"They are Tempe's, Booth is their father." Lacey said to Hannah.

"Dada?" Lindy asked hearing the word father, which her mother used often.

Hannah looked shocked at first then quickly composed herself, realizing as she looked back on it that she had known Tempe and Booth were more than friends all along.

"Oh?" Hannah said, "Really?"

"Oh, Rewwy." Lindy repeated.

"Owen Jui!" Caleb demanded, and Lacey chided him for screaming in the store.

"Yep, he is their father and yeah Tempe and Booth settled down together. They have a house in Georgetown. Well I don't really think Tempe really settled that woman waited long enough, good Lord." Cheyenne said.

"Well I'm glad they are happy, they are happy?" Hannah asked.

"Extremely." Cheyenne assured the journalist.

"Happyy!" Lindy repeated and Cheyenne had to hold back a chuckle.

Hannah looked at the blue eyed brunette little girl and boy. She never did see Tempe having kids and now to see her children, the four of them right in front of her. It was admittedly a bit awkward. Seeing Cheyenne was one thing, Hannah knew the girl didn't like her. She knew what to expect from her and even Lacey to an extent. Though, there was something about meeting her and Seeley's biological kids. Hannah knew she had missed her chance with him and after all of these years Tempe had finally grabbed hold of what was hers.

"Are they married?" Hannah asked suddenly.

"Nope, not Tempe's thing, but I assure you they are happier than peas and carrots. Have you ever seen that movie Forrest Gump with Jenny?" Cheyenne asked.

"Yes." Hannah said.

"Yeah, they are nothing like that. More like Harry and Sally off of when Harry Met Sally, have you seen that?" Cheyenne asked and Lacey wondered why her sister was comparing their third cousin's relationship to a movie. Though, it was Cheyenne-the entirely bonkers Queen Alice of Wonderland.

Hannah nodded her head yes. "Opposites attract." Lacey offered.

"Cee! Owen Jui!" Caleb said knowing the store is where orange juice came from. Lindy turned to her brother.

"Pashance Caweb! You're bein uh-rashnel." Lindy said and everyone smiled at the little girl's use of the word irrational.

"Yes, they are most definitely Tempe's kids." Hannah said.

"Mommy's ah home." Lindy informed the blonde. "Obviuhsly she not here siwwy goose." Lindy said and Caleb copied his sister, "Oviuhsly, siwwy goose." Said Caleb, both children sounding like their mother the silly goose thrown in was a Booth word. Tempe would say the children were not geese.

"It was good seeing you Hannah. Should we tell Tempe and Booth you said hello?" Lacey asked, but Cheyenne said nothing. She wasn't going to lie, while it was amusing watching her react to the twins being Booth and Tempe's she could have gone the day without seeing her ever again.

"Yeah, sure… it was good seeing you guys two. Tell Temperance they are very cute kids." Hannah said.

Cheyenne smiled, "I will let Tempe and Booth know you said that."

Hannah turned back to the cereal she was looking for still a bit in shock. Cheyenne smirked and said to her sister, "Oh that was great. Lindy, Caleb give me five kiddos." She held up her hand and the kids smacked it starting to laugh.

"Cee! Cee! Owen Jui! Der, riwght der!" Caleb said excited and Lindy slumped over in the buggy giving her brother a look. Lindy was the little princess and she knew it. Spoiled she was not, Cheyenne and Tempe made sure of that. Although Tempe's whatever goes bluntness was starting to wear off on the kids. It was okay to say whatever was on one's mind as far as the two, two and a half year olds knew.

Both children were told they were intelligent and both children knew words such as, obviously, irrational, rational, and most definitely. This year on Halloween Lindy informed them the ghouls in the haunted house were not real. Cheyenne, Lacey, and Angela only rolled their eyes as Michael asked what a ghoul was, when informed by Lindy what it was.

He said, "Oh there was a haunted spiwit on de x-file show daddy, member?" he looked up to Hodgins and Angela glared at her husband.

"Jack, I thought you said you didn't let him watch that anymore?" Angela inquired.

"It's educational, look he knows what a spirit is babe." Hodgins said of his conspiracy show.

"Yeah, I'll educate you." Angela quipped.

"Anytime babe." Hodgins said and Angela smacked him.

"Auntie Angie, you not pose' to hit." Caleb reminded the group.

"That's right Caleb." Angela said.

"Why you hit'em den? You bein uh-rashnel." Lindy said.

