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' I do not understand you at all , mon lapin . You had an exceptional day , magical even. Yet , you do not seem happy . Pourquoi ?,' asked Francis , staring questioningly at his lover. ' I told you it's a stupid list , Francis. I don't even know why I agreed to participate in this act of insanity. ,' replied Arthur . The crumpled piece of paper lay in his hand , as he clutched it close to his chest. ' I'm throwing it away ! ,' continued the Brit , standing up from his place in the couch and attempting to walk to the rubbish bin , only to be pulled back downwards. ' Non , you have piqued my interest and you are not going to leave me behind unsatisfied . are you now ?' Arthur blushed at the sexual innuendo hidden in Francis's words . ' Fine . But don't do anything sappy ok? ,' and with those words Arthur buried his blonde head behind the list and mumbled and incoherent sentence. ' Can't hear you …. ,' Francis grinned , pulling the Briton's head from his paper . ' I said Seamus called and apologised for the incident . ,'

~~~ F.L.A.S.H.B.A.C.K. ~~~

Seamus , was Arthur's Scottish brother , who was born in Scotland . Wait , let me correct that. Arthur's crazy , psychotic , OLDER Scottish brother. Only by 2 years though , yet Seamus still bullied Arthur mercilessly during his childhood as well as in the present . The last time they had met up was during Seamus's wedding 5 years ago , when a huge fight had broken out when his wife called Arthur a fag and reprimanded him from coming to her wedding. When the tale reached the ears of Seamus , who was stressed to his maximum breaking point ( A/N – I mean come on , ur getting married. I know I would freak out. O.o) he threw both Arthur and Francis out of the chapel before the vows were even spoken.

Arthur had refused to even acknowledge his brother's existence . Albeit , getting a legal divorce from the woman (A/N- Whom I shall now call fondly , SKANK) , and repeatedly apologised profusely to his younger brother and his lover , the apology was accepted. Discreetly , Arthur missed the tauntings and tribulations that only his brother could cause him , and was deeply hurt by the insulting accusation .Nonetheless , things are currently on the road back to recovery. So , don't fret.

_ Reality _

' He called ? ,' asked the Frenchman dumbfoundedly. Arthur nodded. ' Did you put the phone down on him? Please tell me you didn't. You and I both know that you have missed him terribly. ,' continues the Frenchman , praying that his lovers brash nature wouldn't have interfered with his family ties. Arthur gave a shy smile and looked up at Francis . ' He's coming this weekend for dinner and staying over .' Arthur had no idea how it happened , but one moment he was sitting comfortably on his couch and the next he was clasped in the Frenchman's grip , being hugged to death. Arthur felt a warm wetness on his shoulder and broke the hug to see lover in tears.

' FRANCIS ! Bloody Hell , why are you crying ? Are you ok? Did I hurt you ? I can get off if you would like ? . Throughout Arthur's tirade Francis smiled through his tears. ' You used to cry at night for many weeks after your brother threw us out. I'm just glad that you have finally reconciled with him.,' said Francis. Arthur stared at his counterpart , eyes wide open and mouth slightly hanging. Silence hung heavy in the room , excluding the giggles and chortles floating in from the kitchen. ' You are such a sap , Francis. But you are my sap.' Francis found himself pulled into another embrace and he eagerly participated in it , finally ending it with a kiss on Arthur's forehead. ' Now , I think we should put the kids the bed. I need to tell you my last and final point .,' said Arthur , confidence oozing from his very being.

Two tiny beings emerged from the kitchen both holding on to their plush toys stood in front of Arthur and Francis. Alfred covered in maple syrup and Matthew slobbered in ketchup. ' I'm guessing you two devils know what time it is? ,' Francis asked as he eyed the amount of damage caused by his sons. Arthur chortled. ' Francis , you go clean the kitchen and I will go bathe the two dangers that we have raised.' Chuckled Arthur as both Alfred and Matthew ran towards the bathroom . Francis nodded and set to work .

~~ Timeskip ~~ ( I knw it wud be adorable to see two squirming chubby toddlers getting their hears scrubbed by a previous powerful empire , but we're skippin that. Sorry .. :D)

As Matthew wriggled into his red pyjamas with the help of Arthur , Alfred was trying , and emphasis on the word TRYING to put on his pyjama bottoms. He had already gotten caught in his batman cape that hung loosely from his pyjama and had to literally be unrolled from it by his dad , but he was still going to try . Matthew on the other hand , had obediently stood still , or as still as he could manage while Arthur dressed him up and sometimes even tickled his sides while getting into his PJ's , and was now calmly tucked into his bed while Arthur fumbled around with Alfred. Once both the tots were back in their beds , Arthur sighed and kissed both their foreheads and wished them goodnight , only to be surprised by Francis standing at the doorway , leaning against its sill.

' Your final point ? I have not forgotten , mon amour .,' smiled Francis as Arthur led him to their room . They both walked towards the balcony , hand in hand enjoying the comfort of the others presence. ' So , mon cher. I have been waiting .' commented Francis , staring out at the thousands of glittering stars shimmering across the night sky. Arthur turned to Francis and pulled his face closer to his lover . ' Today , when I left for work I was rushing . I had to drop the kids , and work was hectic with the promotion and my book being published. I wasn't happy today because when I left today , I forgot to say ' I LOVE YOU ,' to the one I loved the most. I didn't wish my soul reason for existing with an I love you , and that saddened me the most. ' Arthur stopped and looked up at wide crystalline blue eyes staring at him in shock . He held up the Frenchmen's hands and placed them on his heart. ' I love you….,' whispered Arthur , at a stunned Francis.

Francis leaned forward and before pressing his now quivering lips to Arthur's ,whispered ´Je t'aime pour toujours et toujours et à jamais, ma chère.' Their lips met and all Arthur could think about was Francis . His Francis. A shooting star shot through the sky but the couple was heedless of its presence. What did you need to wish for when you had whatever you wanted right beside you ? Love….

~ FIN ~

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