Short Stories for English

There he was, sitting there as he always was. Slumped like a hunch back with the lights non-existent and the box of light flashing in this way and that in front of him. He'd lost everything because he was attached like a baby to their mother. Dawn till dusk, sometimes for days on end, with me worrying while he just amused himself with something that didn't even make him show emotion.

The sea of children in the hall shifted uncomfortably while I continued to read the story of my son, a normal 16yr old boy, who had decided to waste his life away in the virtual world. He was shown a game by his best mate that now no longer exists because nothing except that game exists for my son anymore.

It all started when a mate came over, carrying a bag bulging at the zippers with a block like appeal to it and in this bag was the one thing that ruined an incredibly talented boy forever. It was only recently, my boy, had ate his last meal, breathed his last breathe and pressed his last button. It was only recently that he had fallen asleep, in the hunch back position he always was, and never returned from his virtual fantasy dreams.

The school then gasped and started whispering to each other about what this was about. They continued shifting and I started crying as this is a terrible end to a young child's life. I continued with my story once the teachers had settled them all again, but none looked settled, more anxious to find out what I am still to say.

This was his last year after a 3 year addiction habit. My son first held the evil disc in his hands 3 years ago and ever since it has never left the small white box with the green flashing lights. My son had a video game addiction to Halo. It was brought over by a friend as a present and was the end to my son's life. He flunked in school because none of his time was spent on assignments or homework, it was spent with him becoming the Hunchback of Notre Dame and finishing every level with high scores and nothing missed.

The school hall then became to chatter quite loudly as I spent a few minutes gathering myself as I had started to cry. A glass of water was brought to me and some comforting words that they had offered to continue reading my story. "No, I must let them know the story of my son through my eyes not someone else's". They stepped down and hushed the sea of gaping mouths, still anxious to know.

My son lost everything, his girlfriend and best were the last and first to go. His friends eventually stopped coming over and stopped talking to him because he was never to be seen out of his fortress of a room. His best mate would come over and complete levels or help with it but eventually there was no sign of him because one day there was a fight and that stopped the social life all together.

Everyone was talking now, even the teachers. This was the story of my 16 year old son who had died of a cardiac arrest of doing a 50 hours Halo Marathon. He will be sorely missed although due to his habits, not by many his age.