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Yami was lying on the couch with his head on Kaiba's lap; the book he held in one hand was forgotten as he eavesdropped on the conversation.

It was one of their rare days off together and they decided they wanted nothing more than to laze indoors for most of the day and then, perhaps, go out for a meal in the evening. Kaiba was perusing an article on the latest development of holographic visualisations; his contempt for the report was exhibited with brusque snorts that randomly punctuated the silence. It left Yami wondering why he was reading such an inferior article in the first place. KaibaCorp was the leading researcher in that field; it was a well-known fact, even if they did not publish their findings.

"Okay then, I'll be there tomorrow," the CEO replied with authority. "Make sure all the project loose ends are tied up by then and have the final draft ready for inspection. I don't want to waste my time going over points that should have been sorted out already. Is that understood, Kaneko?"

A terse, "Hn" followed and Kaiba hung up. Yami looked at his lover with an arched brow, the call from KaibaCorp, Tokyo and the person called "Kaneko" piqued his curiosity.

"Tokyo?" the curious man asked, his mind purring with pleasure as Kaiba resumed combing his tri-colour mane with his long fingers.

Kaiba responded with a sigh and the fingers paused in its task. Yami gazed up and waited for a reply, his eyes adhered on the, now, sulky face. The CEO was reluctant to go. "Yes, I need to be there to discuss the final amendments in Mokuba's project. They need my approval before it can be fully implemented."

Yami's heart plummeted. "Then I guess you have no choice, Seto," he encouraged despite feeling miserable. He didn't want Kaiba to leave anymore than the other didn't want to go, but it was work so they both knew it could not be avoided.

A fortnight had passed since their reconciliation and they had been zealously making up for lost time suffered during their estrangement, it was obvious they didn't want to be separated again. The Game King hoped Kaiba would not be gone too long. He knew his business trips to Tokyo could easily last a couple of days. Mokuba's presence usually lengthened the duration of the stay. However, unknown to Kaiba, there was another reason why Yami was dreading the visit, he hadn't forgotten about that long-haired beauty that worked there; "Kaneko-san," the girls at the reception had called her as they cooed over the possible romance between the woman and her employer.

Yami pouted at the recollection.

The sullen expression did not go unnoticed by Kaiba, yet he did not attempt to soothe the perplexed male. He had a hunch why Yami was looking rather grouchy and it amused him. After they had gotten back together again, he had explained to Yami the incident relating to the photo and he thought his partner's jealousy had been appeased. But, now he could see it did not. Kaneko's overly familiar behaviour had irked the Game King and the effects were etched clearly on the solemn face.

Kaiba grinned roguishly. "Yes, it appears I have no choice," he teased. "I am glad you are so understanding of my need to go, I will do my best to return quickly."

Yami wordlessly returned to his book, the sudden interest on the page expressed his indifference to Kaiba's remark, but his lack of concentration belied the attitude. He stared at the same page indefinitely.

A little remorseful for vexing Yami, Kaiba snatched the book away, hoping to gain his lover's attention...

He succeeded.

An indignant cry of protest was heard as Yami spun his body around, his fiery orbs blazing with fury as he glared at the culprit.

He looks like a spitting cat, thought Kaiba devilishly.

Kaiba laughed aloud as he stroked Yami's chin, tilting it upwards as he leaned his head down. Capturing the soft lips, he kissed the latter ardently. Tongues swirled within the confines of the warm wet caverns, lapping eagerly. Wanting more, Kaiba pulled Yami towards him so the slender body straddled over his lap. Once again their mouths connected as hands provided feverishly caresses over aroused bodies. The kiss lasted until the need for air proved too strong. With a sigh, Kaiba relinquished his possession on the swollen lips.

Large hands cupped the small face, clasping it so their eyes met. Heated blue held intense crimson as its breathless owner uttered his request, "Come with me to Tokyo," he entreated.


Once again, the Vice President of KaibaCorp waited impatiently on the roof of the office building with Kaneko-san. He barely managed to contain his excitement as the Blue Eyes jet powered down and the opening slid open. The teen observed for a brief moment before tearing towards the aircraft. He could hear Kaneko in the background reprimanding him for his reckless haste.

