here.''

''Still won't stop me from kicking your butt.'' Ben said as he switched to Diamondhead. Forming two sharp blades. Diamond charged the hunter whom used his legs to jump out of the way and returned fire. Diamondhead took the blast head on and was unfazed. ''What's wrong...your toys not working this time around.''

''Petrosapiens have always proved an annoying enemy to face on the battle field. But I simply just have to wait for the Omnitrix to time out. ''

'Uh-oh he's right. I have to take him out before the Omnitrix times out...'' Ben's thoughts were interrupted when the Rusbucket came out of nowhere and barreled over the machine.

''Grandpa max?''

''Trouble...your friend there isn't the only one to have shown up. We should leave for now and regroup.''

Diamond head reluctantly nodded as he entered the RV. Just as they were picking up speed laser fire rained down upon them.

'' boy is back,'' Gwen stated as she looked out the window, catching sight of the purple armored flyer.

''And were not that far from the exit of the woods.'' Diamond head went to the window and took aim. He fired several shards at their pursuer who returned fire of his own, only for one of the shards to nail his jet pack, causing him to crash to the ground. ''That should take care of...'' A few yards ahead the first hunter sprouted from the ground and used his laser to hit one of the RV's wheel. It spun out of control and crashed against a wall causing everyone to loose their balance and fall to the floor along with the various other foods and items from the cupboards and drawers of the RV.

''Everyone okay?'' Gwen asked with a groan as she massaged her elbow.

''I'm okay...''

''Oh I'll be good. As soon as I put those jerks down.'' Diamond head stated as he slammed open the door.

"I see we've got your attention." The alien hunter from before remarked.

The purple guy landed right next to him."TREVHIHGFOOHBOKAHH!"

''You guys wanted my attention? NOW YOU GOT IT!'' Diamond head charged forward. The purple hunter took to the air and started firing blasts from his laser cannon. Using his arms as a shield the blasts reflected off his arms and struck him.

The crab hunter attempted to catch Diamond head by the throat, but the diamond alien twisted out of the way and caught the claw under his arm. The purple hunter recovered and began firing missiles at which Diamond head used his strength to move the yellow hunter into the way, causing both the crab hunter's systems to suffer some damage and his armor to be cracked.

''You blithering simpleton. Watch where you fire before I consider making your head my next trophy.''

''ZHEDIDHEYO!"' The alien retorted as he fired again. Letting go and dodging another attack from the pincher Diamond head grabbed one of missiles and prepared to hurl it back at the alien only for him the hunter to press a button on the gauntlet on the wrist causing it to explode. Momentarily stunned by the explosion the yellow hunter took advantage of the situation and slammed Diamond head into ground.

''Alright now let's see how you like being thrown around.'' Ben made a switched to the crimson Four Arm alien and slammed it's powerful knuckles into the Crab Hunter, sending him reeling back several hundred feet. He then duck and dodged the blasts from the violet hunter and picked p several rocks, hurling them at around 40MPHs. The hunter was able to dodge the first three, but the last one clipped his fuel supply. Crying out something untranslatable he took, along with the yellow one that began to retreat underground. Before they could be pursued smoke bombs ignited around the red bruiser, causing him to drop to unconsciousness.

When Ben came too he found himself in an empty warehouse. Standing opposite of him was another hunter, but in black armor.

''Oh come on! Another one of you...'' Ben snarled as he readied the omnitrix.

"I'll give you a suggestion, kid. Turn into a Petrosapien."

"I'm really supposed to take the suggestion of one of the people whose most likely hunting me?''

"Just do it."

''Fine,'' Quickly reaching his threshold for annoyance Ben transformed. Readying his hands into blades he charged the black hunter only for him to side-step the diamond alien and kick him aside. ''Aah crap...alright then take this...'' The shards fired bounced off his armor.

"Show me some real power, kid!"

''You want some power...then take this!'' Diamondhead slammed his fist into the ground as a pathway of Diamonds quickly materialized the ground and shot towards the Hunter. The hunter, moving with speeds that exceeded the others dodged the pathway and jumped over, attempting to kick the Diamondoid only for him to bring his arms together and form a shield.

''You seem to know more then I expected. Though you far from mastered the potential of the form you're using.''

''I'll guess I'll have to kick it up a notch.'' Diamondhead replied with a smirk as he jumped back and fired some shards. The Hunter knocked them away with a sweep of his arm. Though Ben's attack wasn't finished yet as he placed his hand against the path of crystal which several spheres shot forward and aimed to disable to black hunters movements by crystallizing his legs in place only for him to easily jump out of the way. Diamondhead charged forward, his arms into blade only for his opponent to slam his fist into the ground, resulting in five column of diamond to sprout out and enclosed on him like a hand trapping him in place. ''Aaw crud! Let me go!''

