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' Why are we doing this again ? ,' questioned a haughty Arthur Kirkland looking back and forth between his lover and the empty notepad lying helplessly on the table . ' You see, mon cher . ,' Francis Bonnefoy , the aforementioned lover , quipped back while innocently rubbing his partner's shoulders . ' When you came back from work today it was quite obvious that my mon lapin was having a bad day.' Arthur stiffened visibly under Francis's gaze . ' I ,' retorted Arthur , ' Did not have a bad day ! ,' 'Oui , mon cher. And I'm sure that in England everyone slams the door and throws their suitcases onto the couch , before stalking off to their room yelling a string of curses when they have had an excellent day at work ,' continued Francis , massaging the Briton's shoulders , now in a more intimate manner . ' Oh , mon cher . You are so tight ,' Francis then added with a wink , while managing to get out a tight kink * on Arthur's shoulders . ' Shut it , with the innuendo . ,' snapped Arthur , deep crimson blooming steadily over his cheeks . ' Just tell me what you want me to write down … ,'

'Ok . I read this on the internet , if a person has a bad day he or she has to write down 10 good things that happened to them today . From the start of the morning to the end of the day . ,' said Francis , handing Arthur a pen and notepad . Arthur nodded and solemnly took the instruments he would need to accomplish the task at hand . Meanwhile , Francis taking this as an indication to not disturb the concentrating Briton , left the room to make dinner for the family.

Not 15 minutes into the hour , Francis heard his name being shouted from across the living room. ' I'm done , Francis . What do I do now ? ,' inquired Arthur , truly seeming to hope this simple exercise could relieve his bad day . Almost immediately , said Frenchman was behind Arthur hugging his waist securely. ' Now , mon petite lapin. You read it out to me . ,' purred Francis , nibbling on Arthur's ear only to end up empty handed….. literally. Arthur was now standing across from Francis , an expression of shock worn over his blushing face, clutching dangerously onto piece of paper with all his might. ' No . God , no way . Can I just burn it like how people usually do. Please Francis . ,' begged Arthur. This reaction from Arthur piqued Francis's immensely and if any changes were noticed in the Frenchman's attitude , it was his now immense urge to know what was written on that plain piece of paper that made his little Brit squirm. Francis , eyeing the paper dangerously ' Sorry , mon amour. You have to read it ,' . ' Ok.' Arthur said, taking in a deep breath as reassurance. ' Firstly , today's breakfast was delicious.'

It was a known fact that in the Kirkland-Bonnefoy household , mornings were not a good time for the family. With both Matthew and Alfred running around the dining room , usually haphazardly dressed in a mix and match of clothes waiting for one of their fathers to dress them and Arthur usually in the shower ( as he was spent after the night ;] ) It was usually Francis who would be literally hunting down his kids , just so he could dress them up in proper attire for pre- school . But today , Arthur wanted a change in the schedule , and if Arthur deemed a schedule change , it will happen . ' Alfred , Matthew ,'said Arthur walking downstairs in pressed slacks , and a crisp white shirt , albeit the fact that it was partially buttoned , holding a pair of clothes for both the youngsters. ' Leave Papa alone. I will dress you two little rascals up today ,' continued Arthur ,while simultaneously holding on to said little rascals. ' Thank you , mon cher .,' gasped Francis , dashing towards the stove , in case he had burnt even a morsel of food. Dressing up the boys were easy , Matthew would always top his shirt off with his little red hoodie , while Alfred would always wear his so-called "American Hero " bomber jacket over any of his shirts . Finally getting them dressed , they made their way to the kitchen in time to see Francis adorning the plates with a croissant each and a delicious filling of Spanish omelet . As breakfast was almost over Francis moved towards Arthur in a sensual manner , gently placing his lips above Arthur's slightly parted ones , both moving in sync , before pushing a sweet substance into his mouth. As Francis drew back and saw Arthur's shocked face , he couldn't help but hold back a chortle. ' That , mon lapin . Was a slice of tiramisu I learnt to make from the Italian twins opposite our house. Vous aimez? ,' said Francis holding up a slice of the heavenly coffee cake. Arthur nodded , a blush painting itself on his pale skin. ' Ew….,' commented Alfred ' You guys always suck face . It's like those alien movies I watch , and I;m the hero with the big gun .' Saying so , Alfred stood on his chair holding a pretense gun while making shooting sounds.

' Oh, so you liked my cake ? Or the way it was served?,' purred Francis attempting to get closer to Arthur. ' I.. Id.. Idiot…,' stammered Arthur , once again turning red. ' I liked the cake too ,' mumbled Arthur , turning away from his lover. ' I'll give you more of it , just the way you like it too. But , read out your second point , mon anges . s'il vous plait,' Francis urged . ' Fine , second on the list , Alfred and Matthew introduced me to a new friend today . ,'

~ F.L.A.S.H.B.A.C.K.~

' Dad , Dad… DAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDD! ,.' Whined Alfred after being dropped off at school with Matthew. ' Dad ,' Matthew said softly , tugging on Arthur's slacks . ' What is it you two ?,'grumbled Arthur , not noticing a small figure behind both of his sons. ' Dad , this is Kiku Honda ,' said Matthew , giving a shy smile to his friend . ' Yeah , he's from Japan. ,' continued Alfred giving his Japanese friend a toothy grin . Alfred then signaled for Arthur to bend down to his level in all attempts failing for secrecy. ' I bet he's a ninja . But don't tell anyone ok ?. I trust you.," whispered Alfred , looking around secretly as if on a mission. Arthur smiled , his son had confided in him. No matter how small or ridiculous the secret was , it had been grinned at Arthur too and placed a chubby little finger on his lips , as if to say "Don't tell anyone.." Arthur hugged both his boys and gave them a quick peck on the cheek before walking off to his car a huge smile placated on his face. " Today's going to be a good day ." thought Arthur , before finally stepping into his car.

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Mon cher - My dear

Mon lapin - My rabbit

Mon anges - My angel

Sil vou plait - Please

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