"Nii-sama!" Mokuba cried out excitedly as the tall figure stood up, but instead of alighting, he turned to the seat behind him. Curiously, Mokuba stopped and tiptoed to see if he could get a glimpse of what his brother was up to, he was a little put out when he couldn't.

"Do you need a hand, Nii-sam—"

"I can manage fine, baka!" a peevish voice interrupted his sentence and Mokuba's eyes widened. A large grin broke out on the younger's face, there was only one person on this planet who dared call the righteous CEO of KaibaCorp, "Baka!"

"Anyone can clearly see you are not! So stop being so stubborn and let me help you," Kaiba snapped back. Mokuba could instantly tell his brother was in a foul mood.

"Yami?" Mokuba yelled ecstatically, stretching and craning his neck to see if he could see the Game King. He sighted the tips of the spiky hair. "Yami!" he repeated, with added enthusiasm.

Kaiba rolled his eyes and looked at Mokuba before alighting. Once on the ground, he turned around and stared expectantly upwards. "Yami, get your ass down here now or I will go and throw you off the jet myself!"

All eyes were waiting for the unexpected guest to emerge. Kaneko's were practically glued to the aircraft, to say she was curious, was an understatement. The fact that Kaiba had brought along a guest was an unusual occurrence in itself and him being "Yami" sent a wave of disbelief through her. It was the same name she had heard being mentioned when the brothers' were fighting over the dismissal of the advertising proposal. If her memory served her correctly, Mokuba had accused his brother of showing up in Tokyo because of a fight with "Yami." Judging from Mokuba's elation, he was obviously someone on very familiar terms with the brothers—someone who had the courage to fight with the CEO and force him to flee to Tokyo...

As much as she would have liked to refute the coincidence, the guest calling the domineering man a "Baka" seemed to confirm his ability to retaliate, it shocked her speechless.

"YAMI!" Kaiba bellowed the name, causing Kaneko to flinch.

An agitated, "I am coming!" was barked back.

Slowly the remaining passenger appeared. A pale King of Games shakily grabbed the side of the plane and hauled himself up, then placing one foot on the edge of the craft, he looked down.

Mokuba and Kaiba stared up at him.

"Jump, Yami," Kaiba instructed, "I'll catch you!"

Kaneko's eyes likened to saucers on hearing the command.

Cursing under his breath, Yami leapt off the edge...and fell into his lover's arms. Mokuba squealed with delight earning a death-glare from the two older males. Putting up his hands in a way of an apology, he looked on. The arched look and lengthy grin he wore said he was anything but sorry.

Gently holding the smaller man, Kaiba watched as Yami stood precariously on his feet, concern impressed on his face. "Yami, I really think—"

"I am FINE, Seto!" Yami snapped irritably.

Kaiba shrugged his shoulders and watched Yami turn to Mokuba.

Yami broke out into a smile as he took in the mischievous youth who towered over him. "You've grown again!" he exclaimed with amazement, a small hand reaching up and patted the shoulders affectionately.

Mokuba beamed with pleasure, "Well, I am still not as tall as Nii-sama though, it's hard to surpass him."

Kaiba snorted a response, the smirk on his face revealed his smugness. Yami elbowed the conceited man in the ribs, causing the other to scowl at his aggressor.

Yami ignored it. "Well, I think you are doing just fine and you are still growing so there is still hope for surpassing your nii-sama," he consoled. Mokuba grinned back happily and nodded. "Shall we?" the ex-spirit asked and began walking again, tottering on unsteady legs, whilst being observed by the two Kaiba brothers.

"What happened, Nii-sama?" Mokuba whispered, eyeing Yami's pitiful progress with curiosity.

"He got motion sickness in the jet," returned Kaiba. "Apparently, the jet was too fast for him and it made him queasy!"

"Oh," Mokuba replied sympathetically, and Kaiba snorted.

Suddenly, Yami stopped and all eyes focused him intently. Raising a hand to his chest, the ex-spirit swayed slightly...

