Okay, I am back and much sooner than I anticipated. I guess the desire to be productive—and the excuse to be doing anything other than what I was supposed to be doing—resulted in this sequel to "Contemplations of a Jealous Mind". Yep, the boys are back too, with loads more catastrophic mayhem and "OMG!WTF!" moments!

Warnings: Lots of swearing Kaiba-style!

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In the stillness of the night where the velvety darkness lovingly shrouded Domino City, two lover's were having a discussion of some sort. The taller male stood rigid and unmoving whilst his shorter lover gracefully flailed his arms in movement to the words he spoke. Kaiba Seto and Yami Mutou were indulging in one of their favourite pastimes—they were annoying the hell out of each other...again.


"Why not, Seto?"

"I said 'No' and that's final!" Kaiba was adamant, the way he had his arms folded over his chest and his lips pursed tightly together indicated that. The stance reminded Yami of a sensei reprimanding a naughty student—except "sensei" was naked—or rather they were both naked.

Chastising when one was butt-naked was not really all that effective thought Yami dryly; it somehow diluted the element of intimidation, rendering it inferior. He was certain it was one of the reasons why Kaiba wanted to end the subject quickly.

"But why not? Just one—please, Seto!" pleaded Yami. He was desperate!

Kaiba glared at Yami with an 'I-brook-no-argument' expression clearly written on his face, "I won't repeat myself again! This conversation is over!" declared the brunet sullenly.

Yami pouted his displeasure, looking slightly put-off but the glint of mischief shining in his crimson eyes proclaimed his continual defiance. It wasn't over—nope, not by a long shot, it promised.

It all started with a random shopping trip when Yami stumbled upon little colourful boxes, stacked neatly in a row; "Fruit-flavoured Glow-in-the-Dark Condoms," it read in pretty bold letters. Intrigued with the contents, Yami's curiosity got the better of him and he promptly made a purchase. Unable to contain his excitement, the eager man sought to show his lover his acquisition at the most inconvenient time…in the middle of a passionate romp! Kaiba's cock went flaccid at the interruption—an unwelcomed and pointless interruption, he noted angrily.

"What the hell do you want to do with that?" Kaiba demanded, looking at the small offending box with suspicion and distaste. It wasn't that he had never used them before, in fact he ensured he always wore condoms with his previous partners, it's just he didn't want to use them with Yami. He wanted to feel every part of his lover, every spasm, every twitch, every nook and cranny—those hateful slippery rubber tubes prevented that; they were a fiddly annoyance.

"But Seto, it has different flavours and they come multi-coloured!" explained the overly excited Yami. "And it has florescent effects too!" He rattled the box for emphasis.

"Your point being?" asked the irate and frustrated Kaiba, drumming his fingers on his arm impatiently and not liking where the conversation was going.

"It glows in the dark! Imagine what it'll look like on your—"

"What! You want a fucking glow stick or something?" sneered the brunet, not quite believing what the former Pharaoh was asking of him.

With such suggestions, images of a naked Kaiba with a luminous hard-on began to fill Yami's mind; it excited him more.

Kaiba took one look at his lover's spaced out look, wide grin and rolled his eyes. "Don't even go there, Yami!" he warned.




"For the love of—! Are you worried that you are going to get pregnant or something? Well, 'News Flash', moron, you can't!" barked Kaiba. He was becoming restless with having to listen to Yami drone incoherently about his damn purchase when he'd rather listen to him moan incoherently whilst being fucked senseless!

"Why?" insisted Yami, his persistence not relenting one tiny bit.

"Why what? Why you can't get pregnant?" asked Kaiba absently, his mind had wandered off to something more appealing than what his bedfellow was currently proposing...

"No, baka!" snorted Yami, "Why won't you use them?"

Kaiba sighed with exaggeration. Aware that his lover was not going to stop his incessant and infuriating "whys" until he got a satisfactory answer, he yielded a meticulous reply. "I don't use them because I don't like them. It's an impediment, anti-sensory, a nuisance, a waste of time and it's a mood killer!" He paused before adding as an afterthought, "Besides, who the fuck in their right mind would use ones that are fucking retarded as those?"

