So I decided to make a Generator Rex story, but he isn't going to be the main character, my character Luna Allister is, she like Rex can cure Evo's and has a few other tricks up her sleeve as well. She doesn't go by just one name but seven others as well, each a different city. So that's all i'm going to tell you here, if you would like to learn her history, than continue to read. I don't own Generator Rex or any of its characters or ideas, those go to Man Of Action. Enjoy ^^

~Luna's Prov.~

Currently my name is Luna Allister and living in Los Angeles. I lived in multiply places, each having a different name. Boston- Vyktoriea Swan. Pittsburg- Autumn Bazek. Miami- Aidan Pierce(yes aidan can be a girls name). Erie- Mellinda Dharon. New York City- RaeAnna Evans. San Francisco- Paige Adams and finally in Seattle- Karissa Chaston. Why so many cities and names? Well i'm running. Running from whom?


I'm an Evo like Providence's Rex. Also able to cure other Evo's and haven't been caught by them yet. A main reason that helps that is I can change my appearance. Also change the size of inanimate objects, which is sort of a plus, I could have a small flat screen and turn it to a 32 inch flatscreen. Easier to pack this though.

The appearance I have now, my body is petite, if bra size is a concern for anyone it's 28B. A heart-shaped face, semi-high cheek bones, and a small button nose. Fair light tan skin, dark red hair and violet eyes. Height 5'5". Clothing choice for the day. A black beater, with black mini shorts and flip flops. Activity of the day. Watching tv. Which is getting a bit boring after a little while. I was laying down on my back on the couch, looking sideways at the tv, watching NCIS.

Clicking my tongue, and turning off the tv, staring at the blank screen for a moment. I stood up grabbing a thin dark gary hoodie, slipping it on, grabbing keys, wallet, cell phone, sun glasses and walking out of my small apartment to my gold convertible mustang. Getting in, starting the car and putting the top down. I didn't have anything better to do, so I went to Dunkin Donuts-drive thru-.-coffee coolatta.- Parking along the boardwalk and getting out of the car, walking to a nearby picnic beach staring out at the people walking on the beach and the ocean.

Not many Evo's came around in LA, but when they did they made some pretty bad damage, well from what Greg has told me-another teenager in my apartment building, across from my room.- Sipping from my coffee, the ground began to shake. Evo, a big one at that, I turned around to look behind me at the road. Looking up and down the street, the Evo finally coming into view. Swearing under my breath. It was a huge Evo, that meant Providence would come and I would have to act like any other normal citzen and run. I sat there, coffee left on the table and forgotten. Only moments later Providence showed up in the ships and the vehicles, like they always do.

I got up and moved away from the table, everyone around me, running the opposite direction the Evo was coming from. I looked around, spotting the man in green,Six and Rex. They always seemed to fight the most. It seemed like an Evo popped up in every city I moved into and just lead Providence right to me, well in the general area where I was. I started toward my car not wanting it to be crushed or dented from the Evo fight that was about to happen. Damn Evo saw me, and it's club like arm came down right infront of me, but missing my car, I fell backwards. Swearing only a little bit louder this time.

The massive Evo came to strick again, closing my eyes and expecting to be crushed, but i wasn't. I opened my eyes to look at the green man's face. Always wearing sunglasses. His voice came out a bit concerned but much more annoyance could be heard. " You alright?" I glared at him. " Yeah, i'm perfectly fine. It's not like I asked you to save me, instead of you continuing to fight that Evo." I replied, at this he put me down out of the way and went back to fighting without a word. I growled and turned back to the direction of my car. I was going to get to it and get the hell out of here, before they could find out who I really was.

Rex and Six being to busy fighting and the Providence agents shotting their guns like always, to notice me going back to my car. Finally getting to it, and in. Starting it up, and putting the car in reverse and bolting out of there, making sure the Evo didn't notice the screeing tires of the mustang. Driving around the corner and away. Looking behind me to make sure I was in the clear, but I wasn't the damn Evo was following my car. Swearing again-which I seemed to be doing alot.-focusing on the road again. The steps of the Evo making big thumps and things around it crash down. What the hell was that Rex kid doing? I pressed the gas and went around the corner, parking-badly-turning of the car and jumped out, running into an alley way. No way that Evo could fit thru here. Tripping, falling and turning to look behind my. Man was I wrong when I said that Evo couldn't come in here, it was working its way there and was pretty close.

