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The group of Nobodies had stopped to rest in an old due city, the rain and the tiredness had stopped them to stay in this unwelcome city. the only luck was at there was no humans here and Demyx who still has the power over water could make a clean spot to the other members; even he rather stay out in the rain and play around, his form was a really play- and powerful kind. On one of still save roof sat the Freeshooter where he kept watch. Xigbar refused rest any more; he would be some use to the others. So now he sat on the roof, in the rain and kept watch for the no existents danger. Demyx fly down to him with something on his paws and landed as human on the roof, the Melodious Nocturne gave him a plate with food on "Vexen want you eat more, he says you are still too weak"
Xigbar snorted but took the plate and ate the food "thanks kid, but I´m not weak anymore" Demyx sat down beside him "I know, but Vexen still thinks something is wrong; you have been in the magic water but nothing has happen!" exclaimed Demyx and pointed his hand toward the horizon where the lake could be now. Xigbar had also thought a lot about it, it was right nothing has happen…. Or rather there had but not something the others could see; Xigbar could feel inside himself something powerful, it was inside his empty chest and beat almost as a heart, almost. He had heard from the others thanks to his habit of ear dropping at they also had felt this feeling just right before they transformed into their fable forms. He had the power to transform but he has no idea to trigger this magic to do it, kept him from the closes he could get of his somebody and the power to survive in this weird world. "maybe… maybe I´m not worthy to these powers" Xigbar said to the surprise Demyx "why should Twilight give me these powers when it probably already know what I done in the past" Demyx has never heard what happen to the six first when they were humans "what did you do?" Xigbar gave him the empty plate "followed some cruel orders; and I enjoyed it" he walks away from the confused Nocturne.

Meanwhile sat Roxas and Axel on a roof and like Xigbar they kept watch even this was beginning bored Roxas a lot. "why shall we keep watch? Is not like anything would attack us in this dump hole" Axel who was in his Griffin form rolled his eyes in a grin *anything can happen Rox, you have seen some of the creature who live in this world and trust me; you won´t be surprise attacked at them* "humph, whatever" murmured the Key of Destiny, Axel sighted but turn again his head toward the town. "Axel?" *hm* the griffin answered lazy, as a sign he was listing. Roxas sat up at the red griffin even he was a little unsure he should ask but he did "how long has you and Isa been friends?" Axel turn his head to him *so long you has been with him* "I mean when you was human" said Roxas a little impatiens over Axel tried not to answer, the griffin transformed back to human and Axel stood with a strange glace in his eyes "we always been friends. We stood by each other side…. No matter what." he lowered his head in sadness, Roxas got a feeling at those two also was together when the heartless took their hearts "even when you became Nobodies?" "can´t remember" Axel replied and suddenly he change the subject "I don´t think this place is the greatest watch. I try find a better one" Roxas starred first confused at him of the sudden change of the conversation "um sure" Axel smiled to him and jump down from the roof, when he came up again he was in the form of the Griffin and he fly over to a hill instead. Roxas knew he couldn´t get more information out from Axel about his past, the Flurry of Dancing Flames has never liked talk about his past. Sometimes it make Roxas so mad at Axel not would share what he knew being human, so he also know how it was; is not like he can remember his own. The Lionboy climbed down too and found Isa not long away, the blue haired man was in human form and it seems to he been that in a while for the blue wings was there. Roxas sat down on a old bench beside Isa who looked at him with calm eyes, like Saix often did even Isa´s was far more friendly "don´t be too hard against Axel, the past sometimes make him really sad" Roxas glace up to him but not replied, he was still a little angry even it was more disappointers. Isa continue "when he lost his heart Axel lost everything, he lost himself" "he still has you" replied Roxas at last, Isa smiled sad "yes he still has friends, but after all this I have to go…" Roxas turn shocked his head to Isa who said to him "I can´t stay, so you have to be by his side" "why Isa? You can´t just leave!" said Roxas angry and Isa smiled weak " if any of you want it or not I have to… Saix can´t be Isa for the heart has not jet returned, I don´t has his memories, only my life as human" he sighted when he saw Roxas confused face "you will understand someday. Every nobody will" "so you won´t answer like Axel huh?" Isa raise an eyebrow, surprise of what the lionbody said "answer?" Roxas blue eyes met the light green "what so important about yours and Axels past? Was your life really so bad?" Roxas exclaimed angry "I don´t remember my past so I have to know what make a heart strong enough to make a Nobody. Not all humans can be like us!" he jelled at Isa who of course just stood calm, Roxas glared at him but it change to a surprised one when Isa asked him to sit again as he did. Isa crossed his arms "I´m not sure what make a heart strong, but I can tell you about our pasts." Roxas nodded in disbelief he would tell, Isa added with a lifted finger "but not everything, if you want know more you have to ask Axel" again Roxas nodded and Isa began

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