"Yeah, Ange you're being irrational." Hodgins agreed with Lindy.

"Yeah, well if we were rational all of the time you two wouldn't be here." Angela quipped and the kids looked at each other confused. Bren glanced at Angela and then to Booth, a smirk on her face. Lacey and Chey smiled at each other as well as Lacey adjusted her grip on Caleb.

"I dunno what you meaned?" Lindy said.

"I mean even rational people have children." Angela said smiling her famous Cheshire cat smile.

Caleb was quieter and more observant then Lindy except when he was in his comfort zone or with people he knew. He woke up yelling orange juice every morning and Tempe, Booth or Cheyenne brought it to him in his Nubby cup which she knew they really needed to stop or he was just going to keep doing it. He also loved to snuggle with his mommy or Lacey. While Caleb was a mama's boy that had more of daddy's traits, Lindy was a daddy's girl that acted more like her mommy.

While Parker listened to Lacey no questions asked the twins chose to answer to Parker, Cam and Tempe best; no one knew why they chose Parker. They listened to Lacey and Cheyenne, but more like Parker listened to Cheyenne. They were treated more like older sister's then respected adults who they listened to promptly as to not reap the consequences of their actions.

Lindy hated not being able to play with their new cat Mr. Cat or the possibility of not getting a dog and Caleb hated no desert. Like Booth, he loved pie both kids did, but Caleb really loved it. He told Tempe once that he might die without it. She assured him it was not possible, later that night Booth and he ended up eating some on the couch. Cheyenne and Tempe only shook their heads at the two as Lindy stood next to them hands on hips copying her older sister and mother.

This year Thanksgiving was at Tempe and Booth's and while it had taken a pregnancy, twins, Chey to finish high school and Lacey to enter into her third year at college. Lacey and Cheyenne were finally going to meet their Auntie Margaret. Would she look like them? Would she even care about them? What did she remember about their Grandmother Amy, her own mother? Would she want to know about her sister Lindy, Lacey and Cheyenne's mother? Whom Margaret's own mother Amy had given up for adoption when she was fifteen? There was only one way to find out and it would be this evening.

Booth opened the door to see Margaret, "I see Tempe finally admitted to herself you two were in fact an item agent Booth."

"Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Margaret." Booth said opening the door for her to enter.

"I suppose it will be won't it? Benjamin said happiness does not lie in the moment, but in the person."

Lacey eyed Margaret from the living room where she had a two and a half year old Caleb on her hip. His head lay on her shoulder shyly, as to retreat from all of the commotion. Lindy, Chey, and Parker were helping Tempe set the table. Lacey thought Margaret looked like a young, naïve version of her own mother Lindy, Margaret's older sister.

Margaret walked up to Lacey, "Are you one of my nieces? If so I'm your Aunt Margaret. You don't have to call me that, obviously, I wouldn't force you. I mean I don't know you and you don't know me so you can just call me Margaret if you want. Is that Tempe's little boy? I always knew she loved Booth. She used scientific mumbo jumbo to say he had acceptable symmetry when she just wanted to sleep with the man. I suppose she loves him as well, not just his body." Lacey decided it was time to cut her Aunt off; she was talking in front of Caleb after all.

"Yes, my name is Lacey, Lacey Martin. This is Caleb, his sister is running around with Parker who is Booth's other son and my sister, Cheyenne. She is your other niece. She is younger than me by three years. It's nice to finally meet you; you look a lot like my mom, your sister." Lacey said

"He is a cute child. I suppose his sister is as well because they are twins." Margaret said and Lacey smiled a bit she acted like Tempe and looked like her, but was nothing like her mother. Actually that's not true her mother was very intelligent as well. She just could never afford college hell she just finished high school.

Lindy came racing around the corner, Parker chasing her. Both kids stopped in their tracks and looked at the stranger. "Who are you?" Lindy asked.

"I'm your third cousin Margaret, your mother is my second cousin. Who are you?" Margaret asked.

"Lindy. An dis is my brova Parka." Lindy introduced the two as Tempe walked into the living room, Cheyenne next to her. "Dat is my mommy but you call her Dr. Bwennan and daddy and Parka call her Bones. Oh and Chey and Cee call her Tempe."

"She has many names doesn't she?" asked Margaret.

"Uh-huh. Auntie Angie calls her Bwen." Lindy informed Margaret.

"Hello Margaret." Temperance said.

