Well my lovelies I had fun writing this spinoff though it came out shorter. I hope you guys like the end.


"I'm still getting lost in this house." Dave grumbled stumbling into the bed room. Blain laughed and put his arms around him.

"We've only been here five months you'll eventually get it." Blaine kissed him. "I do love it here. As lonely as it could get sometimes I've always loved this house." Dave held him rubbing his thumbs over the skin just above Blaine's sleep pants. "So both our little ones are asleep?"

"Dead to the world and the monitor is turned all the way up." Dave replied slipping his fingers below Blaine's sweats.

"Mmm how's working for my dad going?"

"Good he's hard on me like every other accountant but he knows I'll work harder because he's going to be my father-in-law. Blaine chuckled and kissed his collar bone.

"Thank you for all this."

"Blaine I told you I'd take care of you. If that means taking the house from your parents as an early wedding gift and working for your dad as his newest accountant then I'll take that. Every step of the way." They shared a kiss. "Besides I think with a house this big the kids will be using up all their energy just to get from room one room to another." Blaine laughed and pulled away. He walked to the bed looking over his shoulder with a smirk as he pushed his sweats down letting them puddle on the floor. Dave watched as Blaine moved onto the bed lying in the center all stretched out. "Jeze do you even realize what you do to me?"

"I have an idea and two kids to prove it." Blaine replied running a hand over his front. His finger stopped at his scar. Dave shucked his clothes and joined Blaine kissing the scar first then working his way up.

"I love you."

"I love you to David with my everything." Dave kissed him holding him gently.


Tyler Antony Anderson-Karofsky if you pull your sister's hair one more time I'm going to take all your toys away for a month." Blaine scolded his six year old son already advancing on him. Tyler looked up at him with big brown eyes. "You know better." Blaine said standing in front of him.

"I'm sorry daddy." Tyler sniffed.

"Don't tell me tell your sister." Blaine said pointing to Jacklyn who was crying in her other father's lap. Tyler scuffed his feet a few times before hurrying over to her and hugging her with a quick apology before running off to hide for a little while. Dave helped Jacklyn dry her tears so she could go play with her cousins, well Blaine and Dave's friend's kids. They were all close enough no one bothered to correct the little ones. Kurt walked over handing Blaine a drink.

"Fighting from the womb you'll never win." Blaine laughed and took the drink.

"Sorry about that."

"Don't be I've done my fair share of punishing Hayden for the similar actions." Kurt shrugged and took a sip from his own drink. "Plus I think you scared all the kids into behaving." It was kind of true the kids had gotten a little quieter for the moment. Blaine felt a little bad but he just couldn't stand his two always pulling hair or hitting each other. They never did it to other children just each other. Sibling rivalry or something.

"How's your next line coming along?"

"Good. We're going to New York." Kurt glanced to Noah.

"Is everything still alright?" Blaine asked worried still about Kurt and Noah's split over a year ago.

"I told you he got a little quiet around both anniversaries but we haven't fought much. He's going to stay so the kids don't miss any school. I wish he'd come with me but it's only two weeks I think we'll be alright."

"I'm sure you two will be alright." Blaine said bumping shoulders with Kurt. "They're looking again. Sometimes I think they ponder if we'll start kissing or something." Kurt smirked evilly. "Oh no, no you were just saying you were still worried about you and Noah." Blaine said backing away. "And think of the kids." Blaine added making Kurt laugh.

"I love how I can still get a rise out of you. " Kurt smiled. "I think it's cake time."

"Like they need more sugar but I guess getting them in one room for a head count would be easier with cake. Meet you in the kitchen." Blaine walked over to Dave. "Can you start rounding kids up it's cake time."

"Sure thing baby." Dave pulled him in for a quick kiss before Blaine joined Kurt in the kitchen. Blaine and Dave had decided long ago that they would do separate cakes for the twins so they could pick their own. It did cut down on fighting. Blaine peeked out waiting for everyone to be seated at the table. Once Dave dimmed the lights he and Kurt lit the candles and walked in starting up happy birthday. Blaine loved watching them blow out their candles. He never would have expected Jacklyn to take a big handful of hers and shove it in her brother's face. "Jacklyn." David sighed grabbing her before she got cake everywhere. "That wasn't a nice thing to do." Blaine was cleaning up Tyler as the kids giggled wildly.

"First one to start a food fight sits in the corner and doesn't get cake." Noah stated loudly. Dave moved Jacklyn to a seat away from the table and cleaned her hand.

"It's good cake daddy." Tyler said licking his lips.

"Well at least you like it." Blaine sighed. He was never going to make it through the teen years.