Kaiba was in front of him in a flash, his hands clutching the other's shoulders, steadying him.

Kaneko watched with a keen eye. She couldn't hear what was being exchanged; her boss was speaking in a low voice to the petit man who was staring at the ground with downcast eyes; a slight flush dusted across his pale cheeks. He gently shook his head in response to what was said to him. Kaiba continued with a frown marring his handsome face—his concern was obvious to the outsider—his expression and body language exuded it.

Just who was this man? Just who was this person to hold such power over one of most influential man in the corporate world?

Mokuba, anxious for the guest, had appeared by the latter's side; he said something in a jovial way that got him a pinch on the cheek from the now blushing male and a leer from his brother. The teen laughed and rubbed his cheek; a playful wink caused the embarrassed male to redden furiously.

Once the joviality died down, the assembly slowly moved towards her with Kaiba sticking close to his sickly companion. Kaneko stood rigid as she waited. In all her years in KaibaCorp, she never felt as dejected and insignificant as did at that present moment in time. It bewildered and troubled her.

Yami stopped short of the attractive assistant. Meeting her face-to-face, he was taken in by her beauty, it was no wonder why people thought she was a perfect match for Kaiba. It went without saying; the two made a very handsome couple. Holding out a hand, he introduced himself, "Please forgive my disgraceful exhibition, I am Mutou Yami and I am pleased to meet you." A warm smile accompanied the greeting, the rich vibrant voice stunned Kaneko speechless.

It was that person's voice. The scene, which occurred a fortnight ago, sped through her mind: Kaiba's fixation on the view outside his office window, his demand for her cell, his frantic dialling of a number and his subsequent painful silence and defeated reaction. Kaneko was sure if she dialled that mysterious number she saved on phone, the cell phone of the man in front of her would ring.

Forcing a response, Kaneko placed her hand in the proffered one, "I am Kaneko Hiraki and it is a pleasure to meet you, Mutou-san." She tried to keep her voice from trembling; the revelation had shaken her immeasurably.

Releasing their hands, the two looked at each other in polite silence.

"Come, let's go inside where this feeble man can rest," Kaiba jested, steering his companion, who was voicing his chagrin, into the building.

Mokuba stopped beside his colleague and laughed wholeheartedly at the bickering pair. "Ah, it seems like old times," he said with fondness, unconsciously rubbing his cheek.

Kaneko peered at him with a questioning look, "And what, might I ask, did you say to deserve that?" she asked, referring to the younger's earlier treatment.

A sheepish grin stretched across the rascal's face giving the wearer a playful look. Leaning down, he whispered behind the palm of his hand in a most secretive manner, "Oh, I asked Yami why he didn't allow nii-sama to carry him, bridal style, the rest of the way!"


Alone in Kaiba's office, Yami shifted on the large leather couch, appreciating the soft plushness as his body sunk into it. The others had gone to Mokuba's office for the discussion, leaving him to rest in the isolated solitude. It was Kaiba's idea and he was grateful for his consideration. The journey had made him unwell, to say the least, and the pilot's constant accelerating and jerking the jet forward didn't help the situation. It added to his misery and pissed him off immensely.

The baka, thought Yami affectionately as he recalled the dilemma he had put his lover into. Feeling nauseous, Kaiba sped up the plane, hoping to get him to their destination sooner, however, that made his passenger even worse. He complained for the former to slow down, but was told to endure for a little longer.

Sighing into the stillness, Yami closed his eyes and willed himself to sleep, hoping he would feel better when he woke. But, I am not tired, his brain whined and Yami sighed again, his eyes cracking open.

Sitting up, he swung his legs of the couch and placed his shoeless feet on the ground, without bothering to slip on his shoes he cautiously stood up. He silently padded over to the window and stared out, enthralled with the magnificent view the office had to offer. Unbeknownst to him, it was the exact spot his lover stood only two weeks ago. Crimson eyes gazed at the swarm of people below, multi-coloured clad bodies going about their way; minding their own business...

