Alright so this is a kind of spin off fic to There's no Place Better. Blaine and David need some love too. And I kind of like the pairing.

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee. If I did I'd get rids of Jessy St. James, lovely actor horrible character.

There are of course some parts where this story will sync of or go over parts from 'There's no Place Better' They aren't that numerous trust me. Why is Blaine a teacher too? Because there's no other reason for him to come back and it help with the plot. I'm sorry there just isn't, blame Blaine's personality if you must.

Blaine lived and worked in New York from the moment he set foot there for college. He'd attended the best school Dalton and his parent's money could get him into for the performing arts. The distraction of school and part time jobs helped him miss Kurt less and less after he'd called it off. They had tried the long distance but it just wasn't working out. They parted to save their friendship. Not that he hadn't treasured Kurt as his first he was just stunning and so full of courage. That why he'd offered to make a family with Kurt and Hayden a little over three years later. At the time he'd been rising to the top, not that money would have been an issue, his parents still gave him an allowance just in case. Kurt had turned him down not wanting to hurt him in the long run. They cared for each other but Kurt could never love him as a lover again. In the long run it was for the best. Blaine found himself wanting something Kurt could never give him.

Blaine had remained in New York working the stage and singing in cafes and night clubs. During holidays and between shows he would return to Ohio driving between Lima and Westerville. Kurt was still one of his best friends and he adored Hayden working to spoil the boy rotten when he could get it past Kurt. He spent most of his time with his friends from Dalton if they were in town. His parents tried to be home when he was but they traveled a lot for business and pleasure.

Blaine loved the stage and singing but something was always missing. At age twenty eight his life should be complete and set for the rest of it. At least that was what he felt. None of his boyfriend's, darling men that they had been, and none of the side jobs he took seemed to fill that void. So when the dean of Dalton academy called him about a teaching position for the year Blaine told him he would start that August. He thought a change in career would be the right choice. Blaine packed up all his belongings, finished his last show and sold his flat before moving back to Westerville. There was no guarantee he would stay on as a teacher after the year was up; his teaching credentials weren't exactly Dalton material. He decided to stay in his parent's home. They were hardly in state enjoying parties with friends and touring the world. Also he didn't have to spend money on an apartment. While the school did provide lodging for their teachers he wanted his privacy and would like to bring a man home without having to sneak him in.

Learning that Puck had quit and returned to Lima only to end up with Kurt was a bit of a shock. Kurt had more then filled him in on the glee kids in New Directions when they'd been dating. Kurt seemed happy and if it wasn't for Jason trying to take advantage of Kurt Blaine doubted the younger man would ever be upset. So when Kurt had shown up in tears he'd been worried Noah had left him. The trial had been only days before and Kurt had been stressed out for over a month. Kurt's tearful admission of his own fault and how he was just making excuses had show him that Kurt was still that high schooler who had run to Dalton to hide from the bullies. He worked to calm Kurt down just like he always did. Always taking care of others. While Kurt was yelled at over the phone Blaine mulled the thought over. He was always taken care of his lovers, his friends, himself, even his fellow actors. Blaine loved helping others but maybe being taken care of was what was missing. Blaine pushed the thought away and offered Kurt his shower so that he could freshen up and change into clothes that weren't rumpled. It didn't surprise him at all when they got together Blaine had seen how in love Noah was with Kurt only months before. Meant to be was not just something in fairy tales.

The boys at Dalton academy were well behaved young men who had a bit of hero worship in some cases. He was a legend at Dalton and a Broadway star. He had lost count of how many young men had asked him if he could get an autograph from Miss Berry or Miss Jones. Blaine wasn't a great teacher but his students got their lessons right and they had fun. Learning was no fun without enjoyment of it.

There was another teacher who taught the instrument section of the music program. He was older then Blaine but didn't look a day over twenty-five. They flirted and had coffee a few times but Blaine just didn't feel any romantic spark and had made sure they remained only friends. He wasn't going to place himself in another meaningless relationship. As silly as it sounded he wanted his own prince charming to come out of the blue and rescue him.


Blaine had agreed to take Kurt out Christmas shopping. Why? Well his parents were spending the months December and January in Paris. Feeling lonely he jumped at the chance to spend time with his friends over the break. He just had to pick him up at the shop since he'd insisted on checking out his replacement. Honestly Blaine couldn't agree more that Kurt needed to get out of the shop. It was his last standing excuse. Besides Kurt and Noah were trying for a baby of their own possibly to tie their family together. It really didn't matter because they were just perfect together. Noah was a lot less intimidating once he and Blaine became somewhat friends. Blaine had thought the roads would be a little worse so he had ended up early.