"Hello Tempe, I see your F.B.I agent is here. I figured he would be. Although, I did not know you would have a house and kids together."

"I have a house and children although; Cheyenne is eventually going to be moving in with Lacey and her roommate Michelle who will be here later tonight. As will her mother Cam and her boyfriend, Angela her Husband and their son Michael. As well as some other people I work with and my father as well as my brother and his wife and children. I believe Jared and his fiancé Padme will be joining us as well. Jared is Booth's brother."

"Hi I'm your niece Cheyenne but people usually call me Chey. It's nice to meet you." Cheyenne said.

"How do you know if it's nice, you don't even know me?" Margaret said.

"It's just something people say Maggie." Booth said.

"It's Margaret." She corrected.

"Right." Booth pointed his finger at her and snapped.

Soon Booth was carving the turkey and Caleb, Lindy and Michael were all in booster seats. Margaret was relatively quiet, Angela made up for the lack of any words anyone said. Michelle and Cheyenne sat next to one another with Lindy next to Lacey and Caleb next to Brennan. Margaret sat across from Lacey but next to Tempe. Booth, Hodgins, Jared, Russ, Max (who the girls were better with now) and Paul were near each other and Emma and Haley were near Parker, Cheyenne and Lacey. It was definitely a full table. Brennan was glad when Sweets said he couldn't make it and was having Thanksgiving with Daisy's family.

After everyone's plates were loaded down with food Lacey stood up. "I want to make a toast." Everyone was quiet and stare at her for a moment.

"I didn't get any toast Cee." Lindy whined and Lacey ignored her.

"When I first arrived here I was pregnant, scared of what would become of me and my child yet welcome with open arms. Tempe took me in no questions asked, I was family even when, sorry Max, but she had never known one. She treated my sister and I with respect and I gained more family than I ever knew I could. I love you guys and thank you for being there for me and my sister. Happy Thanksgiving, we have so much to be thankful for." Lacey said and Tempe smiled mouthing thank you to Lacey, Lacey mouthed love ya back. Everyone clinked their glasses and drank.

"I have a short toast to make as well." Cheyenne said and everyone looked at her.

"I was a bit of a bi-"she looked to the kids. "I was rude to Booth when I first got here and I apologize for that. Thanks for being there for Tempe and I, although I do give myself some credit for the twins and all of this." Chey smirked motioning to the house and Bren and Booth being together.

"Chey is this a toast or are you expecting us to give you a cookie for getting them together?" Michelle said.

"Hey desert first sounds good to me!" Chey smiled, "To family, a dance, happiness, and screwing rational." Chey said and Lacey rolled her eyes at her sister as Angela repeated, "to screwing rational." Everyone laughed.

After dinner everyone slowly filtered out of the house, only Margaret and Max were left. The twins were cranky and Tempe was putting them down with Booth's help. Lacey and Cheyenne were talking with Margaret and Max in the kitchen. Margaret lost interest in the conversation and walked over to the fridge.

"That's my mother, Amy. She is your Grandmother, where did you get this picture? Who is that other woman?" Margaret asked taking the picture off of the fridge and flipping it over. "It says Tory and Morgan, and that is not my mother's name."

Max walked over along with Lacey and Cheyenne to investigate the picture. "That is Christine and Amy. Christine was Temperance's mother and that little girl, fifteen in the picture is your mother Amy, Margaret. Amy had Lindy, the girl's mother at age fifteen, but had to give her away. That picture was taken a few days after Amy gave birth to Lindy. I think they were watching some chick flick, I don't remember. I do know that Lindy was in the other room and fifteen years later Amy had you Margaret." Max said.

"Damn, we have one messed up family." Cheyenne said and everyone laughed.

Brennan and Booth joined everyone in the kitchen the twins now down for the night. "What's everyone looking at?" asked Booth

"The picture you found the night Tempe told you she was carrying your kids." Max said.

"How did you know that is when I found it?" Booth asked.

"I saw you two leave the hospital together and put the picture on the ground. I thought Tempe would recognize who it was in the picture although she is younger then Tempe remembers and her hair is pulled back." Max said about Christine.

"Dad, you planted the picture? Did you know I was pregnant? Booth and my conversation was a private one." Tempe said.

"I dropped it and left. I never knew. The women in the photo is your mother and Margaret's mom. The photo was taken the night Amy came to see Lindy loo for the first and last time before we had to give her up." Max said and Margaret and Brennan shared a glance. Lacey and Cheyenne looked at the photo that was their grandmother. It was all so strange.