Yami pressed temple closer to the window, his hands splayed lightly on the transparent surface. The coolness of the glass comforted him—it calmed him. Closing his eyes, he tried to listen for the sounds of the city life below, but found none. The office was completely soundproof. Silence shrouded the room with a tomb-like eeriness, but Yami did not mind, he preferred it to the roar of Kaiba's jet.

The door behind him opened, but he did not open his eyes nor did he turn around to the sound. Instead, he remained where he was, his attention focused on the approaching footsteps, the confident treads and distance its owner covered in such short time, informed Yami of long strides. He could even detect the arrogance in the gait.

His back came in contact with a warm body. It spooned into a toned chest as long arms wrapped around his body, hugging him. The Game King smiled when a kiss was place on the top of his head.

"Recovered and rested?" Kaiba asked. Yami could hear the rumble of words emitted from the body he was adhered to. His smile widened at their closeness.

"A little," he replied, his tone a little sullen. He wasn't about to let his lover off the hook that easily. "Are you done already?"

Kaiba smirked into the tri-coloured head, his lover's note of surprised amused him. It was obvious Yami knew how fastidious and thorough he was; there was no way a meeting would have lasted only for an hour unless he firing people—that didn't take up very much of his time. However, little did he know, his concern for the latter drove him to distraction—he found it hard to concentrate when his mind was a few rooms away and stuck with a certain crimson-eyed individual.

Luckily Mokuba, sensing his brother's inattentiveness, declared he needed a strong fix of caffeine and pleaded for a break. Kaiba readily agreed. Only years of self-discipline prevented him from bolting through the door and racing down the corridors to his office.

Mindful of waking the invalid, he quietly entered his office. To his surprise, he found Yami, instead of resting on the couch, was standing in front of the window. The image of the motionless man, silhouetted against the sky's backdrop, was beautiful. It took his breath away and made his heart race. He was sure the ex-spirit could feel his heart hammering against his chest as he embraced him.

"Seto?" Yami's voice cut through his thoughts, it held traces of concern. Twisting his head so he faced Kaiba, Yami stared inquiringly at the CEO, the hands, which were resting on the window, now clasped the limbs that were locked around his body.

Kaiba shook his head slightly to allay Yami's worries; he watched with fascination the effects the small gesture had on the other male. Yami's expression softened and his lips curved upwards at the corners...invitingly. Kaiba swallowed and continued to stare, conscious of the heat that spread through his body. Licking his lips, he bent down and claimed Yami's with the gentlest of kisses. He freed one hand from Yami's grasp and was caressing a fine sculpted cheek. The former pharaoh leaned into the kiss. With one redundant hand, he reached up behind him, hooked it around Kaiba's neck and pulled him downwards.

The kiss deepened. Tongues clashed and swirled voraciously around each other's, lips pressed greedily against one another's, parting briefly before joining again. Too caught up in their passionate exchange, they were oblivious to the shocked female staring at them.

After Kaiba's departure, Kaneko remained in Mokuba's office to finish jotting down the notes made during the meeting. The younger Kaiba was quick to follow his brother in making an escape; it seemed the need for caffeine was too strong, she thought dryly.

Completing her task, she placed her folder and electronic tablet on Mokuba's desk and stood up. Smoothing down her skirt, she went in search of their guest to ask if he required a beverage too. She suspected Kaiba was with him for she believed he was cause of her employer's distraction. She frowned at the thought; it was so unlike the demanding CEO to be so preoccupied during a meeting—bored maybe, but distracted? It was rather disconcerting.

Slowly approaching Kaiba's office, she noticed the door was ajar; she guessed right, someone was with already with Mutou-san. Standing by the door, hand raised in the air, she was about to knock when she heard a moan.

Her body stiffened, her brows drew into a frown. She must have misheard, she told herself, but it was part-convincing. It provided little relief to her curiosity...and her sanity. She needed to know!

Cautiously, she peered into the room through the gap. She did not see its occupants at first, but after shifting the angle of where she stood and straining her neck a little, she saw them...by the window...kissing?

Eyes grew at the spectacle. The pair was clearly locked in an ardent embrace and kissing!

