Date: 9-11-2020 (The Present Reality)

Place: A Hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina

Scene: In the Hallway outside Lucky's hospital room

Lucas (livid): Your dad kidnapped Lucky and brought her here to Raleigh

Peyton: My dad didn't kidnap Lucky. Lucky took a bus here to Raleigh. She couldn't cope with the news of my ovarian cancer.

Lucas: I wonder how in the world did Lucky receive the money to come here?

Peyton: She has connections

(Angry, Lucas storms into the room and shoves Peyton's adoptive dad, Larry into the wall)

Lucas (shoves Harry into a corner): You belong in jail for kidnapping my daughter

Larry: Lucky came willing to me

Lucas (yelling): You are a liar

Derek ((Peyton's half brother) stands in between Lucas and Harry): Please calm down

Peyton: Lucas, you need to take it easy because your heart is in poor condition.

Lucas (backing away from Harry): I almost forgot about my heart. I am waiting for my heart transplant from Dan.

Lucky (resting in a bed): I have cancer, remember?!

Sawyer (emotional, she strokes Lucky's hair): OH My Dear Sister

Larry (to Lucas and his children): We are all here because of Lucky. She became terribly sick at my house so I brought her to the hospital. If I didn't contact you, you wouldn't never known about the cancer.

Lucas: You're right

Derek: Lucky deserves our support

Peyton (unable to hide her own personal secret, she sobs out loud): Dad and Derek, I have Ovarian cancer. Lucky ran away from home because she couldn't cope with the news.

Larry (embracing Peyton): You, Ellie, and your mom are warriors

Peyton: Cancer, who knew this would become my fate?

Derek: We will fight cancer together

Lucas: Peyton, you will give me a son first before you die

Peyton (laughing): Maybe

Dove Snow ((a well known African American female contemporary gospel singer) enters the room with a guitar): Hello, my name is Dove Snow. I am a wellknown contemporary gospel singer here in Raleigh. I sing songs to kids that are batting cancer here in the hospital. A nurse told me that my presence was needed here.

Lucky (smiling): Welcome, Dove. I would love to hear a song.

(Dove sings the song, "His Eye is on the Sparrow" to Lucky and her family. Although Peyton enjoys her family's company, she contacts Brooke and True (Brooke's daughter). Ironically, Brooke and her True are already in the city at the time. Their presence brings even more joy to the Scott/Sawyer family. )