"Can I use them then?" asked Yami, not caring about the implications of the last comment. He already knew the answer to his question but it was worth a try anyway—he might even get lucky if he dogged his stoic lover long enough! Nothing beats wearing down your opponent and then conquering, he thought with relish!

"No," maintained Kaiba, narrowing his eyes. He was becoming very suspicious with the direction the tenacious petit male was heading…

"Just once…" The said man continued without letting up.


"To top—"


"I'll make it worth your while," offered Yami seductively, in a change of tactics.

Kaiba threw his head back and laughed outright. "What could you possibly give to induce me to take you up on an offer like that?"

"Why? Scared that I'll be better at it than you?" mocked Yami playfully.

Kaiba knew better than to raise to the bait, but he did so anyway. The conversation had suddenly turned interesting and Yami's provocations simply could not be ignored. "As if!" snickered Kaiba. "Your body just begs to dominated, so why delude yourself by entertaining such nonsensical crap!"

Yami tensed at the jibe, all playfulness vanishing from the surface as his eye twitched with growing rage. "What's that supposed to mean, Kaiba?"

"Exactly as it is implied!" replied a nonchalant Kaiba. "The 'King of Games' enjoys being subjugated by me, Kaiba Seto." Arms still folded he gave an all-knowing nod to support his statement.

"Really?" Yami sniffed sarcastically, as he shimmied closer to his companion. "I thought the 'King of Games' enjoyed whipping your ass in Duel Monsters, Kaiba Seto!"

Kaiba laughed again, the sound began to grate on his partner's nerves. "Oh spare me, Yami! Last time I checked, Yuugi owned you in Duel Monsters and I owned your ass!"

"Why you…! …Kaibaka!" fumed the indignant Game King, his eyes now burning with mounting ire and resembling two smouldering lava pits as they scowled at his lover.

Kaiba smirked victoriously, "What are you five? Resorting to name calling like kids in kindergarten."

"Wouldn't know. Never been. Kai-ba-ka!" chanted the stroppy male, his finger jabbing Kaiba's bare chest with each word. He knew he was having a meaningless tantrum—a full royal hissy meaningless tantrum but in his riled state, he couldn't care less.

"Oh that's real mature, Pharaoh!" came the retort as a hand batted the offending finger away.

The said ruler pointedly ignored the speaker.

Angry with being denied and at Kaiba's refusal to humour him, Yami pulled a long face as he butt-shuffled off the bed to return the box of condoms into the drawer of the nightstand in a nosily manner. Without another word, he climbed back into the bed and rolled to the side pulling the covers up to his ears—his back turned towards Kaiba. The latter knew Yami was sulking about the matter and the silent treatment and dismissal was proof of his annoyance.

With a daggered-glare at Yami's back and a "Tsk," Kaiba proceeded to do the very same. Two could play that game he thought mulishly.


Morning came and they both had work to attend, Kaiba to KaibaCorp Head Office and Yami to the gaming club. They had barely uttered a word to one another upon waking; both childishly refrained from conversing and stubbornly avoiding eye contact. It was laughable that two grown men could behave so immaturely. Still smarting over the previous night's incident, the pair was foolishly unrelenting—thinking how ridiculous it was that the other was being so unreasonable and difficult by making a mountain out of a molehill with such trivial matters!

That's not to say that it didn't emotionally affect them. Given how much they enjoyed their banter and trying to verbally best one another, having to remain silent was torture. To make matters worse, not being able to physically touch each other added to the strain and the aggressive actions of a certain blue-eyed individual proved it; the slamming of his coffee cup on the table as a way of manifesting his peevishness, was effective in stressing a point and it provided a little venting relief.

Yami, on the other hand, remained dignified until the banging of crockery began to bring on a headache. Glowering angrily at his lover and muttering "baka" under his breath, he abruptly got up from the table and left for work. Considering he had a new supplier to visit that was quite a way out of town, it was better for him to leave earlier anyway.