''Like I still have much to learn.'' the hunter remarked a she opened his helmet to show that they were of the same species.

''We're...the same?''

"We're the same species. You are better then I figured you would be, but you still have a long way to go.''

Diamondhead reverted back into Ben. ''I'm Ben Tennyson. Who...who are you?''

''I am called Tetrax. You seem to have a decent understanding of the basic functions of the Omnitrix. Considering you're a child in the eyes of your society that is impressive. During your fight with Kraab and Sixsix I expected you to overwhelm them with muscle.''

''Uum yeah...Thanks.'' Ben remarked, feeling a bit embarrassed as that would have been his game plan if it hadn't been for Max lecturing him about being responsible with such a dangerous weapon and reminding him that anyone coming after them could having abilities that would make brute force useless. ''So you're not with those other guys? Why are you here?''

"I need to take these two bounty hunters in to custody. I also came here to retrieve the omnitrix, but I believe it's in safe hands for the time being.'' while Tetrax was hesitant to leave the Omnitrix in the hands of an adolescent he had other duties to take care of and with the Omnitrix's current location known to few who was searching for it's location it seemed safer to leave it here then to take it hot spots and risking it getting into the hands of someone else.

''My thing is how did something like the Omnitrix happen to appear on Earth? ''Though before the Ben could get his answers the two hunters showed up, With Gwen and Max in tow as hostages.

''Any ideas Tetrax?''

''You'll have to play it smart. Sixsix is holding your companions hostage. One flase move could cause them their lives.''

"Turn yourself in, and we can just leave this planet in peace. Understand? Or these two pay the price."

"Don't worry about us, Ben! Just do it!"

"Do something!"

'Play it smart huh? That I can do.' Ben held out his hands and stepped forward.

''Ben! No!"

"That's it…Sixsix!" The violet alien dropped them and moved took out a blade, prepared to chop off Ben's hand to retrieve the Omnitrix. A smirk appeared on the brunette's head. 'You boys seem proud of your tech. Let's see how you do without it.'' At that moment Ben transformed into Grey Matter and jumped unto the alien.

"GRATHDOUGFADSABH!" He flailed around, taking to the sky, trying to shake off the miniature alien who climbed up to his jet pack and began to disable it. After a few moments the tiny alien jumped down as the jet pack ignited,sending the hunter crashing into the ground with burns.

Tetrax took the opportunity to quickly raid the fallen Hunter's weaponry and fired upon Kraab, causing him to flail back against the blasts. Tetrax then took out some sort of grenade and threw it at Kraab radiated a swirl of violently energy that reacted as an electric shook, disabling the hunter and knocking him unconscious.

"How was that?" Ben asked as he reverted to normal.

"Hmm. You assessed the situation, and reacted accordingly with intelligence instead of brawn. I'm impressed." Tetrax used a cube on Kraab and Sixsix. It enveloped them, and shrunk down to the size of a small rodent, then they were transported to inside the cube. Now he was definitely sure the Omnitrix was in the right hands.

"I'll be going now."

"Wait! Are there others like you? Who could know and teach me more about the aliens and the Omnitrix?'' even Ben thought it was a bit irresponsible not to tell him a bit more about the device.

''I unfortunately have other matters to attend too. I'll put in some calls and let my allies known the Omnitrix has been located and is in good hands. But unfortunately because of all the conflicts breaking out, and interests the Omnitrix hold most of them will probably have their hands full trying to prevent threats like Sixsix and Krabb from arriving on Earth to come after it. But we will meet again."

"Wait!" Gwen called out.


"Thank you, Mr…"

"Please, just Tetrax. No thanks are necessary. I bid you all farewell,'' The Petrosapien said he handed Ben his hover board. He pressed the teleportation sequence on his suit and phased out of there.

''Great,'' Ben said with a sigh as he folded his arms. ''That only brings up more questions then answers. I hope he's right about us meeting again.''




''Master Vilgax it appears the Hunters have failed.'' the androids worker informed him as a snarl escaped from the flaps of the squid alien.

''The wielder of the Omnitrix is proving to be a pest. Though I suppose with a tool like the Omnitrix even the likes of those infernal humans could pose a problem.''

''Should I send more drones Master?'' the android asked him.

''The more data required the better. The day will come when I shall meet this pest on the battle field. I will take delight of watching the life leave his eyes as I crush his pathetic being.''