All colour drained from the stunned woman's face. Kaneko felt her body break out in a cold sweat. She uncurled the fist she hadn't realised she had clenched and wiped the sweat off her clammy hands on her skirt. Once she got over the initial shock, a red flush covered her pale features. Embarrassment, awkwardness and anger assailed her at once. As much as she loathed the sight, she could not tear her eyes away. To see an amorous side of Kaiba was captivating, yet, saddening; it made her realise there was never was a chance for her.

"Tsk, how careless of Nii-sama," Mokuba's soft reproach startled Kaneko. She stared guiltily at her young employer, who was gripping a large mug that had a picture of the 'Blue Eyes White Dragon,' printed on it. Steam from the contents of the mug rose, filling the space between them with the aroma of coffee.

"I-I didn't k-know..." Kaneko stopped. I didn't know he swung that way, remained semi-uttered. Somehow she was unable to voice the remaining part of. She found it frustrating and distasteful.

"He doesn't," Mokuba finished off, his grey eyes turning towards Kaneko, studying the flustered female with rare intensity, "Just Yami."

Kaneko was nonplussed by the bold declaration; she hadn't anticipated an answer, let alone one so straightforward. Kaiba Mokuba was brutally direct as ever. Again, as if reading her thoughts, Mokuba smirked making him look uncannily like his older sibling.

"Of course, it is advisable that this little tit-bit of information and incident remain between us," he tapped his nose meaningfully. "It will do no one good should Nii-sama get stressed over it—especially if it involves Yami."

Light blue eyes stared up at cool slate ones; the steely glint reflected in them belied the amusement despite the hovering smile. The latter was challenging her to comment on his 'advice'.

"I hardly think you need to remind me, Vice President," she replied caustically, trying to sound calm. Mokuba's attitude rattled her more than she'd like to admit, making her even more curious about the mysterious man than ever before.

Just who is this man? How was he capable to make even the good-natured Chibi, insanely protective? How can he have such power over them?

To say she wasn't envious was a lie, she had always thought she was special to her employers; she worked hard just so she could be recognised and accepted as thus. She made herself indispensable to KaibaCorp, and the Kaiba brothers acknowledged her hard work hence they rewarded her accordingly. She was granted certain privileges, which were denied to the rest of the company—familiarity was one of the perks they afforded her. However, watching how the brothers behaved with Mutou-san made her achievement seem meagre. They shared a relationship that was very close; it was expressed with their every word, their expression and their action. With Mokuba it was familial and with Kaiba it was much deeper...more intimate.

The sound of Mokuba slurping on his hot coffee pulled her from her thoughts. "Don't think too much, Kaneko-san," he said cheerfully, "Yami's known me since I was eleven years old, so he's like family to me."

"And obviously much more to your brother," retorted Kaneko with little humour.

Mokuba chuckled and his coffee sloshed perilously in its vessel. "Well, considering they've fought countless amount of duels together and saved the world several times over, I can safely say, they've grown on one other." Then sobering up, the teen added, "Yami makes Nii-sama happy, Kaneko-san, and I will not allow anything or anyone to jeopardise it. Their happiness is important to me."

Kaneko looked away and sighed delicately, "You know you both have my utmost loyalty, Mokuba."

"Good," Mokuba beamed, "now that Yami is here, let's exploit it to our advantage."

Kaneko quirked a quizzical brow at the speaker, the impish grin accompanying the words promised much mischief.

"Well, a happy Nii-sama means he'll less likely to criticise and flame, and Yami's presence will mean he'll be too distracted pay the discussion much heed. I am certain, for Yami's sake, he'll want to conclude the meeting as soon as possible so he'll not nit-pick and everything will go swimmingly. The plan's ingenious!"

"Yes, it is Mokuba! Rather devious too, I might add!"

Both persons spun around to the voice, the action caused Mokuba's coffee to violently splash about. The nimble teen pulled back quickly enough for the beverage to spill on the carpet than on him.

Kaiba did not look amused.