Throughout the journey, Yami couldn't stop thinking about how much he loathed their quarrels turning ugly—it took their rivalry to a whole new level which no amount of make-up sex could compensate. It was all unnecessary mindless bickering. Grudgingly, Yami had to admit that he was somewhat responsible for blowing their latest predicament well out of proportion yet at the same time it wouldn't hurt Kaiba not compete with his childishness as well. The baka really does not know when to ignore a challenge, the Game King concluded ruefully.

Obviously, it hurt the both to be so unyielding and thoughts of regret pierced Yami as he deliberated on whether their relentless obstinacy was really worth the pain in the first place. However, it was also plain to him that no matter how much they inwardly cursed their own wilful and bullheadedness, the need to win, won out and so the battle continued.

Rare as such occurrences were; when Kaiba got this competitive, his antagonistic and grouchy temperament wasn't very far behind egging him on, as always to win—defeat was not an option. Yami had beaten him enough times for it to be a very sore sticking point to the proud man. Of course, Yami could indulge Kaiba an easy concession but he too, had his pride to uphold; the remark about being "dominated" only forced him to steadfastly hold on to his own resolve and not give in. The employers at KaibaCorp had better beware, he thought sympathetically; no doubt his own unruly staff at the club would be more than happy take advantage of the situation and exploit the possibility of a wager to the max. Yami could imagine their excited anticipation when they learn of a pissed-off CEO at work today, speculations on the number of dismissals at the end of the day will undoubtedly be the highlight at work. He grimaced guiltily at the notion.

Aside the problem of ignoring each other, the unexpected turn of events was a glitch to the plans they had made for that night as well. They were meant to meet up for dinner at home in the evening, a commitment they made the week before in order to spend time with one another. Kaiba had even freed up the late afternoon so he wouldn't be detained unnecessarily at work, this illustrated just how sincere he was with regard to the plans. Yami knew the workaholic man had been looking forward it to it for some time now, just because they live together didn't always mean they spent time a lot of time with one another. It had been already six months into the relationship and the two just wanted some chill-out time together; it was the reason the date was initially suggested.

Likewise, Yami had instructed for extra staff to cover his absence. Working in the gaming club meant long shifts and erratic hours as one could never be sure when the King of Games would be required to personally participate in a game to defend the "House". Yami never minded that when he was living alone. Even now residing with Kaiba, the arrangement still suited him; the working pattern continued just as before because his lover worked long hours too.

Yami sighed as his thoughts turned to Kaiba, whom like a petulant child, sought attention and required nurturing from time to time even if he would never admit to it. Vaguely aware of his past in the Orphanage and his life with his adopted father, Yami could sometimes sense the suffering Kaiba had endured in his bid to survive. He was well aware of how Kaiba's struggle had moulded the child into the man he was now—not that Yami had cause to complain; he was contented with the way the brunet turned out though sometimes he would wish Kaiba to be, maybe a tad less stubborn, proud, defensive, aloof and…

Yami sighed again. It was a shitty way to start the day and the petit male knew he wouldn't be able to focus much until they reconciled. Hopefully they'd be able to use the opportunity of that night's rendezvous to do just that though someone would have to give.

But who was the question?

Sadly, in their continual game of snub, neither of them reminded the other of the prior engagement despite it predominantly occupied their minds.


It was late in the afternoon when Yami returned to the 'The DC Gentlemen's Gaming Club'. The appointment he had with the supplier and the inspection of his products had taken far longer than he had expected and he had rushed back to his office to ensure that all was well before calling it a day. Luckily, he had made the return journey in good time so he was able to oversee some of his paperwork at a leisured pace whilst listening to Sudo give his report on the morning's activities. They were sitting in his office, the same office that he and Kaiba had…

Giving a quick glance at the clock, Yami realised that it was almost time for him to go. Uncertain if he was dreading or looking forward to the meeting, he began tidying up his papers in a diligent and prompt manner—until the name "Sakaki-sama" caught his attention.