To save myself I would have to cure it and run like hell so Providence couldn't get me. So I got up-taking this risk- running to the Evo and jumping up the objects to get higher, pressing my hands to the Evo and working to cure it.-Not sure if it was a female or male yet-. Finally it turned back into a male, and at that only a teenager. I looked around, where the hell was Providence? Instead of dweeling on this fact I ran back to my car and jumped in, starting it, and driving away.

~Rex's Prov.~

Yet again we had a Evo mission and this time in was in Los Angeles. Six and I had taken the ship over and dropped right near the massisve Evo. Yeah we get those alot. Not many from what I know in L.A. I've noticed that in every city we've been to lately there's this girl, of course each one different. Always there, and the Evo's there go after her or try to harm her, it's kind of weird, Six always recuses the girl and puts her out of danger and continues fighting.

But that's not the point, the point is, she was still around and than the Evo would be cured and not by me. I've listened in the Providence meetings, and she of course can cure Evo's like me but they can never catch her, guess she doesn't like Providence. From what I've heard the only way they know where she's at if she cures an Evo and it's happened to all the cities we've been to.

Fighting an Evo just like any other time and again it was massive, there's been alot of those lately. Six and I take up the close combat and Providence troops take the a farther approach. Six disappeared for a moment. I glanced around when I had the chances and saw him taking a teen girl away from her car, where the Evo went to strike at her again. Was it going to be the same as before? Rex focused on getting close enough to this Evo and cure him but it wasn't as easy as it sounded.

Six soon came back to fighting and we got super distracted trying to make sure this thing didn't do alot of damage. I took a quick glance towards the girl's car, and it was there, I noticed it driving backwards from the street, and next thing I know i'm on the ground watching the Evo take after this girl. Providence followed the Evo, lost it- I don't even know how that was possible losing an Evo of that size.- We soon found out why, there was no more Evo, instead a teenage boy sitting on the ground head in hands. Headache possibly.

~Luna's Prov.~

I drove back home, knowing Providence hadn't know it was me who cured the boy. All they know is i'm just a girl at the scene who always. putting my roof back up and locking my car once out. I ran up my steps and into my small apartment closing the door behind me. I sighed. This was getting harder and harder everytime. Running and running never getting caught. It was getting out of control. I was most worried about having to change name and city again. Hoping so much I didn't have to. I checked the clock and noticed I had 20 minutes until my shift started at a local Dunkin Doughnuts I worked at. Sighing again and rushing out of the apartment once again to my car and driving quickly, but within the speed limit and got to work. Walking in, and grabbing a black half apron.

Walking behind the counter and beginning to work. I seriously didn't want to leave L.A. I actually liked this place. It was nice here and I had actually hung out with people here. One of my other friend's was Greg's cousin, Mishanta. She came and visited often, she lived a little ways away. Mostly away from Evo's. I was trying to get my mind away from Providence by focusing on work, and juts when it was no longer there. Providence's most important piece walked in with a blonde. Saying I had to do something in the back, so I wouldn't have to take Rex's order. It seemed like he was telling his friend what happened today, whenI walked thru the door to the back.

I occupied my self with moving a few things, this bored me quickly and I walked back to the front, and was told to work the register and so I did. Ending up having to take his order. She smiled slightly and asked. " What shall you have today?" Rex looked at the menu, looking as if he didn't know what to get. His friend order for them both. Two medium Strawberry Coolatta, and one chocolate muffin, and a blueberry doughnut. Ringing them up and getting the things ready, another chick took the register. Once they got their order they took a seat at a table and sat there, talking.

I mental growled wishing that Providence would get out of here and go deal with some other mission. But Rex's friend was interesting, and well cute.

Little did I know, he was going to be the reason I had been captured by Providence and soon joined because Van Kliess had known about me.