"Actually, I thought it was an impressive plan," applauded Yami, grinning widely. "I wouldn't expect anything less from a Kaiba, isn't that right, Kaneko-san?"

The female looked at the man addressing her. Gone was the paleness and in its stead was a flushed, rosy look; his vibrant eyes danced with merriment. Kaneko gave a small smile and nodded.

'Aw, busted!" Mokuba groaned and mock pouted. Yami laughed, the sound was rich and contagious, the warmth of the laughter reached his eyes and the others smiled with him. It was obvious they loved the smaller male.

"Come lets this meeting over and done with then, Yami you must attend. If Mokuba's cunning plan works we'll be out in no time and he can buy us lunch."

Mokuba's pout protruded further out of his face. "That is easier said then done considering how fussy you are with your food. You always complain about my choice of eateries," the teen protested.

"University cafeterias do not suit my taste, Mokuba and neither does burger joints!" Kaiba countered.

"But they are so tasty and budget too!"

Kaiba snorted. "I hardly think lunch money would be an issue considering the allowance you get!"

Mokuba sulked; he'd rather have fast food than the fancy stuff served in dainty portions, which never filled him. He was still growing—he needed substantial helpings; besides, he liked the atmosphere of those places. He welcomed the crowd and the noise—it dimmed a little of his loneliness. "Fine," he conceded, "Kaneko-san, I trust you to make a reservation for four to somewhere that Nii-sama will approve and Yami will be impressed. I'll leave it to your discretion to the location."

Kaneko acknowledged the instructions with a nod and took out her phone. Mokuba was beginning to regret not having larger breakfast and he sighed with resignation.

Yami took pity on him, "Hey, how about this...you get to pick dinner, sounds good?"

Mokuba instantly brightened up. "Really?"

Kaiba groaned and Yami shot him a heated glare and then returned to the younger again. "I trust in your choice, Mokuba. Besides, it's not about the food; it's about the company. Anything is fine."

The former groaned again.

"Kaiba!" Yami growled, scowling dangerously at his lover.

Kaiba rolled his eyes and began to move forward. "Come, let's finish up the meeting then I can get something proper to eat before Mokuba ruins my delicate palette with junk food later."

"That's rich coming from someone who lives off coffee!" Mokuba retaliated impertinently, glowering with one hand on his hip.

Kaiba snorted a response and the entourage began to make their way to Mokuba's office again.

Kaneko watched with fascination at the ease the trio interacted with one another. The amiability spoke volumes of their closeness. Walking behind them, she did not fail to notice how Kaiba steered Mutou-san, how he guided him from the small of his back. It was a gesture of possessiveness...and one done unconsciously. Now she understood the reasons behind his temperamental moods, his erratic behaviour and his broodiness—it was all because of this one man. This one man made Kaiba flee to Tokyo, made him shun Mokuba's company in favour of ruminating alone, who was capable of reducing a powerful CEO to a forlorn figure as he stood speechless, stunned and adhered to the window with her phone in his hand.

This was the man whom managed to get past those impregnable defences.

"Well, I am truly envious of the person who was able to get pass those defences," she admitted to Kaiba during that fateful dinner. Faced with the reality, how true her words were.

"Come on, Kaneko-san," Mokuba called out, beckoning her with a flap of his hand. The others had turned and were waiting patiently for her.

Kaneko pulled a smile and upped up her pace.


"Drink this, it might calm your nerves a bit," Kaiba placed a mug of strong black coffee on the table in front of the Game King, who looked at it as if it were poison.

"I really don't think I should consume anything before the journey, Seto," Yami said, looking a little uneasy at the beverage. He felt his stomach was already rebelling at the sight of it. "Alterrnatively, I can always take the train—"

The glare that the CEO sent his way informed him that he wasn't going to take any bullshit, "Drink it," he ordered. So Yami reluctantly complied. Picking up the mug, he blew into the fragrant content and cautiously sipped the drink.

Kaiba, satisfied that Yami was drinking, turned his attention to Mokuba and Kaneko to give last minute instructions before his departure for Domino City. The project had been approved and was ready for implementing; all that required was to move funds around to finance it, he needed to get that sorted that out upon his return.