Brennan cringed inside when her dad used the nickname Lindy loo and then said she went into the system. Booth called their Lindy the same thing, it made her uneasy. She walked over near Booth and he sensed her need for touch and held her hand but she lay her head on his shoulder and whisper in his ear, "I love you." He squeezed her hand and she squeeze back.

"Why did Booth take the picture then, Tempe didn't recognize anyone in it." Margaret asked.

"Booth said the picture was a reminder of the day he found out he was going to be a father again and I wanted our child to love Lacey and Chey as much as these sister's did. The sisters in the picture were so happy, I wanted our children to be that happy and feel that loved." Tempe said.

Max smiled, "You are a good man Booth."

"I try." Booth kid with Max.

"I have to be going now. It was a wonderful dinner Temperance and it was good to finally meet you girls. We may be an eccentric family, but all of the best people are." Margaret said as she head out of the door.

"You too Margaret." Lacey and Chey said in unison.

Max and Lacey were the only two left now only Lacey planned on staying the night. Tomorrow was a holiday and she didn't have any classes-score! That meant she would spend a day with family, she swore Parker had grown since the last time she saw him. He was asleep in the guest room right now.

"Goodnight Lacey, Chey, Booth and honey it was good seeing you and the twins. Are you guys planning on making anymore of those?" Max asked.

"Dad, we have a house full already. We were not expecting twins when Booth knocked me –"

"Bones!" Booth said.

"Fine, when I became pregnant. So, as of yet there are no planned pregnancy's in the near future." Brennan said.

"Alright honey, well you guys take care and happy thanksgiving." Max said as he walked out of the front door. The girls were still inside and Booth and Bren were standing on the front drive waving goodbye to her father.

"Booth look!" Brennan said.

"What is it Bones?" Booth asked and looked up to where she was pointing, a shooting star.

"A shooting star, it is shining very brightly." Brennan said and leaned into him grabbing his arm and laying her head on his shoulder. Her voice a whisper as she spoke, "Make a wish Booth." He thought about it and made his wish.

"Now you." He said to his Bones.

She thought a moment, everything she had ever imagined and so much more had come true. "All of my wishes have come true Booth, I have no more left."

He smiled at her laughing a small chuckle, "Sure you do. Now make a wish-"

"Wait, I got it." And she made her wish, screwing all rational – because she had learned even rational people have children. The two walked back inside her arm looped in his toward home, family, forever and a dance, preferably to a Foreigner song.

"…I gotta take a little time, a little time to think things over I better read between the lines in case I need it when I'm older…Now this mountain I must climb, feels like the world upon my shoulders…"

It was a little chilly out and Booth felt her shiver, "Come on Bones let's go to bed." She only leaned her head into him in agreement as he rubbed her back.

"…through the clouds I see love shine, it keeps me warm as life grows colder…"

What did that mean? How could one see love shine? She had a theory for the metaphor, but that would mean irrational wishes weren't so irrational to begin with. It would mean eternal and transcendent most definitely existed, but deep down as she curled up next to Booth in bed she knew that transcendent and eternal had existed all along. Booth pulled her closer and she smiled, he was proof-family was proof.

"…In my life there's been heartache and pain, I don't know if I can face it again. Can't stop now I've traveled so far to change this lonely lifeI wanna know what love is I want you to show me, I wanna feel what love is I want you to show me…I know you can show me…"

She thought of when he had wished she find love, of when he explained the difference in sex and making love, and of how each time the emotion in his eyes the look was so warm it shone. He had indeed 'shone' her love.

"…I'm gonna take a little time, a little time to look around me I've got nowhere left to hide…"

Brennan thought about it as she lay there. She had always hid from her problems, for facing one's own reflection-inner turmoil was the scariest thing to do. She realized almost too late that he had become part of her inner struggle at night, a reason she use to toss and turn at night was because of him. Then she wished on a star and screwed rational.

"It looks like love has finally found me…"

She didn't toss and turn anymore. Booth pulled her closer in his slumber. She nuzzled his arm which was wrapped around her abdomen tightly and then drifted off to sleep.

I Wanna Know What Love Is by Foreigner hope you enjoyed and give me an input on a sequel…Idk prob not enough time. Heck I barely finished this and yes I'm so sorry but I know I rushed the ending a bit. It was that or leave you guys hanging for oh a month or so.