"Kurt are you ready to go?" Blaine asked as he entered. He brushed a few snowflakes off his head. He hadn't put much gel in his hair so the melting flakes dripped cold water on his scalp.

"You're ten minutes early." Kurt replied standing up. "I've still got to introduce and tell the guys to behave. For men in their forties and fifties they can all be so immature." Kurt continued talking but Blaine wasn't really listening any more. Earliness was rewarded with the gorgeous man sitting at the desk with Kurt bent over his shoulder. "Have a seat we'll go once I'm done." Blaine took a seat but he couldn't help but stare. The guy was kind of familiar but Blaine couldn't put his finger on it. Since he seemed so intent on the computer Blaine took the time to slowly move his eyes over the larger male. Oh yeah even sitting down he still appeared to be twice Blaine's size. Damn growth spurts that never came. "Come on I have shopping to do and a son to pick up after school." That last bit seemed to bring the guy out of his concentration and Blaine was graced with the back of his head. Oh God what kind of pervert had he become outright staring at some guy like he was a piece of meat?

"You have a kid?"

"That's not important right now. I am on a schedule David. Whether my friend decided to show up early or now." Blaine vaguely noted that Kurt was talking about him but damn the man had a fine ass. The whole eppisode had to be a side effect of being around all those teenage hormones. Blaine blushed and stared at the floor. What was he doing? The man could be straight for all he knew and there he'd been practically eye raping him. Kurt came back out pulling on his coat roughly ten minutes later. Noah had told him to make Kurt take it easy he had stomach bug again. Kurt did look a little pale, but no one stopped Kurt Hummel from a shopping trip.

Kurt was grinning as they walked out to the car. "So who's the new guy?" Blaine asked trying to sound casual.

"You mean you don't recognize him after practically eye raping him?" Kurt teased going around to the passenger side of Blaine's car. Blaine stood looking at him over the hood. What was Kurt a mind reader all of a sudden? And had he been that obvious.

"I was not eye raping him." Blaine hissed looking toward the garage before getting into the car. Damn Kurt and his mind reading capabilities. He honestly hadn't meant to get defensive with Kurt. Hell Kurt had a steady man Blaine didn't. "I'm allowed to look. You don't see guys like him in the theater business." No you saw guys like him and Kurt strait, gay or bi they were all small and thin. None of them had the bulging muscles like Noah or the guy that Kurt had just been replaced by,

"Blaine that was Karofsky." Kurt said pulling on his seatbelt. Blaine just stared at him. No way the chubby meat head jock that had taken Kurt's first kiss with force and had terrified him enough to leave a public school for freaking Dalton. "Blaine your mouth is hanging open in a very unattractive manner. Unless you're advertising for blowjobs or something." Kurt laughed when Blaine snapped his mouth shut as he buckled up and started the car. That had to be a part of Noah rubbing off on him. The crude words easily snapped him out of it as pulled out of the parking spot.

"He just doesn't look like he did in high school." Blaine commented. No he was thinner but still had all those muscles. It was like a cruel waking wet dream.

"You think he's sexy." Kurt teased.


"You want him to carry you to bed and fuck you till you scream."

"God has anyone ever told you, you can be such an ass?" Blaine felt himself blush bright red. Only once he had asked Kurt to top. It hadn't happened. A few years ago after another failed relationship he had wined and complained to Kurt how he wished he could find a guy who would just take charge and ravish him. It didn't mean Kurt could go making fun of him for it.

"I tease because I care." Kurt sniffed sounding like Blaine was the one doing the offending. Sometimes he swore Kurt was a pain. "If you want I can get his number out of his work file and give it to you. Or I could give him yours if you'd rather he make the first move. Who knows how long that would take I have no idea if he ever came out." The idea wasn't a bad one. Blaine would love for him to make the first move. Hell any man to make the first move. Dave had never come out had always denied and ran away. According to Kurt he'd admitted to it at one point but never dared come out of the closet.

"And thank you for making me feel like I have even less of a chance." Blaine muttered pouting as they drove. Oh well it wasn't like there was any reason for them to get closer. Blaine was a teacher who rarely left Westerville. David was a mechanic in Lima almost two hours away. He barely spoke with Kurt and Noah and they were friends.

"So how are the bright young minds of Dalton Academy treating their new music and theatre teacher?" Blaine was glad for the change in subject he could always talk about his students.