Mokuba tried to stifle a yawn as he listened to his brother; the attempt, much like his ingenious plan yesterday, failed miserably. The previous night, though enjoyable, had adverse side effects. With Mokuba's recommendation, they went to a small family-run restaurant where he regularly frequents for dinner. The food was exceptional and the atmosphere warm and friendly. The service was efficient and the staff attentive. It was obvious that Mokuba was a frequent and favourite customer in the establishment. Much to Mokuba's relief, Kaiba found the meal and the service "acceptable". It meant "superb" in normal people's terms. Before long, they lost track of time and it was late when they got home.

Mokuba placing a hand over his mouth yawned again and his brother stopped talking.

"Maybe, it's you who needs the coffee," Kaiba growled.

"I can't help that we had a late night last night!" Mokuba complained.

"That's because you decided to challenge Yami to a video game when we arrived home. By then, the time was already past midnight!"

"Ah, but that's because you insist on leaving today! I won't get another chance any time soon, if I don't ask now!" Mokuba wailed.

"Yes, but playing until four in the morning is a little excessive!"

"But that's because Yami kept thrashing me, so I demanded re-matches!"

Kaiba tutted. "You're such a sore loser, Mokuba," he stated.

"Oh, and you aren't?" Mokuba countered. The other said male snickered from the couch.

Kaiba threw him a tepid glare and frowned in Yami's direction. Mokuba launched into a full-scale grievance about how unfair it was Yami was able to defeat him despite having never played the game before.

Kaneko suppressed a smile behind a raised hand. It was entertaining to see the Kaiba brothers bantering; it was something she missed of the late. The assistant was pleased to see the two on good terms again. The younger looked up to his brother and it would be painful if they had left on a bitter note. The sudden departure of Kaiba on his last visit baffled her, but judging from Chibi's happy response to it, it meant it was for the better. Now, looking back, it wouldn't have surprised her if Kaiba had gone back for the petit man—that he was the sole cause of the brunet's appearance in Tokyo and his return to Domino City.

The more Mokuba got carried away with the commentary on the game with Yami, the louder the noise in the office. Kaiba pressed a finger and thumb to his temple and pinched it. It did not go unnoticed by Kaneko; she looked at her employer with concern.

Noticing his assistant's expression, Kaiba gently shook his head. He was fine, it said.

Crimson eyes watched the silent exchange and smiled, he could see why Kaiba trusted her and he understood why she was given such liberties, albeit the image of the two in the restaurant still haunted him. But, having spent time in the presence of both, it dispelled a lot of his uncertainty. Seto was his.

"I will leave Mokuba in your capable hands, Kaneko," Kaiba was saying, "Ensure he studies hard, work hard and eats well."

Kaneko nodded

"Che, next you'll be telling me to brush my teeth and change my underwear daily!" the teen huffed. He was annoyed. "I have you know, Nii-sama, I am very capable of looking after myself so stop fretting!"

Kaiba smirked, his voice taking a kinder tone, "Come home to Domino City more oft—"

A soft "thump" was heard from Yami's direction. Grey and pale blue eyes swerved to the sound and widened at the sight before them.

Yami was slumped sideways on the couch, his eyes closed in repose.

"Yami? Nii-sama?"

Both pairs of eyes steered back to Kaiba; both suspected he was the culprit to Yami's present state.

Kaiba stared back at them with a straight face. The unspoken question hung thick in the air. "He's sleeping," he assured them.

Mokuba groaned. "I can't believe you did that, Nii-sama! You know Yami's going to kill you when he wakes up, right?"

Kaiba shrugged, "Better he is out cold than to suffer the journey back," he replied. It was true; the paleness and the subsequent dizziness were disconcerting to witness, and it distressed him to see Yami trying to bear it.

"Oh, is that what you went out to get when me and Yami was playing the game?"

Kaiba looked sheepish, "It's just a mild sleeping aid so there's minimal side effects, but saying that, I had better get going if it's to last the whole journey. Last thing I'll want is for the King of Games to wake up part way. I am sure he'll throw up in the jet just to spite me!"

