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"Carly: When did your mom say she was going to pick you up?

Sam: She's not.

Carly: Why?

Sam: Because I told her you asked me to spend the night.

Carly: I didn't ask you to spend the night.

Sam: Well you should, 'cause I'm not leaving."

It's easy to put up a brazen and obnoxious front when you're Sam Puckett. She's been doing it for so long that it had become who she was. Sam Puckett: the tomboyish, lazy, always hungry bully who could give a wedgie so hard it could come out of her victims mouth, it was how she was known, and that was the way she intended on keeping it. If she was any other way, she'd be her sister, and while her mom would probably prefer it to be that way, the thought of it disgusted her. The only person who could be a precious daffodil and not make her gag was Carly, and she wasn't really sure why. All she knew was that Carly was her best friend and that she was the only person in the world who could see her as a real person, capable of feeling and having emotions.

She liked that she could spend so much time at Carly's house, away from her mother. Pam would bring home a different, desperate man every week and Sam had just stopped thinking about it. At first, it really upset her that her Mom had such low self value that she would give herself to any Tom, Dick and Harry who looked her way, but she became impervious to it when she realised her Mom wasn't going to change. Not to mention that Carly's place was always warm and the fridge was always full, a very rare occurrence at her house. So Sam would eat other peoples half eaten food and show no shame, because shame was a privilege for people who had a choice, and Sam didn't. She could make fun of Benson all she wanted for his overbearing, protective mother and the way that she babied him, but she couldn't deny to herself that deep down inside, she resented him for the fact that his mother cared so much about him, and hers couldn't care less.

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