AUTHORS NOTE: I've never loved Robbie/OC but I love Ashley. I genuinely do. Bigheaded because she's mine but I adore her.

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[What is it You Want?]

Two days had passed since Robbie had gone round to see Jackie and his temperament had changed. For the fourth time that morning, he'd shouted at their daughters for laughing too loud and had even kicked the family dog outside just because he'd tried to nestle his head into Robbie's lap like he did every morning. After this time, Ashley slammed her hand down on the counter and turned round to look at him. "Are you trying to get me to tell you to leave, Robbie?" She challenged causing Robbie to look over at her, surprise in his face as he tried to work out what it was she was talking about.

"Ash, baby, are you okay?"

"No." She growled angrily moving towards the kitchen door so that she could close the door as if thinking this would make sure the girls didn't hear a word they said but she knew that their house wasn't that soundproof. "I'm not okay." She shook her head. "You know what, Robbie, I've tried my damned best. God forbid, I have tried. You're a hard man to love, do you know that?"

He stood up to walk towards her but she held out her hand to stop him, her head shaking as she felt tears stinging her eyes as she laughed. "Baby," he tried but she shook her head harder.

"Don't. Please don't," she shouted at him. "God, Robbie. You've been volatile for the past two days. You only come up to bed when you're pretty damned sure that I'm asleep and our children," she took a deep breath before continuing, "they can't even play without you screaming at them. It has only been two days but I can't have it, Robbie. I will make you leave but I think that's what you want."

"Baby," he whispered finally stepping towards her, his hand taking hold of her wrist and pulling her into him as he shook his head, "I'm sorry. I know I've been a real bastard the past two days and I know that I'm lucky you haven't taken the children and left me." He could feel tears prickling at the back of his eyes as he thought about the woman in front of him just leaving one day while he was at work because she couldn't stand to be with him any longer. "I'm sorry."

"Don't apologise when you don't mean it, Robbie." She snapped harshly as she stepped away from him, her hands running through her blonde curls as she tried to control her breathing. She was aware of her anger, knew that it was unfair to talk to him like this when the children were only in the living room next door but his behaviour had to stop. "Did you sleep with her?"

Robbie stared at her, his hands tightening at his hips as he replayed the question in her head. He should have known that she'd be worried about that even though she'd been the one to send him away to talk to her because beforehand he had just been as bad when it came to his temperament. He, however, thought she trusted him. "What do you think, Ash?"

"I think you didn't," she said looking out the kitchen window, her right hand twirling the wedding band on her left as she stared out at the dog in the back garden before turning to look at him and laughed. "I also think that's why you're in such a bad mood. Some would call it sexual tension, you know, like you had back then when she was your partner."

"Ash, I've told you. I have feelings for her but..."

"Would you?" She whispered cutting across him and he just waited silently knowing that she'd finish her sentence rather than let the conversation subside into silence. He didn't need to wait long before she continued. "Would you sleep with Jackie, if you ever had the chance and know that I wouldn't judge you for it?"

"No. I take these marriage vows seriously, Ash." He growled. "You might think that I'm out there screwing everything with a pulse but..."

"I don't think that at all and you know that, you bastard." She snapped back hearing the pitter patter of feet running up the stairs so she knew that the girls were aware now that they were fighting and had moved to their room. It was very rare they argued but the children always ran upstairs to their rooms. "I trust you more than I've ever trusted a man, Robbie. Which people would say is stupid because everyone knows your reputation. But I do and I probably always will." Sighing, she moved to sit down at the kitchen table and looked at him. "Will it be like this every time she comes back?"

"Ash," he whispered sitting down and taking hold of her hand, "you're everything to me. You know what I was like when you first me. I was cold inside," he reminded her as he smiled, "and the only thing that mattered to me was Stuart and his family. You, that day, not only saved Stuart,"

"it was just a scrape," she tried to remind him but he just ignored her and carried on.

"but you brought me back to life. It was almost instinct to start flirting with you," he promised as he squeezed her hand, bringing it to his lips and pressing a kiss to the back of it before putting it back down on the table and smiling. "I would never do anything to hurt this marriage because it means everything to me. It's my light in the dark," he promised as he smiled at her before sighing. "I have been a dick," he said laughing as he shook his head before sighing. "How do you ever put up with me?"

"I don't know," she teased climbing off her seat and moving to sit on the table in front of him, bringing him in for a hug so his stomach was resting against her stomach as she ran her hands through his hair. "I think it's because you're good in bed," she promised causing him to laugh as he looked up at her.

"Just for my body then?" He said standing up, his hands framing her face as he leant in and pressed a kiss to her lips.

"Well," she said pulling a face as if the next statement was going to hurt her, "you are a good father to our children and an even better husband when you're not being a gruffalo," she teased causing him to smile as that's what the girls called him whenever he was in a mood after a hard day at work.

"Oh no, the Gruffalo is out. Do you think I need to go apologise to my girls?"

"They're outside," she whispered because she'd heard them sneak back downstairs – probably to check that their parents had stopped so they could return to whatever activity they'd been doing – a while back and could hear them shushing each other outside the door. "I think you should go give them a hug and then maybe let the dog in. It's cold out," she whispered pressing a kiss to his cheek before he moved to open the door and growled at the kids causing them to squeal.

"Why would you stand out here and let me go all Gruffalo on your mother? I thought you taught you to protect her!" He mock scolded them causing them to giggle as they both rushed into his arms and gave him a good. "Daddy's sorry he's been a Gruffalo."

"We like Gruffalo daddy. He takes us out for ice-cream afterwards," Michelle, the eldest daughter, called out while Emma nodded her head excitedly, her fingers in her mouth as she smiled over at their mother standing by the back door.

"Well how about I take you out to a restaurant for a whole meal instead then we can go to the ice cream parlour?" The two girls squealed before running upstairs while discussing what dresses to wear while Ashley came over to him and smiled. "So, Mrs Ross," he smiled pulling her into his arms and smiling down at her, "what do I need to do to apologise to you?"

"I'm thinking diamonds," she teased as she pressed her hand against his chest, a wide smile on her face as she reached in and kissed him gently, "lots of them." She said before also leaving to go get changed. Robbie just laughed, shaking his head as he watched after her.