Blaine had a head ache. It had been a long day doing his residency at the clinic only to come home to his children having an all out war. It wasn't the first time someone had stolen a girlfriend from the other. Blaine prayed and prayed it would be the last against his better judgment. They had finally gone to their rooms but Blaine was still nursing his head with water and a cool rag on his head. There was a soft knock on his door and Jacklyn came in climbing into bed with him. She flipped his washcloth over and laid her head next to his. "Are you alright daddy?" She asked softly.

"Just a long day." Blaine sighed. "Why do you two have to go after the same girl? Isn't there another girl you like at school?"

"Not like Heather. She smart and pretty. Tyler just wants in her pants he doesn't care about her." They lay in silence for a while. There was another knock and Tyler entered.

"Are you alright dad?"

"Just a headache." Blaine said patting the bed on the other side. Tyler got in settling next to him. One day they'd realize they were too old for this but until then Blaine would let them.

"Are you sure? You've been having a lot lately." Blaine turned his head to look at him. Tyler took after Dave more but had dark curly hair.

"Lack of sleep will do that. I'm coming to the end of my residency then I can get a job with set hours." Blaine closed his eyes. He'd gotten the same headaches when the twins decided their daddies didn't need sleep after bringing them home. "It doesn't help coming home to screaming matches over a girl." At least they knew better then to start fighting right then and there. "Maybe separate schools."

"But daddy the only other schools are private schools and they cost so much. You can't separate Ty and me, life would be horrible."

"Would it? You two fight more then get along." Blaine said feeling his headache lessen . "What do you guys want for dinner?"

"Dad's bringing home Chinese." Tyler answered.

"Does your head feel better?" Jacklyn asked.

"Yes baby. Why don't you two go set the table? Try not to fight."

"Yes sir." They answered in unison climbing off the bed. Blaine sighed and closed his eyes waiting for the rest of his pain to go away.

"Blaine wake up." Blaine groaned he was having a wonderful dream and he didn't want to get up. He wanted to sleep more. "Come on baby you have to eat." Blaine rolled over and looked up at Dave. "Hey you. The kids told me you weren't feeling well."

"I'm fine just needed a nap. Just a few more months and I'll have normal hours I promise." Dave leaned over to kiss him. "Did you get my favorite?"

"Yep but you better hurry before Tyler eats it all." Dave went to get up but Blaine pulled him back.

"Thank you for getting dinner."

"No problem I know they've been running you raged. And I heard about the current teen spat between our two. I wish they had different tastes in girls like they do almost everything else."

"Me too but soon they'll be off to colleges far from each other and they'll find someone and it won' happen anymore." Blaine stretched and sat up. "I love scrubs they're so comphy."

"I like them because they're easy to take off." Dave leered.

"Food first then you can help me fall asleep." Dave laughed and kissed his husband. Blaine kissed back. Maybe the food could wait. "Did you lock the door?"


"Good. I think I need some help in the shower." Blaine got up and dragged his husband into their bathroom by his tie. Dave took longer to undress but Blaine helped him along before pulling off his own clothes. The water felt wonderful he should had taken one when he'd gotten home. Dave washed him pressing his fingers firmly into Blaine's muscles to work out the kinks. Blaine moaned feeling himself harden. "Fuck so good."

"I haven't even gotten to the good part yet." Dave chuckled. Blaine turned and washed Dave teasing him. They shared a hard kiss as the water washed them off. "Need you."

"Been a week need you too." Blaine whimpered as Dave slid one finger in. He held onto Dave kissing and biting his neck as his entrance was worked open. When he was ready Blaine turned supporting himself on the wall. Dave bottomed out in one thrust making Blaine scream. They moved quickly the water aiding their bodies in sliding against each other. Blaine came with a stuttered moan dirtying the tiled wall. Dave thrust a few more times before filling Blaine. They rest against each other trying to catch their breaths.

"For a quickie that was pretty good." Dave said after sliding out. Blaine rolled his eyes and turned off the water.

"You're such a dork."

"Mmm your dork. They shared a slow kiss before getting out and drying off. Blaine's stomach rumbled. "Now I'm really hungry."

"Think they left us anything to eat?"

"They better have or they're grounded for a month." Blaine said pulling on sleep pants and a t-shirt. Dave stopped him before they went out, strong arms holding him from behind.

"They are tired headaches right."

"I'll make an appointment next week just to make sure." Blaine said leaned back against him.

"I just want to make sure. I love you so much."

"I know. I love you too. You take such good care of me it's nothing." Dave hugged him tighter before letting him go. Blaine led the way out holding his husband's hand in his. Their kids didn't say anything about them taking too long. They were both well aware what could have been going on. Blaine and Dave had made sure to give them the sex talk early on. Jacklyn had been the hardest because well she was the only woman in the house full of men. Fortunately or unfortunately the twins had swapped stories because twelve year old Tyler had been scarred of girls for a whole year after his sister exaggerated a little about PMS.