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Rated M for several reasons.


I can't believe I am actually going to marry a man, vampire I'm so pissed at.

I don't know what fuck's me off the most. The fact that the whole time we were preparing to go against The Volturi he was clearly so sure we were' gonna die he didn't feel the need to tell me any potential consequences. Or the fact that he knows as well as I do that if he'd turned around an' said he was spending the rest of eternity gazing at his navel on the bottom of the Mariana trench I'd be sat there with him.

Stupid fuckin' love of my life.

Memories stir in my mind as I stare at my reflection in the mirror, the words of Gus, Pete an' Aro. About power, strength, reputation an' peace. An' something finally clicks.

Perhaps we've been going about this all wrong. Maybe, just maybe, the way to get the peace we crave is to be too strong for anyone to take it away from us.

I mean, how bad can it be? It's not like we've gotta move to Volterra or anything.

Enough thinking, it's time to get going. I give my reflection another once over an' turn away, ready to marry my lord, prince, king. Whatever the hell he is now.

I really hate this crap.

Bella marry Jasper. That'll do for me.