Mokuba chortled, "More likely he'll throw up on you!"

Kaiba did not look impressed, which made the teen laugh more! Getting up, he walked towards the slumbering figure. Kaneko watched with acute interest as the tall man dwarfed over his partner, looking at him intently. Then gracefully dropping onto one knee, he leaned over and softly called out his lover's name. Kaneko could not help but notice the tenderness in the name and the light caress with the crook of his finger on the still face. The action spoke volumes of his feelings towards the sleeping male and it saddened Kaneko. It was obvious how Kaiba felt about Mutou-san.

Straightening up, Kaiba leaned down, threaded his arms under the sleeper and effortlessly lifted him off the couch. Swinging around, he looked at Mokuba and Kaneko, "As I was saying Mokuba, come home more often," then turning to Kaneko, he said, "If you like, come with him next time, Yami said he would love to repeat last night's experience again."

Kaneko gave a crooked smile and nodded, after badgering him an invitation for years, he readily gave it for the sole reason to humour another. It was ironic really.

Without another word, Kaiba swiftly took his leave. Fearful of the consequences should Yami wake sooner than later, he hurried his steps.


Mokuba watched the jet zoom off into the distance. He wished he got to say his goodbye to Yami, but the unexpected occurred and he missed the opportunity. A phone call will have to suffice when the latter's properly recovered from his ordeal, his humour included. Nii-sama was going to be in for a hard time, he thought with a grimace; a pissed-off Yami was a force to be reckoned with!

Slowly, the teen made his way back to his office with Kaneko following, his mind trying to determine how long it would take before Yami forgave his nii-sama for the transgression—that is, if his revered brother didn't make matters worse for himself by baiting the irate man. Mokuba did a quick mental calculation in his head and decided that it was safer to call the next day, that will give the stubborn men enough time to fight and make-up after.

With a slight smirk curled at the corner of his lips and a shake of his head, Kaiba Mokuba exited the rooftop, leaving behind a rather puzzled Kaneko, wondering what it was the youth found so humorous.


The sound of the ringing phone shattered the quietness of the room. A muffled groan could be heard from beneath the tangled bed sheets as a long, slender arm reached for the offending item.

"YES!" the voice snapped, the speaker all but yelled at the caller who dared disturb his slumber. It prompted another groan from his companion beside him.

"N-nii-sama?" the shocked voice of Mokuba exited the handset, "What are you doing with Yami's phone? And why aren't you at work?"

"Yami is still sleeping and I am taking a day off today, does that answer your questions, Mokuba?"

"Oh...I see..." came the reply, after a pause. Kaiba rolled his eyes at the expression Mokuba must have been making, he could hear the amusement in boy's voice; the kid's worked out the reason why he was not at work today. "Well, if that's the case, I won't disturb you. Tell Yami I'll call back later. Bye!"

The teen hung up abruptly, leaving his brother none the wiser about the call. Returning the phone on the nightstand, he turned and pulled Yami towards him, planting a gentle kiss on the tousled head before tucking it beneath his chin.

The smaller man wriggled his body closer, entwining his limbs around the larger form, a smile of satisfaction spread across his face as contentment flowed through him.

"So, my Pharaoh, this humble servant awaits your command. What is your wish?" Kaiba's teasing voice cut through the tranquillity.

The great Pharaoh propped himself on his elbows and peered at his lover; the length of his grin split from ear to ear. "Surprise me, Priest," he purred, his eyes slanting seductively.

With a growl, Kaiba flipped his lover on his back, trapping him with his long limbs. With a feral smirk, he claimed Yami's willing lips, humming with approval when their lips parted and met again with increased ardour. "Perhaps punishment isn't so bad after all," he confessed between kisses. "Maybe I should annoy you more often."

Small hands embedded themselves in the chestnuts locks and began raking through them, dispensing pleasure with each stroke. Yami looked at his lover tenderly, his eyes radiating love for the proud man.

"Baka," he murmured lovingly as he leaned in for a kiss...



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