"Wait, Sudo," interrupted Yami, putting up his hand as if to physically halt the trail of words from his assistant. "What did you say about Sakaki?"

Sudo paused in mid-sentence, surprised his boss had stopped him to repeat what was being said; it wasn't like the latter to miss a single word or detail as he was always attentive and observant.

"Did you mean the part where Sakaki-sama showed up this morning at the club?" Sudo asked nervously, hoping fervently the displeased look on Yami's face was not targeted at him.

"Yes, yes," replied Yami impatiently with a wave of his hand. "Did he come with Takaya-sama?"

"No, he didn't. He came by himself today," was Sudo's reply.

"And…" Yami prompted, his uneasiness and curiosity making him a little prickly in the process—the clenching of his fists before him betrayed that. "What happened after?"

"Well, he attempted to apply for membership—"

"Attempted?" enquired Yami.

"Yes, Yami-san…attempted because he was outright rejected."


Sudo was startled at Yami's sudden response but nothing could prepare him for the darkened look on his boss' face. He almost squealed in transfixed horror—the crimson orbs were alight with fieriness and staring right at him; the sight was terrifying yet beautiful. It was obvious that Yami-san's present expression could give Kaiba-sama's 'Death-Glare' a run for his money, Sudo thought smugly as he pressed himself further into his chair. When realising the object of his fascination was still awaiting an answer from him; he quickly added, stammering a little as nervousness plagued him, "Y-ye-yes, Yami-san, he was rejected immediately."

"And why was he rejected is what I would like to know," Yami thought aloud as he leant back into the chair, propping an arm on the armrest and resting his cheek in his hand.

"I-I am not entirely sure but when we entered his details, he was refused instantly."

"Oh Ra, please don't tell me—" Yami's eyes widened as he whispered those words, the hand spontaneously covering his mouth in an attempt to prevent the answer from escaping.

Regrettably, Sudo wasn't so obliging; "It was a direct order from the CEO, Yami-san—so Sakaki-sama said he was going to take it up with Kaiba-sama at Head Office instead."

Yami paled under the tanned hue.

That's just bloody great! He thought with despair, impending doom seemed imminent on the horizon now that the two pompous jerks were going to have a run-in with one another.

The day couldn't possibly get worse!

"When was this?" asked Yami urgently, as dread began to rise from within.

"W-w-what, Yam—" Sudo's stutter was very apparent now, not to mention a cold sweat developing on his body from fear. Apprehensive from the dangerous gleam in his employer's eyes, made him unable to continue.

"When did it happen, Sudo?" Yami asked through gritted teeth, feeling frantic as he furthered his demand. "Answer me NOW!" he ordered sternly, pushing out of his chair and slamming his hands on the desk, exhibiting a rare display of tension and hysterics.

Sudo gave a frightened fleeting glimpse at the clock and did a quick mental calculation, for now speed was all that mattered—it was like his life depended on it. "About two hours ago, Yami-san," he replied finally.

"WHAT!" Yami dropped back into his chair—deflated. Too late, he thought resignedly as he chewed his lips.

In all honesty, he didn't particular care whether Sakaki obtained membership to the club or not but the man did come from an influential family, the rejection could easily be construed as an insult and not one that could be lightly ignored if junior, senior or uncle decide make a fuss of it. What was Seto thinking? Yami thought desperately. Disbelief mingled with defeat written across his face as he pressed a thumb and finger onto his temple; his lips set in a thin line. He cursed silently as he felt his headache return with a ruthless vengeance.

Sudo looked on anxiously trying hard to control the urge to run to the other in utmost concern. Yami-san did not look well at all.

Still pondering over the matter of consoling his employer, Sudo started when Yami suddenly got up from his seat and made his way to the exit. The creak of the door signified the Game King had opened it and was ready to leave and the soft "click" of it closing confirmed he had.

Sudo remained seated in the room, shocked beyond words at the scene that unfurled before him and all the while, none the wiser for it.



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